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Wednesday, May 4 at 13:05

Dear communeighty! Welcome back to our biweekly news post! Our last news was extra special since it was our very first art feature, focussing on what our art team is and has been working on. It was a raging success and we want to thank you all for your wonderful feedback there! It was a pleasure to read your comments! We’ll surely keep in mind that this format was well received and will repeat it once we’ve got enough new artsy material to share with you!
Today, we’ve got a normal community update again, but it won’t be boring. We’re announcing no less than 3 planned updates to our game economy, one of which was already rolled out together with this news post! Furthermore, we’ll show you another small art sneak peek and present our newest background. And we have found the winners of our writing contest, meaning that our NPC Naomi now has a backstory. Ready, set, go!

💰 Economy Updates 💰

It’s been a year since our last big economic update, which came alongside the introduction of breed-specific competitions. We think it’s time to make some tweaks again. Over the course of the past year, we received lots of feedback from older and newer players, giving us valuable insights into how the previous economic changes affected their income. Especially HRC has increased a lot in value and is hard to come by. The tweaks we plan to make to our economy have the goal of bringing more HRC into circulation again, and especially into the pockets of newer players.

Today’s Update: Increased Levelling Rewards

Each time a player levels up, they get an HRC reward and as of today, we’ve added a zero to all of these HRC rewards. Up until now, a player who reached level 1 got 100 HRC, one who reached level 2 got 200 HRC, and so on. But from today onwards this will be 1 000 HRC for level 1, and 2 000 HRC for level 2, and so on. You can find a full list of our new levelling rewards here in our wiki. We did not touch the DP, FT or WT rewards a player gets by levelling up since the goal of this update is to bring more HRC into the economy.
As always, this update doesn’t work in retrospect, it will only be applied to anyone who levels up after this news post has been published.

Future Updates

There are two more updates we are planning, but for now we can’t tell you any details or ETAs about them as the plans are yet in the making. We just want to inform you ahead of time that changes are to come. We will increase the payouts of competition & conformation shows and we will change up things in the riding school, making it more rewarding and less click-heavy.

We hope you’ll enjoy levelling up just a little more from now on!

🎨 Sneak Peek: Art in Progress 🎨

Can you guess which breed these elegant legs belong to? Seriously, these limbs should be illegal. You might already have some legitimate guesses. If not, don’t worry - this art update will allegedly come very soon……

🚨 Disclaimer: All artwork that gets shared before its official release is a work-in-progress and may be subject to change. 🚨

🖼️ New Background: Flourishing Dunes 🖼️

Summer is coming to the northern hemisphere, and this is the perfect place to spend some of your daily sunny hours! Feel the sand between your toes, dip in the water, or take a gallop on the beach, there's options for both horse and rider to relax on these sandy dunes.

This background has been added to our Delta Store. Go and get it if you are keen to smell the salty air!

📚 Writing Contest Results 📚

We want to close this news post by giving you some reading material - it’s time to announce the three winners of our latest writing contest! We aimed to find the story of our NPC Naomi Hauwangaa who will be watching over the African Wildlife Park once it opens. Thank you all for your contributions! Please give a warm applause for our winners!

🥇 First prize: Eldervine - 20.000 DP & the story will be part of the official Horse Reality lore
🥈 Second prize: --Equestrian-- - 12.500 DP
🥉 Third prize: blahblahba - 6.250 DP

Congratulations! All three of you wrote amazing stories and have received their DP prizes already as a token of our gratitude. Eldervine’s winning story is now part of the Horse Reality universe and published in Naomi’s profile and Naomi’s wiki article. Thank you so much! Below you find the original, but on the profile and wiki is a slightly edited version so that it fits in with the backstories of our other NPCs. And without further ado, here come the stories of our winners:

1st prize: Eldervine
Naomi Ndapewa-oshali Hauwangaa was born in northern Namibia, soon joined by a pair of lively brothers (Hafeni and Kuedhi) and a sister (Monika). Growing up, the Hauwangaa children attended school in the nearby town of Okahandja, and while Hafeni and Monika would eventually master maths and Kuedhi excelled in science class, Naomi was always a natural at languages. When she was still little, she readily added English to her native Oshindonga as well as picking up some Otjiherero from her friends. During secondary school, she took both Afrikaans and German classes and clearly still wasn't satisfied- since she pestered her friends to teach her Khoekhoegowab phrases as well!

