Online Safety

This document will be updated as needed. 


Safety Tips


Horse Reality aims to create a safe and friendly environment for all our players. But some people will try to make you click a dangerous link, trick you into sharing things about yourself, or use something you’ve already shared to bully you. Here are some tips on how to prevent that and what to do when it happens.


How to stay safe online:


People aren’t necessarily who they say they are. Much as in real life, there are unfortunately people with ill-intent everywhere on the internet. Anyone can claim to be someone they’re not, and being vigilant when interacting with strangers online is the only way to protect yourself. Don’t arrange meetings with strangers you meet at an online platform. Never send pictures of yourself or others to someone you met online.


Never share your password. Your Horse Reality password should always be kept private. If somebody gets it, they can cause all sorts of trouble: They can lock you out of your accounts, retire your horses,  read your DMs, pretend to be you, … You should never give your password to anyone except your parents/caretakers. Horse Reality team members will never ask you for your password, ever. If somebody asks you for your Horse Reality password, don’t share it! Report the person who asked to our team!


Think before you post. Once you share something, you lose control of it. This also applies to private messages, as others could screenshot and share it. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your family, teachers, or (future) employers to see.


Never share information that could identify you in real life. Keep things like your full name, phone number, home address, as well as names/addresses of places you regularly visit private. Remember that small things like the name of your riding school can be used to find out a lot about you.


Never share private or embarrassing information. Things that you post on Horse Reality, or anywhere else on the internet, are available for everyone to see for a long time. Even if you never share identifiable information, it may still happen that someone recognises you and reveals the information to people you know. Unfortunately, it happens! To stay safe, always assume what you’re posting is not anonymous.


Be careful when clicking offsite links. If a link looks fishy, don't click it! Avoid clicking hyperlinks that lead to sites with strange, offensive, or confusing names. They could send you to sites that contain gross pictures, harmful software, or scams that will try to steal your password. Think before you click! Make sure you're going to a site that you trust.

Information for Parents

Informing Your Child

The Horse Reality Team suggests that you talk about the online activities your children have on Horse Reality. If you notice any comment or message that makes you worry about the safety and/or privacy of your child, you may contact a team member or contact us through our contact form.


Your Child’s Account 

Ask your child if you may take a peek on their account once in a while. This allows you to keep an eye out, while still encouraging them to make their own correct choices. This also enables you to advise them about how to behave or how much information they should be able to share on their profile.

Read the list above (“how to stay safe online”) together with your children, and make sure they understand each point and why it is important.

What is Horse Reality?


Horse Reality is a realistic horse management game. Our scientifically based genetics system allows you to breed horses which can inherit their colours and genes almost true to life. The countless gene combinations of colours, potential, exterior and health ensure that every horse is unique. 

How to Recognise Team Members?

All Horse Reality team members have a coloured tag that explains the role that person has within our team. You can also recognise a team member by a little icon next to their avatar that showcases their role within our community.


Who can join Horse Reality?

People of all ages may create an account at Horse Reality, including children with parental consent to play the game. We aim to keep all content suitable for players under the age of 16. 


Is Horse Reality safe?

Our Horse Reality Team aims to create a safe and private environment for all our players. You can expect from us to take action if necessary, and we expect our players to follow our rules accordingly. Our moderation team keeps a watchful eye on all public spaces, accessible for players, and we constantly monitor discussions and reports. We do our best to keep the environment safe for all our players, and we take swift action when necessary. 

Does Horse Reality cost money?


Playing Horse Reality is completely free. However, some parts of the game require a small fee. This fee is determined in Delta Points, which is a separate currency in Horse Reality. Delta Points can be bought with real currency (Euro). The prices on our website already include tax, unless said otherwise. Studio Deloryan is authorised to change the prices at all times.


Buying Delta Points:

Payment for Delta Points can be made via iDeal, via credit card, via PayPal, or according to the payment instructions on the website.

Delta Points that you’ve purchased are delivered immediately, and at your explicit request, as such, it is not possible to cancel a payment by invoking the Distance Selling Act.

Delta Points are non-refundable.

You can read more about Delta Points and other currencies in our Terms of Use.

How to report someone on Horse Reality

If you suspect someone is in trouble on Horse Reality, please report this to our contact form with screenshots of the conversation as well as any other supporting information towards the claim.

If this person is active on other platforms, make sure to report them to those platforms as well. If a severe case of abuse and/or misbehaviour takes place on Horse Reality, we are entitled to report any illegal facts to the police to help them with their investigation. 

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