Community Update - Akhal-Teke Attack! Also: A Speedpainting Video & Why you shouldn’t discuss staff actions in public

Wednesday, May 18 at 13:19

Dear communeighty, did you teke a stroll through your stables today? Well, maybe you should teke another look after reading this news post! Now take a deep breath and ready your tack, because we can’t teke the excitement no more!

🔥✨ The Akhal-Teke are teking over ✨🔥

Yessssss, the new Akhal-Tekes are here, and they are breathtekeing! We hope you will like our Teke Take 2 and won’t find the new art to look tacky!

Why was their art redone?
The previous artwork for the Akhal-Tekes was created in 2013. Although generally beloved, we wanted to update them to the more realistic look that our newer artwork has. Also, there were several problems with the files of their old art, resulting in us no longer being able to use them for our future plans.
With this done, we’re getting closer to rounding up group 3 of our artwork redos! Next in line are the redos of the Arabian and Quarter horses. Checkout this news post from 2021 to learn more about our horse makeovers!

Changes to the way the coats look
Since the beginning of Horse Reality, we've learned a lot about different horse colours and their bloodlines. We now have a greater understanding of how they work and what they should look like, as well as how to recreate those colours in artwork. We therefore want to give you a little disclaimer that some coats might have changed more than you expected. The new coats live up to our current standards. We aim for high quality artwork, while representing the colours as realistic as possible. The biggest changes were made to horses that showcase the grey, sooty and rabicano genes.

Horses with rabicano and sooty received a major overhaul, showing much more realistic versions of their coats. Over the past few years, our artists have improved massively. The dapples they draw now are de-li-cious, and their rabicano ticking is shockingly stunning. Horses with rabicano no longer look grafitti’d, and the white pattern became much larger – you shouldn’t miss it now! Any Akhal-Teke with dapple sooty is just… Ahhh, they teke your breath away.

Now for the changes in grey horses. In reality, both foals and adult horses with the grey gene show hyperpigmentation in their base coat. These coats appear darker and more saturated than their counterparts without a dominant grey gene (G_). This means that a bay horse without the grey gene should show you a different base coat than a bay horse with a grey gene. In the old Akhal-Teke artwork, we didn’t know about this and we simply put a grey coloured overlay on top of the usual base coat. In the new art, the hyperpigmentation was added to the underlying coat colour for adult horses.

In the future, with our revamped image system, we wish to add this hyperpigmentation in the other existing horse breeds as well to stay truer to our name - Horse Reality. This means there are a quite some changes to come going forward!

If you wish to learn more about the grey gene and how exactly it works, please take a look at this page in our wiki.

A few of the white markings have received changes as well. We tilted the face of the mare, so that you are now able to actually -see- a big blaze or snip in full. Colts and fillies share the same artwork, and therefore the same markings. The artwork only changes when they grow up, as mares and stallions/geldings have different artwork. Since they come from the same foal coat, we have bigger changes in the way white markings are expressed in mares than they used to be. For a certain sabino pattern, for example, the mare had a significantly smaller blaze than the stallion despite both coming from the same foal image. The mare now looks more similar to the stallion than before.

No new genes added
Before you’re asking - no, we have not added any new genes to the Akhal-Tekes. This update was “simply” a redo of their existing art. Adding missing genes will be done after the foundation & art system are updated.

And now, to catch the bugs!
As always, we appreciate it if you could help us out when you find anything strange looking about the new Teke art. Feel free to make a report in the art bug reports area in the forum to help us fix any mistakes we’ve made! Some things that look like mistakes may end up being changes we’ve made intentionally, but then it’s still valuable to have this feedback for both our team and other players that noticed the same thing!

Now go out there, and give your eyes some candy! Can you teke their beauty, or will you faint?

🎥 Akhal Teke Foal: Speedpaint 🎥

With the new teke on Tekes, we felt inclined to give you a bit of insight into how this marvellous breed came to be! In this video you can see the speedpaint process of the new version of the Akhal-Teke foal! ✨

🚓 Clarification: Discussing staff actions in public 🚓

We noticed an increase in confused players when reading rule 3.3: “You may not discuss staff decisions regarding disciplinary actions in public.” Hopefully, our response here will help you understand why we have this rule.

The most important reason why we have this rule is to protect our players’ privacy. If someone violated a rule, we contact them in private and discuss the matter with them. Even if several players were involved, they still don’t know what the other person did or what consequences they faced.. Because every single player has a right to their privacy, and our staff will never share that information with anyone except the affected person themselves.

This also implies that we are unable to correct misinformation in public. Let's say, a gamer says publicly that they were banned for repeatedly bumping their forum threads, when in reality they were banned for multi-accounting. Because our moderators are obligated to respect our players' privacy, they are unable to reveal the reason for the ban. This becomes even more complicated when multiple players are involved, each of whom only knows a portion of the story. This might lead to them believing that they are telling the truth when they for example say "I got a warning for something whereas the other person involved did not face any consequences!" However, they cannot actually know whether the other person involved faced any consequences or not and what exactly it was that they did or did not do wrong.

Players are sometimes convinced that someone else has broken a rule, report it, and are waiting for a response from the staff. However, none of our moderating actions are shown anywhere in the game. As previously stated, if someone breaks a rule, they will receive a private message from our moderators that you, as an outsider, are not involved in. You as the reporting person will receive a generic response along the lines of “We will look into it”. Sometimes, cases are more complicated and require staff meetings, or at least a second (or third opinion) which takes time. Just because you don't see anything happening does not mean nothing is happening or that the issue is not taken seriously. Every report is investigated to the fullest extent of our team’s capabilities. The result of the investigation is a matter between the staff team and the player the report was about.

If a player got a warning, a ban, a moderator message, … and doesn’t agree with what is stated in there, they are welcome to respond to that moderator and/or write to our support team via the contact form. We are constantly looking to improve our moderating practices, and we gladly explain to you why we did what we did. And if you can show us that we made a wrong decision, then we are more than happy to revert the warning or adapt our rules. You are also welcome to discuss our rules and moderating practices on a general level in e.g. the ideas or game discussion forum - just steer clear of talking about specific cases, even your own.

This week, we’ve got to thank our player ameliejcl for providing our community art feature. What a beautiful creation, we love how dynamic it is!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next News Post: June 1st, 2022

Teke it easy!
Your Horse Reality Team


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