Winter Update - Exmoor & Haflinger Redos, Market Bug Fixes, Merge News & Holiday Wishes

Wednesday, Dec 15 at 14:02

Dear players, winter is upon us and so it’s time for the season of gifts, also here on Horse Reality! We have some fan-tas-tic new artwork, smart bug fixes, background information, and we hope to deliver this update to you in a festive state. Let’s unpack, shall we?! 🎁

🐴 Winter Surprise: Two Artwork Redos 🐴

Our art team reworked some of our older breeds this entire year. Starting with the Irish Cob, we really couldn’t wait for what else is to come!
The old Exmoor Pony artwork is no (ex)more, enjoy the improved version! But… we also managed to get the Haflinger Horses ready for you in this Winter Update. We originally planned to redo only one breed at this time, but the feeling of doing a little extra (haf)lingered! Both horse breeds needed a makeover, and we think our artists did an outstanding job! We hope you enjoy them as much as our team does!
Also, good to know: No new genes have been added to these breeds at this time, as this will only be possible once the Foundation breeder has been reworked. We think the wait for those won’t be too long, though!

A while back, we asked you to vote whether Exmoor Ponies should get a summer or winter coat. While the summer coat was the most popular choice, we received the feedback that the established Exmoor Pony breeders felt bummed that the winter coat wasn’t chosen. So we decided to give all the Exmoor's a little more fur texture and hopefully address both options that way. Who doesn’t love feral, furry, curly babies?!
For the Haflinger Horses we’d like to inform you about the sooty gene, since we expect more attention will go to these newly polished breeds. Sooty in Haflingers works as incomplete dominant, meaning that two sooty looking parents may create a non-sooty foal.

With this project done, we’ve officially rounded up group 1 and 2 of our artwork redos! Next in line for updated game art are the Akhal-Teke, Arabian Horse and Quarter Horse. We know their current game art is very beloved and will do our best to make them look as dashing and smashing as always! Do you want to know more about why these horse breeds receive a makeover? Checkout this old news post about why these horses are in the process of receiving new artwork.

🏛️ Today’s Update: Market Bug Fixes 🏛️

Due to the Merge our last content update lies a bit in the past: Our stud and item market arrived! Today’s update contains a bunch of fixes for the following bugs that crept into the code! We know there are still more bugs to iron out, don’t worry, we are working on squashing them all!

Item market improvements:
🔹 Viewing the Item Market on mobile should now be properly displayed.
🔹 Item market error fixed - Carrots can now be sold without issues. Crunch!
🔹 Items are now stacked in the drop-down menu you see when putting an item up for sale. Instead of seeing 20x the same show halter, you now see “Show halter: 20x”.
🔹 Filtering for a specific category now displays only items from that category in the “item” drop-down menu!
🔹 Items that did not sell in the item market, will now be returned correctly. We received some reports that items seemingly stacked in percentage, rather than actual item numbers.

Horse market improvements:
🔹 Foals boarded at Kai’s foal pastures can now be sold from their profile again (you can find the button in their Summary tab as usual).
🔹 We clarified some text within the new market layout.

Stud market improvements:
🔹 You will no longer be able to view an edit page of a horse that doesn’t belong to you. You will now see a "not authorized" message.
🔹 Retired studs are no longer up for breeding. Let them enjoy their well-deserved rest!
🔹 Conformation filters should now display the correct result.
🔹 Price sorting has been corrected!
🔹 Horses in the dropdown menu are now displayed alphabetically overall (similar to how they show at the veterinary) and not alphabetically per breed.
🔹 If you didn’t choose a specific currency in the price filter, it will now automatically assign HRC for you.
🔹 Editing your stud prices will now display the correct error message if you forgot to fill in a mandatory field.

Have an idea of how your market experience could be improved? Share it with us in the dedicated thread!

🐞 Edit on 18th December 2021: 🐞 An additional bugfix was part of this update but slipped from the list! We originally announced in this news post that horses should be able to enter an all-breeds competition, a breed-specific competition, one game-hosted conformation show, and one club-hosted conformation show, at once - 4 events in total. A bug made it possible for horses to enter more club shows than intended. This has been fixed!

🗳️ Bug & Poll: Selling Foals Under Six Months 🗳️

With our last market update, we've unintentionally made it possible to sell unweaned foals. Although we can see some pros with this unintended feature, we also see a lot of confusion. Players think they bought a foal, but if the foal is younger than 6 months, it won’t show up in the new owner's stables.

We considered keeping this bug as a feature, but after observing it a bit, it doesn’t seem to behave consistently. Therefore, we’ll work on fixing this - unweaned foals will soon not be able to be sold any more, just as it used to be.
However, now that you’ve got a taste of this functionality, we’re wondering if and how you’d like to see it added in the future.

