The following rules, unless expressly stated otherwise for a specific rule, apply to everything that is Horse Reality related. This includes usernames, estate names, horse names, user profiles, avatars, banners, clubs, club forums, the Horse Reality forum, the official Discord channel, Discord user names, Discord status messages, Discord avatars, private messages, and any and all other areas in which you can enter text or add pictures. Unofficial channels or pages dedicated to Horse Reality are encouraged to use the same rules, but we do not have the power to reinforce them there.

If you break any of our rules, we reserve the right to apply a range of possible disciplinary actions including removal of content, warnings, or even the permanent banning of your account, without the possibility of a refund. We expect our players to use some extent of common sense when playing the game. Do not try to test the limits, because there will be consequences.

Our protocol is to give one reminder, then three warnings, and then bans, regardless of which rules get broken each time. We reserve the right to deviate from this protocol if special situations arise.

All staff members are listed here and are equipped with a special badge by their avatar. Moderators are there for you if an immediate issue arises. It is their responsibility to enforce the rules. We want to emphasize that you should not attempt to moderate yourself.

If you are in doubt about following the rules or notice someone breaking a rule, please do not hesitate to contact Horse Reality’s support team through the contact form. Reporting a player does not automatically mean that we will take action against them, we always investigate the issue thoroughly and decide how to handle the situation on a case by case basis. Please do not hesitate to make use of this option, it gives us an opportunity to make sure the player knows and understands the rules in the future.

Last updated on April 6, 2022

1. Speak English

We require all content of our game to be accessible to all of our community. Since our players come from many different countries and speak many languages, we decided on English as our main language. This also helps our moderating team to reinforce the rules for everybody in the same way.

  1. All content must be written in English.

    1. This rule includes user profiles, avatars, banners, and all other artwork, the forum, club profiles, club forums, Discord, and any and all other areas where you can enter text or add a picture.

    2. Translations, for example having a user profile in English and in German, are not allowed.

    3. Exceptions are:

      • Horse names, user names, club names, and estate names.

      • Song titles, poems, short personal mottos, sayings, and quotes, if they are clearly marked as such.

      • Private messages: It is forbidden to privately message players in languages other than English. The only exception is if both players have exchanged private messages - in English - and agreed to use a different language for further communication. Please note that we might not be able to help you out if your communication partner breaks a rule, as our staff members might not speak the language in question.

2. One Account per Person

Every player may only own 1 account for fairness reasons. Violation of any of the rules #2.1 through #2.4 will lead to a permanent ban of all accounts associated with your IP address(es).

  1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 account.

  2. People playing under the same IP address (family/friends who share a household) may each own one account, but are not allowed to interact with each other in any way. Interaction refers to horse trades, studding, etc. Note that one person is still not allowed to own several accounts, even if those accounts never interact with each other.

  3. You may not ask others to create one or multiple accounts for your personal benefit, and you may not do so yourself.

  4. 2 or more people sharing 1 account is forbidden.

3. Listen to Staff

  1. When staff tells you to stop a behaviour or discussion, you have to stop it immediately.This applies especially to warnings or reminders sent by staff after you broke a rule. The staff is here to ensure the best gaming experience for everybody. We are making the game, and we are the highest authority in the game.

  2. Leave moderating to moderators! If you see someone not following the rules, message a moderator or contact the support team. Do not take it upon yourself to explain the rules to other players.

  3. You may not discuss staff decisions regarding disciplinary actions in public. This rule relates to our moderating and rule enforcing practices and does not apply to constructive criticism, feedback, or discussions about game features. If you are not in agreement with a moderating practice, please reach out to us privately via our contact form and we will talk about it together.

4. Treat Each Other With Respect

  1. Do not say or do anything that can make someone else's gaming experience unpleasant.

    1. Remain civil and constructive, friendly and helpful when engaging in discussions. If you disagree with someone's post or comment, criticise the content in a polite way and do not attack the author personally.

    2. Do not use flashing animations (GIFs). Quickly flashing or buzzing animations can trigger nausea, headaches, or epileptic seizures and are not allowed to be spread around the game. This applies to avatars, player profiles, clubs, our Discord server, the forum, and all other areas. We will ask for the removal of such contents at our discretion.

  2. Insulting, provoking, bullying, threatening, or harassing others is absolutely forbidden.

    1. Harassment is forbidden and includes: Sending unwanted private messages (see Rule #5), targeting a player by repeatedly or maliciously reporting them, and publicly posting issues you may have with others, whether they are explicitly mentioned or not.

