Merge Update - Final Reminder to merge Dutch and English player accounts

Monday, Feb 28 at 00:00

Dear players! It has already been six weeks since the Merge of with was successfully completed. We put a grace period till March 1st, 2022 into place: During that time players with both an NL account and a COM account could sort through their stables and combine them using the [transfer account] functionality on their user settings page. Does this situation apply to you and you haven’t combined your accounts just yet? Keep reading and make sure to take action immediately!

With this news post we would like to send a final reminder that there are only 24-hours left to merge your two accounts and delete the one you don’t wish to keep! This is your last chance to move your belongings from the account you want to delete to the account you want to keep with the “transfer your account” functionality in your user settings. As of March 1st, 2022 the option to do so will disappear and the standard game rules for playing with multiple accounts apply to everyone equally again. Make sure you delete the account you’re not keeping!

If you don't know how to log into both accounts, or how to move your belongings from one player account to another, we recommend you to watch the instructional videos in English and Dutch linked below:

How to log in after the Merge? both COM and NL accounts How to Merge your COM and NL accounts into one?

If that doesn’t answer your questions, make sure to read this page that contains a lot of additional information on how to transfer your account in both Dutch and English.

Do you still need assistance even after checking the instructional videos, our Merge FAQ and the transfer your account page? Make sure to reach out to our support team at: [email protected]!

Did you have only one player account to begin with, or did you already merge your Dutch and English player accounts together? Then there is nothing left for you to do!

Starting March 1st, the Merge will be officially done and we will move forward with only. Therefore, this should be the last Merge related news post you receive from us. We hope everyone is settling in well!

Next Community Update: Expected on March 9th
Next Code Update: TBD

Thank you for your cooperation!
Your Horse Reality Team

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