🔹 Option A: Foals under 6 months shouldn’t be sold
🔹 Option B: Foals under 6 months can be sold, but they stay in their dam’s stable until they’re 6 months old (more realistic, but confusing as you won’t see her in your stables)
🔹 Option C: Foals under 6 months can be sold and are immediately moving to the new owner’s stable (less realistic, but also less confusing)

In any of these cases, for now we’ll work on fixing the bug, and will only in the future consider making this a real - and hopefully bug free - feature.

Until the bug is fixed, we can’t forbid anyone from making use of it - there’s simply too many new players joining us each day that don’t know how it “used to be”. If you feel like someone unfairly exploited this bug to your disadvantage, please reach out to us via the contact form so that we can see if and what we can do about it.

🔮 Premium Orb Bugs & New Rhythm 🔮

We’ve received some reports about premium orbs that didn’t reach their new home. Part of this is due to bugs, part of it is that many misunderstand in which rhythm they are supposed to come. We’ll therefore have changed this functionality today!
As of now, you will receive an orb if you have a premium account on the 1st of the month. That also means that right after you buy a premium account, you won’t be getting an orb immediately any more, but on the next 1st of the month. We hope this will be an easier system to understand.

To reimburse you for potentially lost orbs or nerves, we’ve sent 3 free orbs to everyone who had premium between October 1st, 2021 and this update, as a token of our gratitude for your patience and cooperation.
Edit: We've heard back that not everything went as expected with the 3 orbs we sent out. The results of our investigation can be read here.

🇳🇱 The Merge 🇳🇱

We don’t have any new info about the Merge today, since our community update from last Friday was dedicated exclusively to it. If you haven’t already, go and read that one now! You can also check out our Merge FAQ page, to read all about it in one handy place.
Now we’d like to answer some questions that were frequently asked in the last days (also included in the Merge FAQ):

Do we need to edit the +nl out of our email addresses after the Merge?
If (and only if) you have a COM account and an NL account and are using the same email address on both of your accounts, your NL-account’s email address will be altered during the Merge. However, this doesn’t stop our system from sending you emails. For example: If you want to log into your NL account after the Merge, but you forgot your password, you can still use the “I forgot my password” button and will still receive the email with the recovery link.
[Unfortunately, because of an internal misunderstanding, some of our team members may have given you a different answer to this question. This text above is the right answer!]

What will happen to our foals in the foal pastures if the pasture slots are maxed out on both accounts?
Of course, we will ensure that all your foals can safely travel to their new home. We’re still finding out what exactly that will look like and will let you know once we find out the end result.

What will happen to players that used to have a low user ID on the NL-server?
All merged NL-accounts will receive a new user ID in order to not clash with the existing IDs on the COM-server. A handful of Kickstarter Backers who donated to our campaign back in the days already contacted us for their low ID number which was included in their reward tier. Unfortunately, we cannot assign any other players a low numbered ID. This is a complicated task that involves manually touching the database and can potentially jeopardize the safety of player accounts.

🎨 Background Feedback (g)Round 🎨

Our December background “Bay of Fires” received a lot of feedback after a slightly rocky start. Many found that it looked unfinished compared to our other backgrounds. We are glad to announce that we have worked on the background, and we hope you like the corrected result! We’d like to thank all our players for their constructive comments.

Furthermore, we also have another surprise for you in the Delta Store... This is our last winter's day surprise for the entire community to enjoy!🎄

👋 Staff Intros Thread 👋

Have you always wanted to know Oratrix’ favourite animal, or Mischief’s favourite band? This is the place you can read about our team! We gathered some fun facts about our members and are very excited to share them with you in this thread.

❄️ Winter Holidays ❄️

The Horse Reality team will take some time off to celebrate the holidays. We’ll therefore be unavailable for the upcoming two weeks, from December 20th until January 2nd, 2022. Luckily, our Community Manager Shadeslayer is holding down the fort in case of emergency. We’ll continue to have our trusted moderators around, although they too will be enjoying the holidays with their loved ones!

Please be aware that team presence will be scarce, and support mails or bug reports won’t be answered during this time. Thanks for your understanding and patience! We hope that you will have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you, refreshed and motivated, in the new year!

Today's community art feature presents another take on the Haflinger Horse breed - a huge thank you to MrsrockweekII for submitting their unnamed artwork! We love it!

Would you like to share your masterwork/scribbling/dream horse with us? Make it happen!

Next Community Update: Friday, January the 7th, 2022

Merry winter days and a very happy new year! ✨
Your Horse Reality Team


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