    2. Begging is considered harassment and includes: Asking players for free things or donations, and any form of unsolicited advertisement outside the advertisement sections in the forum and on Discord.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to promote hateful, spiteful, or discriminatory views or actions against others. This includes attacking or stereotyping people, either individuals or groups, based on ethnicity, race, social class, political beliefs, cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, any aspect of sexual orientation or gender identity, physical or mental disabilities, their professions, what they may look like or where they may come from.

  4. You may not post public blacklists or do user callouts.

  5. Service sales (artwork, translations, horse training, etc) are contracts between players and must be upheld. Breaking them is considered an offense, as long as detailed proof of both parties agreeing to the conditions is provided to a staff member. Unfortunately, we cannot give you reimbursements or return your horses, but cheaters will be punished.

5. Do Not Send Unwanted Private Messages (PMs)

  1. Stop contacting a player as soon as they have asked you to stop messaging them. Do not engage with them in further conversation via PMs, the forum, Discord, or elsewhere.

  2. If you receive unwanted private messages, here is what to do:

    • Ask the sender of the unwanted PM politely and non-aggressively to stop messaging you.

    • If you still receive replies after sending this “stop” message, report the player through the contact form with added screenshots. This does not automatically mean that the player will be banned but gives us an opportunity to make sure they know to follow the rules in the future. Do not hesitate to make use of this option. Please do not report a player if their only further reply was a brief apology or confirmation.

    • Please do not reply to any further messages of that player. Do not engage in a conversation with them via PMs, the forum, Discord, or elsewhere.

6. Sensitive Topics

We are first and foremost a horse breeding sim that aims to help people get away from real-life struggles for a bit. As a team, we stand for diversity, tolerance, solidarity, and aim to incorporate those values into our hiring process, game world, and our rules. But we do not want our community to fight about sensitive matters within the game. It is not a well-suited medium for that purpose and we would like to prevent the game community from becoming divided by hostilities.

  1. Sensitive topics, especially politics and religion, are not allowed to be discussed in-depth on Horse Reality. This rule applies to the game forum, club forums, player profiles, Discord, and any other area where you can enter text or images. Designated “off-topic” areas are not exempt from this rule.

    • Do not create threads for the sole purpose of discussing sensitive topics. We understand that these subjects may come up as side notes in regular discussions and we will monitor those independently.

    • You are allowed to mention your beliefs/orientation/identity on your player profile, so long as they are not discussed in-depth and violate none of our other rules.

  2. Activism is not allowed anywhere within the game.

    • Do not spread political or religious slogans, hashtags, catchphrases, or activism mottos in the form of text or images.

    • This rule also applies to avatars, banners, forum signatures, horse or estate names, and Discord status.

    • You may not spread symbols or logos of specific movements.

      • The following universal symbols of peace, tolerance, solidarity, and support are allowed: Pride flags, the peace sign, dove with olive branch, the raised fist. This list may be expanded in the future.

      • Religious symbols are only allowed as avatars for relevant clubs.

      • We reserve the right to ask for the removal of any symbols, images, and text which we deem potentially problematic.

  3. Exceptions for Clubs, as long as they follow all other game rules:

    • Clubs are places for people to connect over shared interests or characteristics. Religious clubs, LGBTQ+ clubs, people of colour clubs, and similar clubs are therefore allowed.

    • Clubs centering around specific politicians, parties, or religious leaders are prohibited.

    • Create clubs with the intention to spread positive vibes, not about things you oppose. Do not use clubs to exclude or to spread hatred.

    • Once founded, a club should be used to play the game, not as a platform to discuss the subject at hand.

    • If complaints about a certain club reach us, we will look into it on a case-to-case basis. We reserve the right to remove clubs without a refund if we find they have an overall negative impact on the game.

  4. Topics related to drugs, guns, violence, sex, or pornography are not allowed to be discussed anywhere on Horse Reality. See also Rule #7 about adult content.

    • No area of the game is exempt from this rule, not even designated “off-topic” areas.

7. Be Child-Appropriate

  1. People of all ages are playing Horse Reality, including children with parental consent to play the game. Please keep all content suitable for players under the age of 16. This includes user names, horse names, Discord usernames and status, and any and all other areas where you can enter text or add a picture.

