The year 2021 has come to an end!

Friday, Dec 24 at 12:00

Hi everyone! I want to thank both our players and the Horse Reality Team, for all the support I have received over the past year.

It was a turbulent year. It was the year where covid kept us occupied on a daily basis. It felt like taking five steps forward, three steps back, and then some more steps back. We dealt with a tough lockdown at the start of this year. We had to remain indoors as much as possible and both work and study from home. On top of that, we dealt with a curfew during this lockdown period.

This proved to be quite the challenge for me. I had a business to keep up with. Now forced to run this from home. In the meantime, my partner is also working from home. With him being a tech specialist and teacher, you can imagine it was a bit rowdy at home sometimes. He was loudly teaching his students, while I was continuing to develop and manage several online meetings with the Horse Reality Team at the same time. I am sure I am not the only one who struggled with that.

While working at home, we also dealt with an immense renovation in our new home. A lot of my spare hours were spent on this entire project. And of course, after months of hard labour, the time to move in arrives. For those who don’t know it yet, both renovating and moving are in the top 10 most stressful situations. And the thing is. It didn’t stop there. Around the same time, I also moved my office. In between the tumultuous events, I also took care of our Dalmatian Mochi. An incredible sweet dog, who is both active and energetic too. In other words: she needs a lot of exercise. Which was actually a benefit in my case, otherwise I never would have moved away from my laptop otherwise.

And last but not least, we also had to merge into That caused a lot of headaches. Not only for me but the entire Horse Reality Team. Luckily we are nearly there now. Just a few more weeks to go. Pfew. It has been a rocky road for sure!

I will take you on a short journey through the year 2021:

In January the coronavirus kept us from wandering the streets. We noticed this in Horse Reality. Never before have we seen so many players online on our platform at the same time. Of course, this is great news, it also meant we had to find new people to expand our team.

In February, we kept ourselves busy with your feedback and input. We truly appreciate your ideas and involvement. Please continue to do these things! If there are no technical restraints, we always do our best to add those to the game. It may take a long time, as our list of wishes is long, but they are certainly not forgotten!

March arrived, and after working for us for a long period of time, we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Community Manager Tasinei. She was able to chase her dream job at Ubisoft!

Who would have thought we were able to release our redesign of the PRE horses in April this year? A lot more time was needed for this project than we had anticipated. Especially, working on details for their genetics was a delicate bit of work. On another note, the fitting room was added this month! Horse Reality keeps gaining popularity. Amazing to see it grow.

During May, the Horse Reality Team put a lot of effort and time into updating another breed, the Brabant Horse. We were also able to add breed-specific competitions. Woohoo! Finally a chance for the lesser popular breeds, so these chonky boys now actually have a chance at winning!

In June, we received a lot of new helping hands again. A lot of involved members of our community picked up the trial moderator mantle. We also welcomed new Forum Moderators and Community Managers in our team.

July was the month we had to inform everyone about our plans to transfer into (The Merge*). This really stirred things up.

After the summer holidays, we had a chat with you about why the merging of the two Horse Reality games was our only option. This really proved to be necessary, as it’s not always visible on the front end how things work in the back.

On October 8th, we were already 3-years old! What a celebration. We were overwhelmed with all your birthday wishes and lovely messages, and we are so grateful to receive so many from you. In The Netherlands, it’s tradition to treat your guests when it's your birthday. Therefore, we treated all our players with a special Horse Reality background. Players, whose account was exactly 3 years old, received another surprise from us. They were given the “3 Years Anniversary” milestone and received 900 DP in appreciation of our loyal fans. The longer you play our game, the more you will be rewarded. During the celebrations we released the Thoroughbreds. And… Within a record amount of time, they became nearly the most popular breed on Horse Reality. This release attracted a ton of new players as well, all highly interested in those pretty race horses.

In November, we sent the first real Merge newsletter. We have added new items in our webshop, with fun Christmas products, and we received tons of input from you. You kept bringing us new ideas to think about.

December truly was the icing on the cake, the project we all have been working on since summer this year: “The Merge”. It’s safe to say that this has been the biggest challenge this year. We are ready for it and all preparations have been made. The Merge will take place in January 2022. A moment not to be forgotten. It will be the day we all welcome the NL-players to this server!

We are excited about the new year, and are bustling with ideas and plans to come. Be sure to keep a good eye out on us.
Nearly the entire team is now taking a break and enjoying a well-deserved holiday. January the 3rd we will return.

Finally, I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a sparkling 2022!

With love,



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