Bug Fixes: Item Market Glitch, Selling Unweaned Foals, Orbs, Camargue Grey Variations

Thursday, Dec 16 at 17:19

Hello, dear community! Are you surprised to hear from us again so soon? ✨ So are we! ✨ With yesterday’s update, several bugs found their way into the game. As soon as our devs were back in office, the decision was made to put the game into maintenance mode to prevent damage. A rather long bug-fixing session resulted - and we remembered we still meant to announce something to chase away those grey clouds! Below, we will give you a summary of what’s new.

🏛️ Item Market: 🏛️

Yesterday, we provided a fix for the bugged items that got stacked into 1 item with e.g. 600% usage, instead of 6 single items. Due to this fix something else glitched: Suddenly, many tack items on the market turned from 1 item with 100% usage into 100 separate items! We were able to fix this. The items have returned to their original number, and if applicable, we removed the excess of the item trades from the market.
Example: 1 halter turned into 100 halters, of which 5 were sold. However, since it was originally 1, we removed the remaining 95 from the market.

We have removed the money generated from these glitch sales and the excess items from the affected sellers’ accounts. If you unknowingly purchased such an item, don’t worry, it will remain in your inventory. The above was fixed only for the trades that were on the market prior to the update (before December 15 13:35 HR-time). Any trades generated after yesterday’s update were not affected by the bugs and our fixes. At that time, you were only able to sell single items, so it would have been impossible to sell 100 halters in one trade.

Furthermore, there was an issue when purchasing items. Sometimes you didn’t receive the item that you clicked on. This now works properly again. However, we cannot track down the difference between: did you indeed -want- to purchase that item or not? Thank you to the people who filed the bug reports here! We have a list of all the sales during the period after the update. If you leave your report on this forum topic, we can verify your invalid purchase and cross-reference with the list. That way, we can remove the unwanted item(s) from your account and refund your money.

🔮 Distribution of 3 Orbs 🔮

Many players received the 3-orb gift, and not only the premium account holders we targeted. Due to a technicality, not just the players that had a premium account between October 1st and the update got the 3 orbs, but also the players who -registered- in this time period. We hope they enjoy this surprise gift, ‘tis the season of giving!

🐴 Horse Market 🐴

Yesterday’s news post talked about the option to sell foals under 6 months of age. This function had accidentally sneaked into the game alongside a recent update. Because it was not a carefully thought-out feature and brought about unforeseen bugs, it was vulnerable to being exploited. We have taken today’s bug-fixing session as a chance to tackle this issue! Our devs were able to remove the option from the game already, so no more accidents and exploits should happen.

🗳️ The poll in yesterday’s news post is still ongoing and valid! 🗳️ Removing this (accidental) feature sooner rather than later is a temporary safety measure. We hope to find a proper solution with your help! If you haven’t already, please let us know your thoughts over here.

🎨 Surprise, surprise: New Camargue Coats 🎨

Whoopsie, what is this!? Seems like our artists have been busier than Santa’s elves this year! Along with the recent update, some new grey Camargue coats have been added to the game. Among the many exciting things happening in yesterday’s update, this detail slipped our minds! You can now find the new coat variations popping up in Jean’s wildlife park, and grey Camargues conceived after yesterday’s update have a chance to sport the new variations when they grow up! So cam’ on, cam’ in, enjoy the holiday season with these pretty babies prancing around!

Last but not least, we want to give a huge thank you to our community! Today’s maintenance was unplanned and lasted around 8 hours. Thank you for hanging in there with us, through all the bugs and confusion! We hope that you all have a wonderful, bug-free holiday season. 🎁

The Horse Reality Team ✨

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