Community Update - Moderators wanted, Premium now 31 Days, Mod Tools and Discord Bot, Bug Fixes, Next Plans & More

Wednesday, Feb 9 at 11:00

Update 17th Feb: We want to give a small update about the club shows. Many of you were taken by surprise when this news post announced that they are temporarily disabled. Our devs had been looking into bug reports about club funds not always being properly returned when there are no entries in a club show. As it became clear that this bug can cause huge currency losses, we decided to temporarily block the feature altogether. This allows us to investigate properly without either taking the entire game offline or risking more damage in the meantime. Since these events happened shortly before the scheduled news update, the announcement came abruptly and with scarce information. An earlier heads-up was also not possible since it would’ve caused many clubs to stack up shows in order to bridge the waiting period. While we completely understand that wish, heavy use of a bugged feature could have caused more issues. A fix was planned to go live on the day we made the news announcement, but working out a proper solution and making sure that all works as intended is taking more time. We appreciate your patience a lot and hope that the feature can return soon. We’ll keep you updated!

Neighce to see you, dear community! Today there's just little to announce for us because we’re working on our next bigger updates behind the scenes! For 2022, we decided to work with more generous deadlines and finish a bigger chunk of each new feature before publishing any of it. So this is what we'll talk about today: We're looking for new moderators to join our team, today's code update contains several improvements for our moderators and bug fixes, then we'll talk about our next plans and a few other things.

💌 We're looking for moderators! 💌

Today we want to begin with an exciting announcement in our own interest. We have reopened our moderator applications!

Our community is growing rapidly! Recently, our “online users” counter keeps breaking its own records! We are so excited about this development, and all the more grateful for having the best community a development team could wish for! And we want to keep it this way and keep improving the communication between the team and the players.

For that to work, we could use the help of some more dedicated players who volunteer their free time to join our moderating team! We are a diverse, inclusive group of international players who do their best to help the community, answer questions, enforce our rules and much more! Moderators are an essential part of the player-team relationship. They help spread information, keep the peace and happiness of the community, and help players and team alike in whichever way they can! They are quite involved in most of what is going on behind the scenes of Horse Reality, and we couldn’t run this game without them!

Now it’s your chance to join us on our journey! The application form as well as a full list of perks, duties and details can be found here. Come on in, have a look around! We’re so curious about who will soon become a part of our team!

We read all applications carefully and with an open mind, whether you are a seasoned player with an offence or two under their belt or a fairly new player who is simply passionate about a positive gaming experience.

If you dislike our current moderating policies, you might be just the person we need on our team to improve! If you like our current processes, then maybe you’d be just the person we need to ensure we keep our standards up as high! And if you have just joined the game but are intrigued, then maybe your fresh perspective can help us see things through the eyes of a new player!

Also, being part of the team is honestly a lot of fun. You’ll make a ton of new friends!

We cannot wait to hear from you!

🤖 Today's Update - Moderation Tools and Bug Fixes 🤖

Today’s update is a big old spring cleaning! We fixed a lot of bugs, and besides, that focussed on refurbishing the heart of Horse Reality: Our forum and our discord server. The places where our community meets and exchanges ideas.

Premium Accounts now last 31 days

As announced before, as of today premium accounts last 1 day longer! And won’t cost anything more! Yay!

Forum Moderator Tools

This is an update that is probably more exciting to the team than to our players, but we have made additions to our dear moderator’s toolboxes! Going forward, they will be able to change rule-breaking content on profiles, in horse names and tag lines and usernames. Worry not, this will not result in a sudden increase of warnings or reminders, and all moderator actions will be logged by our system! Up until now, unruly (pun intended) usernames and similar tastelessness have luckily been a rarity in our game. But with a growing community, the rarities also increase. Our improved tools will greatly help us to keep Horse Reality a clean and friendly environment moving forward!

Game Bug Fixes

Due to a bug in the club shows we have temporarily disabled the option to create new events. Our team is investigating and working on a solution.

