Community Update - Welcome back, the Merge is over!

Thursday, Jan 13 at 10:00

Dear players, the time has come! We have officially merged (our Dutch version) together with (our English version). We would like to give a warm welcome to our Dutch players who joined us here! We are happy to have you here, now being able to continue as one big community. 🇳🇱

🌷 Merge Week, Merge FAQ & Grace Periods 🌷

If you have no idea what “the Merge” is, check out our recently updated Merge FAQ - it’s got all the answers!

Now that the Dutch players have joined this game server, there are a few things you should know:

  • Everybody who logs into their account(s) during this Merge week will receive a Merge milestone with a reward of 15 WT, and 1 copy of the background “Idyllic Dutch Village” at rollover time! The Merge week will be over on Wednesday, January 19th at 23:59 HR Time (Midnight CET).
  • The same background is also sold during the Merge week only in our Delta Store!
  • We’ll hold some games & contests in our forum and our discord starting on Monday, so keep your eyes open! We hope this will bring the COM and NL communities closer together, and gradually evolve into a regular thing!
  • If you have had 2 accounts (one on NL, one on COM) before the Merge, you have until March 1st 2022 to figure out which one you wanna keep and which one you wanna delete! Please read part B of our Merge FAQ to make sure you know your options!
  • If you have more than 1 account, but that isn’t due to the Merge, you are breaking our game rules and should be aware that you’re committing a bannable offence. Except for former NL+COM players being allowed to use both their accounts during the grace period, only one account is allowed. See our rule #2 for details.
  • Our rule #1 in-game is: Please speak English! However, to account for all the confusion the Merge may create, we’ll apply the same grace period to the Dutch language. If your user profile/club/forum thread/… is written in Dutch, our moderators will approach you and ask you to change the text to English, but you won’t get a reminder or warning for this. That will be the case until March 1st 2022 - after which any content in Horse Reality that isn’t English will be forbidden again.
  • If you add non-English content to the game that isn’t in Dutch, please be aware that this will still result in reminders or warnings for you, as usual. Read the details of our rule #1 Speak English for additional information!

🔑 Trouble logging in or transferring your account? 🔑

We’ve created videos that show the login process for…

🔹 …those who played ONLY on horsereality.COM prior to the Merge
🔹 …those who played ONLY on horsereality.NL prior to the Merge
🔹 ...those who had 1 account on BOTH servers prior to the Merge

Still in trouble after looking at the videos?

  1. Try resetting your password! (This should also work for those of you who have to add +nl to their email, see question Q B1 in our FAQ.)
  2. Contact our support team (see below)!

Trouble transferring your account?
Visit this instruction page from our FAQ!

💬 How to contact our team 💬

During the next couple of days, our team will likely be overrun with questions and problems to solve. We’ll do our best to answer everyone in a timely manner. To help us, please post your issues in the right channels!

First, check our freshly updated Merge FAQ to see if your question(s) are already answered there!

If that’s not the case, ask your question either:
🔹 …in this forum thread for Merge questions.
🔹 …in this discord channel for Merge questions.
🔹 …directly to our management team via our contact form - but remember it might take us several days to answer there, since we’re a small team with a large player base!

If you think you found a bug, ask yourself:
🔹 Is this related to the Merge? If yes, please post it in this thread about Merge-bugs!
🔹 If it’s not related to the Merge, check if it’s already on our list of known bugs and if not, create a new thread after reading our “how to post a bug”-sticky! Please understand that everything Merge-related is our first priority at the moment.
🔹 If it’s a bug that could be exploited, or that you don’t feel comfortable talking about publicly because it involves your personal information, write an email to [email protected] including: Your username(s), link to your userprofile(s), your email address(es), your issue, and please always add screenshots that shows us what the problem is!

If you’d prefer talking to a person directly:
🔹 Write a forum moderator, discord moderator, or community manager a PM. Look at a full list of our staff on our credits page and check who of them is online currently in the online user list!
🔸 Looking for Dutch-speaking support staff? Sparrowhawk/Sans#0656, PrancingPony/PrancingPony#4908, Kaycee20/Kaycee20#7160 and DeLaMontagne/DELAMONTAGNE#9708 are here for you!

🐞 List of ongoing Merge bugfixes 🐞

We expect some minor bugs to sneak in during the Merge, and our development team is standing by to fix anything that comes up as soon as they can. New bug fixes will be added to this forum post, to avoid having to put out new news posts each time a fix goes live:

🦅 Introduction of your new community manager: Sparrowhawk 🦅

One of our most important team members is almost unknown to our COM-players, but thankfully, the Merge will finally change that. Say hello to your “new” community manager Sparrowhawk! She joined the Horse Reality team almost 2 years ago, first only as our content creator (responsible for our posts on social media), but then gradually taking over more and more responsibilities as a community manager for our Dutch server. Now that the Merge is over, you’ll see more of her over here on the English server, yaaay! So it’s about time she got an opportunity to introduce herself to our community:

Hey ho everyone! I’m Sparrowhawk, and I have been primarily an active Dutch player, and of course, as the CM for the NL-server. I am so happy we are now joined together as one, so we can grow, expand and commune together! You can also reach out to me if you are in need of any help or just want to chat. In my spare time, you can find me in the stables, gaming, cuddling with my cats, or improving my skills as a graphic designer. I would also like to use this shout out to all my fellow Dutch players: If you require any help with translations, are experiencing issues with your account or don’t know where to start, know that I’m right here for you!

🌈 Other staff introductions 🌈

Since we’re now joined by many more players here on the COM side of life, we want to point you again towards our new staff intro thread. Get to know our team a little better! ❤️

🐴 What’s next? - Server change & new schedule! 🐴

For the past 6 months, the Horse Reality team was almost exclusively focussing on the Merge. Now that it actually happened, you are probably wondering what we’ve got in store for you next!

New server, yay!
We’re sure our current server is going to struggle the first days after the Merge. It has been too small for our growing player base for quite a while now, but for technical reasons we couldn’t make the change to another server before the Merge was over. Getting this done is a high priority now! We’re really excited about our new server because its hosting party offers 24/7 server care - no more waiting until our dev team wakes up when our server crashes during the night!

New year, new update & news post rhythm!
All throughout last year, we’ve roughly put out 2 code updates & 2 news posts per month. Behind the scenes, this created a lot of pressure and didn’t always result in us delivering our best work. We are going to change this schedule this year, allowing for less frequent but bigger updates of higher quality! We don’t know ourselves yet what exactly that’s gonna look like, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know. Until then, just know that last year’s rhythm is not likely to return (updates biweekly on Wednesday).

New foundation & wildlife parks
Our team will now continue to make our plans for a new foundation system reality. We’ll also transfer the wildlife parks to V2, in order to also introduce a similarly reworked system to them. We’re super excited for this change and can’t wait to start afresh, now that we can focus on making these things better again!

📜 Tiny rule change 📜

You may notice on our rules pages that we’ve updated the rules on January 12. Don’t worry - this was just to make rule #2 say “one account per person” instead of “one account per person per server”, since now, there’s only one server left.

This week’s art feature was created by amarisnorthamerica. This artist was sure to pay special attention to the muscle tone and shading. That's what makes this piece so pretty! Thank you for sending it to us!

Wanna see your art grace our next news post? Give it a try!

Next community update: Unknown (we’re working on a new regular post schedule, sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!)

We want to close this post with a big shout out to our player testers who helped us squash many critical Merge bugs in advance. And, of course, thank you all for your patience during these busy days. You rock! 🪨

Your Horse Reality Team ❤️


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