    1. Swearing or cursing is not allowed.

    2. You may not post content or images that refer to sexual acts, pornography, or intimate parts of the human anatomy.

    3. You may not post content that classifies as gore or refers to violent acts. 

    4. Do not refer to any drugs in usernames, estate names, horse names, club names and taglines. This includes illegal drugs as well as references to controlled substances or other pharmaceutical drugs. References to alcohol and smoking are okay as long as they don't refer to illegal practices (e.g. underage drinking).

8. No Fraud, No Scamming

  1. You may not exploit bugs, glitches, or loopholes. If you find one of these, notify us immediately. Bugs that can be exploited to gain advantages should be reported through our contact form, while any less severe bugs should be added to the bug reports forum.

  2. Using scripts to play or cheat the game is strictly forbidden. This refers to any program or browser plugin used to automate and/or ease processes on this site. Exceptions are:

    1. Browser extensions that only open multiple tabs at once.

    2. Scripts that only scrape data into external spreadsheets

  3. You may not impersonate staff, or pretend to have special connections with staff members that give you power or advantages in any way.

9. Links and Advertisements

  1. You may not post or link to advertisements and other commercial content that is unrelated to Horse Reality.

  2. You may only post links to outside websites or images if they are in compliance with our rules. Horse Reality is not responsible for the content of those links and does not systematically check them. However, we reserve the right to remove images or links if they are not in accordance with our rules.

10. Copyright

  1. The game Horse Reality, the accompanying software, as well as all information and images on the website, are the intellectual property of Deloryan B.V.

    1. You are only allowed to use Horse Reality artwork for personal, non-commercial purposes. You are allowed to use our original artwork or parts of it to create in-game decorations, e.g. stud cards or profile banners. You can use our artwork to create tracings, modifications, or colour-ins of our lineart. You are allowed to share our original artwork or parts of it.

      • You are only allowed to sell such images within the Horse Reality community and only in exchange for Horse Reality currencies, goods, and/or services. For example, you are allowed to sell a stud card in our forum for HRC, but you cannot print it on a mug and sell it in a webshop for real-life currency.

      • You are not required to give credit to Horse Reality or Deloryan B.V. when you trace, colour, or use (parts of) our art, though it is highly appreciated if you do. You are, however, not allowed to claim that you are the original artist in any of these cases. We will undertake legal action in cases of copyright infringement.

        • Example: Only crediting the creator of a banner without mentioning Horse Reality or Deloryan B.V. is allowed. But outright saying “I drew that horse on the banner all by myself” is forbidden.

  2. Horse Reality values the intellectual property of others. In case a player uses someone else’s work (art, photographs, etcetera) on Horse Reality without their permission, we will help the original owner and remove the violating content once we received a DMCA notice.

11. Keep the Real World Outside

  1. You may not ask for donations or link to crowdfunding pages to collect donations.

  2. You may not use Horse Reality to advertise real-life business or offer services paid for in real-life currencies in any way.

  3. Players are not allowed to trade outside currencies, services, or goods from other websites to receive anything in Horse Reality.

  4. You may not ask for advice related to medical issues, veterinary issues, highly personal, or psychiatric issues. Please seek help from professionals in these cases.

  5. You may not post real-life personal information or photographs of people you know, other players, or staff. You may not ask others to share such information.

  6. You are allowed to share real-life personal information about yourself to the extent that you are comfortable with, as long as you and your location cannot be identified with that information. However, we advise you to consider this carefully. Anyone with an account on Horse Reality can see the information that you share in public areas of the game. Even when talking in PM, in many cases you cannot know for sure who is behind a username and what their intentions are. Our power to protect you against people with bad intentions only reaches as far as Horse Reality goes, and once someone finds you on Facebook or similar platforms, we cannot do much. Please reach out to us if you encounter such problems and we will do the best we can.

    1. You are not allowed to publicly share your full name.

    2. You are not allowed to publicly share your address, or any address where you are regularly found such as your school, riding stable, work, and similar places.

    3. You are not allowed to publicly share your or anyone else’s phone number or e-mail address.

12. Additional Forum Rules

  1. You must follow the board-specific rules on the forum.

  2. You may not spam the forum.

    1. Keep your conversations horse- or Horse Reality-related. Exceptions are designated “off-topic” areas, or areas that pertain to a specific topic.

    2. The following is considered spamming and will be removed: excessive bumping of a thread, using unnecessary caps lock or excessive special characters in thread-titles or comments. Double topics will be closed.

  3. If an issue arises, you should contact our staff immediately.

  4. Post content in the correct categories.