Community Update - Riding School Update, Staff Job Openings, Art Bugfix, Economy Talk

Wednesday, Jun 1 at 13:37

Hello dear players! Have you heard of the buzz over at Caroll’s riding school? For some reason everybody wants to help her out today! It’s probably just a coincidence. Or it’s because she made some changes. Who knows? Let’s go find out!

Today’s topics:

  • Riding school clicks & payouts updated
  • Deloryan B.V. is looking for a game producer and a community manager
  • Norman Cob bugfix brings 1 more shade of liver chestnut
  • Blurry horses & how to fix them
  • Video 3/3 of greyscaling the Exmoor Pony stallion
  • Game economy talk: Why are we making economy changes, and why these changes?
  • Coming soon: The next background!
  • Welcome to our new moderators!

💰 Today’s Update: Riding School Clicks & Payouts 💰

We are happily announcing that we’ve updated Caroll’s riding school today! Here’s what’s new:

💵 More HRC per click!
🤤 More XP per click!
⏳ Task timers run longer
🐁 Less frequent clicking & less time investment needed
🏇 Unlock the nicely paying tasks sooner
🔢 (Check and compare the exact numbers in our wiki!)

The goal of this update was to make the riding school more rewarding and less click-heavy. With these changes, newly joining players should be able to gain sufficient HRC to support them financially through the first game months! Experienced players who’ve been on the last task for years won’t have to visit the riding school page as often to get the same amount of money.

As first announced here, the riding school was the second of three planned economy updates. We’ll keep you posted as we work on update 3! We hope you enjoy the riding school changes, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

🔥 Do you want to work for Horse Reality? 🔥

Today we want to share an exciting announcement in our own interest. Deloryan B.V., the studio that is creating Horse Reality, has 2 open job positions! We are a diverse group of international game nerds who work passionately to make this the best horse game there is! We are looking for people with job experience in the respective fields, but having an understanding of the game and a passion for its community also go a long way with us! Many of our powerhouse team members were hired straight out of the community - maybe you’re next?

Game Producer
We’re expanding our production team! We’re looking for an experienced game producer to elevate our team’s capabilities. You’ll ensure each release of Horse Reality is on time, on budget and at high quality. Someone who is assertive, capable of making decisions and a pro-active member of the team would be a great fit. All the info & application form here!

Community Manager
We’re looking for someone with 3+ years of experience to organise all communication and manage our 25 moderators and volunteers. You are a champ at managing a variety of tasks and don't get stressed if something pops up that needs your immediate attention? Sounds like you could be a perfect fit! All the info & application form here!

🛠️ Norman Cob Art Bugfix 🛠️

A Norman Cob breeder has noticed that the Cob mares have one less liver chestnut variation than the Cob stallions. Looking into it, we found that this coat wasn’t properly uploaded and the mares instead displayed another liver chestnut variation. In the image below, the left version is an older liver chestnut coat, and the right version is now new in the game. All mares that were supposed to show the right variation are now displaying it. Both variations are now in-game and will show up on your horses! Thank you for reporting, everyone!

🎨 How to Fix: Blurry Horses 🎨

Our previous game update brought us the reworked Akhal-Tekes! Unfortunately for some of you, some images and especially the mare looked blurry despite the images being crispy-clean on our end. Luckily, there is a fix for this issue!

  1. Clear the cache of the browser you are using
  2. Disable hardware acceleration, in the advanced settings of your browser
  3. If this did not do the trick, then please report this to us via our bug forum

A huge thank you to our player SyndicatePhoenix for providing and sharing this information with the community! ❤️

🎥 New Speedpainting Video on YouTube 🎥

Today we’re sharing the third and final video of our Exmoor Stallion Speedpainting series. Watch his entire journey from lineart to greyscale - part 1 or part 2 or the newest part 3!

📈 Game Economy Talk 📈

Ever since we put out our first economy update, increased level rewards, we’ve seen a lot of open questions and worries about the game economy in our community. Let’s try and clear some things up!

Why are you making changes?
Our team wants a stable economy just as much as the community. As game producers it’s our goal to bring fun into your life, and a game with a sucky economy isn’t fun. So rest assured that we’re on the same side here, and that the changes we’re making are aimed to stabilise things! We evaluate the effects of our updates carefully and further tweaks and changes are always on the table. We are keeping a close eye on all the markets, including the currency exchange, and we’re also following your discussions about the economy with great interest and are taking them into consideration.

