Community Update - Progress Update, Password Safety, Horse Sales are Final, New Rule #7d

Wednesday, Apr 6 at 14:00

Dear players, welcome back! We hope you’ve recovered from our April Fools’ joke - our team had a great time seeing how all of you enjoyed the new look. Thank you for participating!
Today our community update is rather short! While we’re waiting for our bigger updates we want to remind you to never share your password & what we mean when we say “all horse sales are final”. We’ve also added a little paragraph d) to our rule #7 about keeping HR child-appropriate, and tell you how we’ll proceed with the writing contest!

🤖 Progress Update 🤖

In our last community update we detailed what our dev team and art team are currently working on. They are collaborating on some huge renewals of the backend of the game. The goal is to make everything better: More colours, more genes, horse coats that aren’t possible to add with the current system, a faster way for us to add more art to the game while creating less bugs, a faster way of adding new breeds to the game! We’re basically enduring one lengthy period of waiting now. Then we’ll release a couple of awesome (mostly backend) updates which in turn allow us to give you more frequent art updates - and therefore more breeds and coats than ever before!

So how shall we pass the time? As we explained in the last community update, it will be months before these updates reach the game. While we promise this is worth waiting for, we want to provide you with some entertainment to sweeten the deal! We’re planning to release two art updates in the upcoming 5 months, regardless of the status of the code updates! Keep a keen eye on our news and socials to find out who the lucky breeds are!

🔐 Password Safety - Never share your login info with anyone! 🔐

Too many of our players feel comfortable sharing their Horse Reality login information (like their password and email address) with others. In the best of cases, this can lead to you & the other person getting a life ban on your HR accounts for breaking our rule #2 against account sharing. In the worst-case scenario, people may use this access to wreak havoc on your account - selling or retiring all your horses, putting rule-breaking content on your profile, etc. In these situations, there is nothing the Horse Reality team can do to get your horses back, because you willingly shared your login info. As the creator of your account, you are responsible for anything that happens on it. And if you happen to use the same password on, say, your Facebook or email or bank account, then there’s no knowing how far the problem may spread. Stay safe: Never, ever, ever share your login information with anyone. Not with friends. Not with family. Not with the Horse Reality team. The only person in the universe who is supposed to know your password is you. If anyone in the game asks you to share those details, do not engage with them and report them to our team via the contact form as soon as possible.

Don’t tell Horse Reality staff your password
Occasionally, players tell us about a problem they have with their account and try to be helpful by attaching their login data to this email. Please do not do that. The Horse Reality team will never ask for your password. We don’t need it to fix your problem, and you’re putting yourself at risk by sending emails that contain your unencrypted login data.

Don’t let others edit your profile
Sometimes, players share their login information so that someone else can pretty up their player profile. We understand that the editing process can be a little challenging, however, please ask for advice in the forums or approach one of our moderators if you’ve got trouble figuring out how to work on your profile! They’ll gladly help you out and explain how it’s done. We’re all into aesthetic profiles, but there’s no need to risk your online safety for it!

Don’t let others “take care” of your account or horses
Sometimes a player gives their login information to someone else to take care of or train their horses while they are unavailable. However, we all need some time off on occasion, and Horse Reality horses don’t die if they are not taken care of. Therefore, we consider this behaviour as cheating, and per our rule #2 against account-sharing this can lead to an immediate life ban for you as well as your friend who “took care” of your account.

Don’t reuse passwords
Sometimes players don’t feel a need to protect their HR passwords because hey, it’s just the password to the pixel pony game. However, if you are like 68% of internet users, you are very likely to use the same or a similar password for different accounts, like your social media, email or bank account. So please reconsider this practice - set different passwords, and use a password manager to keep track of them. Stay safe!

Change your password (regularly)
If you have ever shared your Horse Reality password with anyone - then go to the settings NOW and change it. Save yourself a world of trouble. In general, changing passwords once in a while is a good safety measure.

💰 Clarification: All horse sales are final 💰

Horse sales are a common cause of conflict, which is natural in a big community that revolves, in large part, around horse trading. Some players feel uneasy when they buy a horse and receive a request by the former owner to keep the name or brand, to refrain from retiring the horse, or to only sell it back to them, for example. In other cases, a former owner may feel wronged because whoever bought their horse did not comply with such requests. We want to use this update to clarify what is and is not allowed in the context of horses changing owners.