Halfway through secondary school, Naomi's father secured a job in Windhoek (the capital city) and the family relocated there despite it greatly upsetting their mother's side of the family. Their dad kept the peace by promising to drive his family back up north during school breaks to visit and to continue helping out on their family farm.

The younger kids had only been allowed to help with the milking and yard tidying, but by the time Naomi entered high school she was helping herd cattle and guiding the horse treks offered by a nearby guest house (the farm supplied the horses). Naomi loved the times when she got to stay in Windhoek during term break to party with her friends, but she also loved visiting the farm and listening to her grandparents and uncle tell stories about the history of the Ovambo people. She maintains that her time on the farm taught her how important it is to respect the relationships between humanity, animals and the earth, and to treasure her family ties and heritage.

After finishing high school, Naomi started working for a tourism company in Windhoek. During those years she gave tours around the city and also studied French and Portuguese at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Her familiarity with so many languages and her working experience both on the farm and in the city (plus a recommendation from a family friend) then gave her an opportunity to travel to the southwesternmost tip of Namibia, to Oranjemund.

Oranjemund had been strictly a diamond mining town, privately owned by the mining company and reserved only for its employees, but recently ownership had been transferred to the Namibian government. The town had promptly been opened and the surrounding portion of the Namib Desert declared a national park to encourage the growth of a fresh tourist industry. Not only to showcase the incredible landscape and biodiversity of the desert, but also to provide the locals with alternative jobs to mining! Now operating out of Oranjemund were boating and kayaking trips down the nearby river, Ghost Town Tours, Desert Safaris and a Wild Horse Experience that all drew visitors, and workers to cater to those visitors.

Naomi went to work for one of the bigger resorts as a safari and horse experience guide, and it wasn't too long before the town, its land and its animals were as familiar and dear to her as those living on the arid grasslands up north. Her extrovert charm and genuine nature won her friends in both tourism and conservation circles, and that eventually allowed her to make the jump from merely guiding tourists to helping manage the park. Now holding an official park ranger position in one hand, and the reins to Namibia's wilds in the other, Naomi invites you to stay awhile and share her love for the desert.

"Welcome! The Namib is a very special place- did you know that it is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world? Because it is so old, many species evolved right here and can only be found in the Namib Desert.

One of the most magnificent sights you can find where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean- warm air mixing with the cold water forms a thick fog along the coast. Yes, fog! In the desert! I can only try to describe to you the eerie beauty of a heavy sea mist swirling over ancient sand dunes. A slow, billowing curtain of soft greys and storm blues, the sun's glow marbling through it from above and from deep down the answering glint of the sands. Hambelela Omuwa! It is beautiful.

And if we are very lucky today, you may see ghosts! Haha, I am joking- but the fog has claimed many ships in the past, which is why this area is also known as "Skeleton Coast"! The fog is a very important source of moisture for plant life though, which is why you also have a good chance of spotting herds of gemsbok or wild horses wandering through the mists... oh! See, look there!"

2nd prize: --Equestrian--
Salamu! That’s “hello” in Swahili! I’m Naomi, keeper of the African Wildlife Park of Namibia. I live just off the reserve with my mom. I love to sew and bake in my free time, as well as caring for my Namib, Tatu. Most of my colorful outfits are actually handmade! My favorite thing to bake is chocolate cake — you should stop by some time and grab a piece! You might have noticed already that there are a lot of exclamation points… I have a bubbly personality, which is why I use so many; you can never be too happy!