Won’t all the HRC increases lead to hyperinflation?
No. We’re far from hyperinflation at this point in the game economy, in fact our statistics show that a higher HRC influx is needed to keep prices stable. That’s why we’re bringing more HRC in. Over the last year, the value of DP compared to HRC decreased continuously. Affordable DP prices are desirable, but they can’t continue to drop forever. We are now increasing the amount of HRC in the economy to find a balance again. For a while now we’ve seen many players buying large amounts of DP for real money to then exchange it immediately for HRC. We think that’s not the right balance as we don’t want to be a pay-to-win game. We think there should be enough HRC around to go about your daily playing business, and DP should remain a currency spent for extra perks.

What about the wealth gap between players?
Yes, that’s a problem in any game economy. Wealth accumulates amongst the players who’ve been there the longest until they don’t know what to spend it on anymore, while newer players struggle to catch up to them. But keep in mind, everyone who is game-rich has earned it: They have been around for a long time, spent many hours advancing in the game, and/or invested considerable amounts of real-life money to support the game.
We’re keeping the wealth gap in mind and are aiming for the updates to benefit newer players. The increased level rewards benefitted new players much more than older ones, since the first few level-ups come quickly and the money is a lot for a new player. The riding school is now way more rewarding and allows for quicker progress, and the higher tasks enable even casual players to make a decent income with a few daily clicks. But of course, yes, wherever we increase payouts they will also benefit “the rich”. We agree that, at a later point in time, late-game money sinks (that are available to the older players and not to the newer ones) should get added. But at the moment we are working on different updates, as you can read in more detail below.

Economy Ideas
We’ve seen great suggestions by the community for economy features and we love your energy and creativity! Keep it coming, we love the inspiration and will keep them in mind for the future! At the moment, though, we won’t start working on such updates. Money sink ideas almost always require coding (e.g. introducing game events, special stores, a NPC that buys horses, …), but our coders are busy working on our improved art system. What we can change in the meantime are prices: Foal pasture prices, vet prices, competition/show entry fees and payouts, stable prices … that sort of thing. If you have good ideas on how a change in any game prices could benefit the economy, we would be able to implement those comparatively quickly.

How will the comp/confo payouts change?
The 3rd and last economy update we’re currently planning is an adjustment to the HRC rewards of competitions and conformation shows. Many of you have wondered why we didn’t share our plans yet - it’s because they’ll be based on the effects of today’s riding school update. We’re not changing things up for fun, but with the goal to balance the economy. We will be observing how the market reacts to today’s update. Based on that, we’ll decide if and how we can improve the market by adjusting those prizes. It is also possible that we determine this update is no longer needed. We base each of our economy updates on the effect of the previous one, with the goal to bring a good balance to the economy.

The currency exchange went wild!
It’s been a bit of a roller coaster for sure! Give it time, it will stabilise in a few days or weeks. Only then will we all start seeing the real effect of these updates. Everyone gets nervous by economic changes and the collective reaction drives prices up, but they’ll calm down again and stabilise around a new value. On rare occasions, some players try to outbuy the currency exchange and the prices make no sense for a bit of time. Others might try to stock up on a currency because they expect the prices to change, which creates a higher demand and affects the prices in turn. Player-driven economies might seem to have a mind of their own but are ultimately driven by supply and demand.

🇹🇲 Coming Soon: Yangykala Canyon Background 🇹🇲

Next Monday, this gorgeous background will join us in the delta store! The Yangykala Canyon used to be an ocean and over time became a stunningly colourful rock formation. It’s located in the far northwest of Turkmenistan, home to the Akhal-Teke horses. But other breeds rock the look, too!

Disclaimer: All artwork that gets shared before its official release is a work-in-progress and may change.

👋 Welcome, new moderators! 👋

As of today, six of our trial moderators have graduated their training and join our team as full moderators. Congratulations Anamika, Chandratani, Crue, linnmargaritaville, Podoplanin and Viia! It’s so good to have you with us!
If you want to learn more about them, head on over to our staff intro thread and say hi!

We’ll open our moderator positions again in a few months, we’ll let you know in a news post once we do. Or keep your eyes peeled on our jobs page!

This week’s art feature is a real treat! Capturing the mood of oh-so-many of us, Lunameyza called this piece “RNG be like”.

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next News Post: June 15th, 2022

Thank you for reading!
Your Horse Reality Team


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