Community Update - Friesian White Markings, Forum Order Update, New March Background, Bugfix & More

Wednesday, Mar 9 at 10:15

Dear players, spring is here and so is our new community update! Today we take a look at the revamped Friesian white markings, give an update regarding rule #6 and the Ukraine-Russia conflict, some advice about Realtools bugs, and introduce our shiny new forum structure. We also have a bug fix and a beautiful new background for you! Let’s go ✨

🐄 Today’s Update: Friesian White Markings 🐄

A long-awaited update has arrived today: The Friesian white markings have been touched up by our artists!

When we gave our Friesians their makeover back in September 2021, we added two new white marking variations. The intention was to add more variety to their available white markings. These new variations were found on the belly of the horse, as opposed to the previous markings for this breed, which had all been small stars on the forehead.

As many breeders pointed out in this thread, the markings turned out problematic. The biggest concern was that foals did not display them, resulting in players retiring horses before realising that they had white markings. In addition to this, many players pointed out that these new variations looked like pixel errors due to their small size. They would have preferred more visible, aesthetically appealing, and well-known forms of markings. The issue of the very tiny size was also brought up for some of the forehead markings of the new artwork.

We have read all your feedback, concerns and suggestions, and we truly appreciate your input and patience in this matter. We are happy to announce that we made some changes to the Friesian white markings! Our art team made very small head markings slightly bigger so they are more noticeable. We have also removed the two belly spot variations and replaced them with new head markings visible on both foals and adult horses. Furthermore, one extra variation was added in the form of a little snip.

We hope that our Friesian breeders will enjoy the white markings much more from this point forward. Thank you for your support and patience!

🕊️ Ukraine-Russia Conflict 🕊️

Most of you will have heard of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has the world holding its breath since late February. Most of our community and team are based in Europe, and many of us are impacted directly or indirectly by this situation. We are deeply saddened that such things still happen in 2022. That, within the scope of weeks, conflicts turn violent and lives get turned upside down or, at the worst, lost. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all of you who are affected by this, especially if you or your loved ones live in the involved regions. These are tough times and we will try to brave through it.

But especially in times like these, having access to politics-free safe spaces can help us stay sane. This war will continue to dominate our news and thoughts for the foreseeable future. We want people to be able to escape these realities for a short while when they play Horse Reality. That's why political topics have always been forbidden by our game rule #6.

The Horse Reality team kindly asks you to keep the Ukraine-Russia conflict out of all public channels on HR, both in-game and in Discord. If you feel the need, we recommend you to talk to others in private about it or seek out other digital or real-life spaces better suited to the topic.

No matter in what big or small ways you might be affected by this conflict, our thoughts are with you and we hope you remain safe during this period. Take care ❤️

⚙️ Realtools Bugs: What to do? ⚙️

We have a small announcement for those of you who use the Realtools/Realvision browser extension! Realtools is made by an independent team of dedicated players. While we welcome it as a positive addition to the game, it is not affiliated with Horse Reality.

This means that any bugs, errors etc. that you may encounter while using this extension should be reported to this thread or the Realtools discord server. Please do not report such bugs to us! We are also unable to reimburse players who may have bought a horse on accounts of a faulty realtools prediction. Thanks for your understanding!

📄 Today’s Update: Fresh Forum Look 📄

We have restructured our beloved forum to better suit the needs of our growing community! We aim to put more emphasis on fun and creativity, provide a unified look and shorter, clearer descriptions. We have closed two near-unused forum subcategories, the “Forum Rules & Guidelines” (game rules and stickied subcategory rules still apply, of course!) and the “Applications” section which is no longer needed as our open positions are now advertised in the news and on our jobs page.

Please be aware that we cannot bring any new features to the forum until its transfer to v2 - today’s update includes no new functionalities, just a reshuffling of the existing code. If you have ideas for how we could improve our forums in the future, please let us know in the Ideas category (after checking the list of suggested ideas)! 💭

🤖 Bugfix: Option to Reject Private Sales Added 🤖

We’ve added the option to reject private sales back to our horse market! This feature was accidentally skipped when redoing the market last year. Now that oversight has been rectified and you are once again free to reject all private sales sent to you. Freedom of choice!

🖼️ New Background: Pinewood Chique 🖼️

This fancy western-inspired barn is the perfect place to hide from the sun or stay dry in rough weather. There is space for your tack, some storage for your hay and straw and of course plenty of space for your horse to finish its meal. Are you just as much in love with the aesthetics as we are? Then get your horses equipped with our newest background: Pinewood Chique 🌲

You can purchase backgrounds from the Delta Store, where this background is now a permanent addition to our selection!

📝 Horse Reality and User Usability 📝

Our UX intern Benthe was very happy to read your input in her recent usability survey! She has prepared another survey for our players that will help us improve Horse Reality into a user-friendly game for all platforms. This time the questions are about your gameplay experience on Horse Reality. She’d love to hear about how you (would) use the game if it was made for a mobile device properly.

Please go ahead and check out our newest Google form! Your feedback is much appreciated, and it will help us (and our intern!) greatly.

This week’s art feature called “A Dun PRE Stallion” was made by potato_bean. We love the expressive head and keen eye of this beautiful baroque stallion!
[edit: the wrong player profile has been linked before, this has been fixed, sorry for the mix up]

Do you want us to show your art? Then submit it here!

Next Game Update: Expected on Mar 23, 2022

Thank you for reading!
Your Horse Reality Team


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