Importantly, once a horse is sold, it belongs to the new owner and they can do with it as they deem fit. This includes changing the name or tagline, removing or replacing brands, retiring the horse, gelding it or breeding it, and selling it to whoever they want at a price they find appropriate. As long as you play by the official game rules, there are no limits on what you can do with a horse in your ownership. You are free to turn down requests from the former owner in a polite way.

As a former owner you are allowed to send the buyer a polite message in which you respectfully make requests, such as keeping the name or brand, or selling the horse back to you if it's no longer wanted. This message must be phrased in a civil and non-threatening way. If they do not answer your message or they politely turn down your request, this must be respected. Under no circumstances may you attack, harass, shame, call out, or pressure a player.

If you want to send a horse to someone else as part of a service deal (e. g. training, boarding), please be aware that this is a risky thing to do! If the deal goes wrong, we cannot give you reimbursements or return your horses. We recommend to only engage in such activities with people you trust, and advise both players to set up a written service agreement via in-game PM. This should detail exactly what horse is involved, what service is being provided, if the horse will be sold back to the original owner, when and for how much, and what the service provider is allowed or not allowed to do with the horse in the meantime. Having such an agreement allows our moderating team to take disciplinary actions against the party that broke the agreement. This only applies to services in which horses are temporarily transferred from one player to another. Conditions on regular sales (e.g., requiring the buyer to keep the horse's brand/name, to not geld or retire the horse, etc), will not be enforced, even if there is written agreement between both players.

If you want to ensure that a specific thing happens to your horse, or on the contrary, definitely does not happen to your horse, the only way to ensure that is to keep the horse in your ownership. This goes for name/brand changes, breeding, vet services, colour testing, picking disciplines, ensuring or preventing retirement, and any other owner-made decision.

Disagreements cannot be avoided but we expect all sides to stay respectful. If you receive pushy, threatening, or otherwise rude messages - no matter the cause of conflict - please report them to our team. You can privately message a forum moderator or send our support team a contact form. We are here to assist!

⚖️ New Rule #7d ⚖️

Today, we have added a new paragraph d) to our rule #7 about adult content:

Do not refer to any drugs in usernames, estate names, horse names, club names and taglines. This includes illegal drugs as well as references to controlled substances or other pharmaceutical drugs. References to alcohol and smoking are okay as long as they don't refer to illegal practices (e.g. underage drinking).

We’ve added the rule #7d because every once in a while, there are players who use prescription drugs as naming themes for their stables. While technically legal, many of these substances have the potential to be abused, and we don’t think that it’s child-friendly to present our younger players with such enticing lists to google.

This rule only applies to the game areas mentioned in the rule, which are all exceptionally visible areas in-game (names and taglines) and don’t provide any room for context. You may still mention in a forum thread that you’ve got a headache and had to take a painkiller! Please note that discussing illegal drugs is forbidden in all game areas as per our rule #6.4 about sensitive topics.

Thank you for understanding!

📚 Writing Contest closed! 📚

As of April 1st, our most recent writing contest closed its submissions! 59 stories reached us - thank you so much! It’s always fun to see our community come together for a creative challenge!

Since Naomi is from Namibia and most of our players aren’t, it will take us a bit longer to announce the results of this writing contest, as we want to pick the winning entries together with a sensitivity reader.

🪨 Belated Background! 🪨

Due to illnesses in our team, this month’s background will join us a week later than planned: It should have come on April 4th (the first Monday of the month) but will instead come April 11th (next Monday). We promise, this background rocks!

P.S.: The text originally said April 5th and April 10th, which both clearly aren't Mondays... Sorry for creating confusion, we shall take a longer look at our calendars next time!

This beautiful piece called “Fjord Family” was drawn by our player icewatcher. We really love this cute style, and the details of the different colours in the mane and tail look awesome!

Do you want us to feature your art next? Then send it in here!

Next News Post: April 20th

See you then!
Your Horse Reality Team 🌻


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