My Namib is named Tatu, meaning “three” in Swahili. He was born with only three hooves. His fourth leg is malformed and doesn’t touch the ground. Fortunately, since my dad was the vet, I got to care for him. Now, he and I go on walks together. Tatu can also do a few tricks! He’s a bit like a friendly little mbwa, dog. He follows me around when I’m checking on the horses in my care, and sometimes he even mothers the foals when they’re crying.

I was born in South Africa, but when I was ten, my dad got a job here in Namibia; he was an American-trained vet who specialized in horses and cattle. The Wildlife Park hired him and he worked here for seven years before he died in a car accident when I was seventeen. He’d been training me for a long time, so after he passed, I went to college for veterinary science while I worked part-time at the Park. Now, I work full-time as their secondary vet and guide manager! It's a pretty cool job, especially since I'm only 27.

It was really my dad who inspired me to go to college as a vet; watching him save so many horses’ lives was amazing! But my mom also had a hand in it. She’s such a compassionate person, and she was never afraid to stay up all night long and care for a foal or two… or four, like the time when there were two sets of twins born!

One of the guides here, David, is my fiance. He hired on when I was fifteen and he was seventeen, and was there for me when my dad died. Actually, David was the one who held me when I found out, because my mom had been in the car too and was injured in the hospital. He just proposed in summer of 2022, and we’re planning to get married in the spring. For those who don’t live here in Namibia, the seasons are a bit different than where you live! Summer is from October to March (he proposed in January), and autumn is April to May. Winter is June through August, and spring is September. We’re not sure of the exact date, but sometime in September is our plan!

It’s always been my dream to open up the Park for people to come in and find horses to raise. Now that we have a large enough herd, it’s only a matter of time! You’ll have to come when we open and check out the Namib Desert Horses! I’m so excited to share them with you!

3rd prize: blahblahba
Naomi is a 28-year-old equine vet who works at the Namibian Wildlife Park in Africa. She dedicates herself to caring for animals and her goal is to ensure that any horses, or animals in general, whether big or small, can be healed and cared for in the wildlife park. She likes spending her spare time riding on her favourite horse Ombili, which she had a strong bond with even when she was still a child. However she hates poachers, seeing animals in pain, and fish (she lives inland and doesn’t eat fish often). She is also a very diligent reader, preferring most animal books and books about travel. Her friends describe her as a hardworking, enthusiastic and confident person, although she is a little too honest with people sometimes.

Naomi grew up in Namibia, a strong young woman that loves the wild horses of the African savanna. When she was still a little girl, she already had a strong connection with horses. She worked alongside her family to tend to the animals and learned how to take care of them properly at a young age. There was one gentle young mare she particularly loved named Ombili (meaning peace in Oshiwambo dialect); Naomi rode on her almost every day and the two were very close. But one summer, Ombili fell very ill and Naomi was heartbroken. She tried everything she knew to heal her beloved mare, but her work was in vain. But things took a turn for the better when her family contacted a team of veterinary staff and they not only healed Ombili, but also changed Naomi’s life. The vets were very impressed at Naomi’s knowledge of horses and offered her a chance to study at the University of California, one of the most prominent vet schools in the US. Motivated by the prospect of becoming an equine vet, she studied diligently and graduated with a diploma in Equine Science, earning her veterinarian license soon after.

After Naomi graduated she went back to her family ranch and continued to care for the animals while working a part-time job at the post office. However she wanted to work for better causes, and soon she found one. Her friend contacted her about a wildlife park that was struggling to maintain their horses’ health. She didn’t think twice about going and helping the animals, working long hard hours tending to the horses. Naomi is now working a full-time job at the aspiring wildlife park and hopes to own the park one day and care for the animals there.

This week’s art feature “Little girl and fjordhorse” was created by our player Amza. We love how cute it is! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

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May the 4th be with you!
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