A Sketchy Beginning

Friday, Apr 1 at 00:00

Hi there, HR neigh-bours! The beginnings of this year have been interesting, quite sketchy to say the least. We're all saddled up and rearing for the Northern Hemisphere’s spring to draw near! To our Southern Hemisphere friends, we hope your summer was lovely and you're ready to sketch, err, catch a break from the heat during the cooler times of the year.

Since the seasons are changing, our lovely and hard-working artists have been very active lately, beginning to scribble up sketches left and right. Unfortunately, the art form they have been most successful at is making a sketchy escape from the very safe and secure paddocks, erm, WORKROOMS that they were confined in, errrrr, GIVEN.

It is a pain(t) in the rump, truly! They appear to have taken some of the game’s art assets with them, too - can you picture the chaos? While we track them down to pen(cil) them up again, the rest of the staff and volunteers have taken over to make sure our players notice no changes to the site or game whatsoever. Okay, maybe those of you with background knowledge of the game might see some minor changes…

We don’t always joke around on April Fools’ Day… ✨ Just kidding, we do

The Horse Reality Team

P.S.: By logging in today, you have earned the “Sketchy Beginnings” milestone for our April Fools’ Event 2022 and received 20.000 HRC as a gift!

P.P.S.: Are you still wondering what is going on? Today is April Fools’ Day! All backgrounds on the horse profiles are slightly modified, but tomorrow they’ll look just like they used to! The event lasts from April 1st at 00:00 till April 2nd at 00:00 HR Time (CEST). All images are assigned randomly. You shouldn’t have problems selling a horse with an equipped background on the market, as the replaced images should only show up on the horse profiles themselves. Due to more important game developments, we weren’t able to add a toggle on/off button for the event. A BIG thank you to all moderators and volunteers of the Horse Reality Team who prepared all the artwork and writings for this event <3

P.P.P.S: Why do eggs like April Fool’s Day?
Because they love practical yolks 🍳. Badum tsss
Have a good Fryday!

​​Next Community Update: Expected on April 6th


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