🔹 For some players, changing their username seemingly “erased” university progress until the affected players logged out and in again. This has been fixed - academic prowess is forever!
🔹Some private sales showed up as public sales, if someone forgot to enter the name of the receiver. Now you properly receive an error and ensure it will be correctly set as private!
🔹Changing your username only updated it in the session of either V1 or V2, but not both. This is now fixed and after changing your username, it is properly changed everywhere! If you happened to experience this prior to the update, make sure to first log out of all devices and then log in again to fix it yourself!
🔹 Stallions are now able to be sold and stand at stud at the same time.
🔹 Notification bug fixes: Foal pasture notifications should no longer show up when you have toggled them off. Premium notifications were changed as you no longer receive orbs on the moment you buy premium, but rather on the 1st of every month.
🔹 Several fixes were made to the action buttons in the summary tab of the horse profiles. They are no longer showing up for players who don’t own the horse. The “age button” is now removed for foals that are currently in the foal pastures.

Artwork Bug Fixes

As announced in our last news post, the following 4 bugs in Thoroughbreds have been fixed today:
🔹Some regular chestnut greys were displayed wrongly as chestnut flaxen grey, see this bug report.
🔹An impossible roan layer got updated, see this bug report.
🔹 An OLW stallion now shows his correct eye colour, see this bug report.
🔹The legs of grey-white stallions no longer falsely display a white chestnut (the little blob of hardened skin found on horse legs, not the coat colour), see this bug report.

🧑‍🍳 What the development team has got cooking… 🧑‍🍳

🚨 Please note that plans can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! ETAs are neither promises nor goals - they are just our best estimates. Thanks for understanding! 🚨

  • In the short term, we’ll keep in tune with today’s update! We’ll soon rearrange the forum categories and make some additions and tweaks to the setup of our Discord server! We want to highlight the fun and creative aspects of our digital homes!
  • We’ll also soon release our brand new website of Deloryan B.V., the indie game studio behind Horse Reality. It will more authentically reflect what our team has grown into over the past years - an international remote team of lovely and creative horse & game enthusiasts who found alike minds here in this very peculiar corner of the internet. And their pets. Oh yes. All the pets.
  • Our team’s mid-term plan is to ideally finish the foundation update before the end of March. Last week, we’ve hit a wall in the design phase and had to go back a few steps. That helped and now we’re now back on track, but we don’t have a final draft yet. Meaning we can’t yet give you a definitive list of how it will work. We will continue to keep you updated!
  • Another mid-term plan our team is working on is to get out our new wiki! We’ve been trying to make this happen forever, but creating a new wiki is a surprisingly intense process. It also doesn’t help when a game is in development and all the facts keep changing all the time! However, our wiki team has been making amazing progress over the past months, and we’ll hope to push the new wiki public soon. It will at first mainly be a copy of our old wiki but fact-checked by our team. No more rumours, instead a trustworthy source, yay! Only once that is online will we start adding new articles and improving the navigation and so on!
  • We’re also already working on realizing our long-term goal: Inventing, designing our new artwork & genetics system. It’s a long way to go, but the first steps have already been walked!

🌳 New background: Cross Country (Eventing) 🌳

This adrenaline-pumping discipline of equine sports is not for the faint of heart! Brave horses and riders will fly over any obstacle, or… land their bum in the bush, once in a while. Do you dare to complete our Horse Reality course? Then go ahead and visit the Delta Store and prepare yourself for a fun adventure!

Eventing in Horse Reality is thought of as 3-in-1-competition in the disciplines show jumping, dressage, and cross country. Since we already have a show jumping and a dressage background, we believe this best represents the discipline of eventing in our game!

⚠️ Reminder: Grace Period ends on March 1st ⚠️

We are very happy to see our Merge wrapped up and watch the former NL players settle in! This is a kind reminder that you have until March 1st to merge your accounts and delete the one you don’t wish to keep. If you have any questions or concerns, check out our Merge FAQ and if it does not answer your questions, contact us.

This week’s art feature was created by the talented Lunab00n. This piece was perfectly done! The attention to the smallest detail really shows in this ‘Polaris’ horse! Keep up the amazing work!

Are you doing something creative? Show it to us, so we may show it to everyone!

Next Community Update: Wednesday, February 23
Next Code Update: TBD

Stay tuned & happy gaming!
Your Horse Reality Team


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