Message to our Community

Friday, Nov 26 at 20:00

Hello everyone! We are back with a brief response to the many reactions our most recent news post received. Thank you to all who have given your opinions, positive or negative, on the upcoming merge.

Late July, we decided with heavy hearts that we have to shut down the server. Unfortunately, the revenue from wasn’t sufficient. Simply put, there are not enough resources to keep this version of the game alive.

We had two options: Take down in its entirety, or merge with We chose the latter and call this “The Merge”. For you, the opportunity to keep playing, for us a huge undertaking.

It saddens us to know that some of you feel not taken seriously. Please know that our team thoroughly considered all the decisions that were made. This is the only viable option, given the resources available to us. We are now at a point where we can no longer change our plans at will, and therefore will not continue to debate the specifics. To ensure the transition of goes as smoothly as possible, we need to put our available time and energy into progressing the merge.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you on our COM-server after the Merge. It is an intense situation for both the players and the team, but we hope to move forward as one game community. We've already made sure to get the welcome package for the arrival of the players at the ready!

If you have any questions about “the Merge”, please check our FAQ.

We keep you posted!
Your Horse Reality Team

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