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Wednesday, Nov 24 at 16:00

Welcome back, dear players! Today’s news post is a little special, as we don’t have a content update for you. We are approaching the Merge with billowing sails! That’s why we would like to share the content of the latest Merge email newsletters with you. Ahoy!

If you are still unsure of what the Merge means, please go ahead and read our FAQ page.

🇳🇱 The Merge - Email Newsletter #1 🇳🇱

Early November we sent our first email newsletter about the Merge. We shared some guidelines of when we think the Merge will take place. This newsletter was mostly to introduce the Merge to players who hadn’t heard about it yet, so we decided to omit a big part of the newsletter in this news post.

When can you expect the Merge?
🔹 Early November the Horse Reality team will start testing.
🔹 After this the resulting bugs will be addressed and resolved.
🔹 After which the player tests will follow at another time in November.
🔹 Hopefully the last big test will take place at the end of November.

When all signals are green, and will be merged into one game (

We aim to merge the games early December. However, technology can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges. We will make sure to keep you up to date through our mailed newsletters, and our in-game news posts.

Safety first! Before the merge starts, a backup will be made. This ensures that we could always go back to the moment before the merge was initiated, should that be necessary.

🇳🇱 The Merge - Email Newsletter #2 🇳🇱

Last week, we sent our second Merge email newsletter to all NL players. In case you have not received this email despite being an NL-player, or are simply a curious COM-player, here is a summary of its content!

🔹 As we informed you in previous news posts, we hope to start testing with a select number of players at the end of November. We have received a lot of messages from players that would love to help us test. We appreciate your commitment immensely! However, our list is full, and all player testers have already been approached.
🔹 After we have conducted player testing and evaluated the situation, we will initiate the actual Merge. The downtime is expected to last 1-2 working days.
🔹 NL-Club owners are again advised to run as many conformation shows as possible to empty the club bank and redistribute the stored HRC to their members. During the Merge, all clubs will be deleted - that includes their descriptions and the contents of their banks. Club owners will be reimbursed the 500 DP they initially paid to open their club. (Edit to clarify: Only NL-clubs will be removed.)
🔹 All player-made data (forum posts, news comments, profile content) will be deleted during the Merge as the only allowed language on COM is English. Rest assured, we are combing through the NL ideas forum to make sure we don’t miss anything before it goes!
🔹 To welcome our NL-players on we created a welcome package for them! Upon their arrival, they will receive:

  • Currency: 500 000 HRC, 500 DP, 50 FT & 50 WT
  • 10 orbs
  • 6x NL-only saddle pad
  • 5x NL-only background
  • 4x Merge background

🔹 All players who are online during our Merge event week will receive the following:
1x Merge Milestone
1x Merge background

🔹 What will happen to your stables?
Stables 26 - 50 will be paid out in full. Meaning you will receive 25 x 5000 HRC from us during the Merge. As the first 25 stables are received free with your level-ups, you won’t be reimbursed for those. Starting at stable 50 and upwards, you receive 500 DP each.

This allows you to purchase back the stables on COM yourself and makes the entire process a lot easier for all of us, especially because many people have too many stables to combine them.
Example: Let’s say you have 45 stables, then you would receive 20 x 5000 HRC. However, if you’d have 65 stables, you would get 25 x 5000 HRC and 15 x 500 DP.

In addition to the part above that was mentioned in the merge newsletter, we received a lot of questions in our Dutch Discord area. We have answered your questions in the below “The Merge - FAQ Updates”, as well as in our FAQ.

If the newsletter hasn’t reached you, you might want to check your spam folder! We are sending these emails to all NL-server players, no matter whether their email address is the same or a different one than they use on the COM-server. Some workplaces, schools and universities tend to block our emails. However, if you absolutely can’t find our email: Don’t fret. We will always communicate all important information via news posts as well - the email newsletters are mainly aimed at players who would like a comprehensive summary or don’t regularly read the news.

You can read up on our dedicated Merge FAQ here!

🇳🇱 The Merge - FAQ Updates 🇳🇱

We have seen the following questions being asked on our Discord-server in the NL-chat more often. We have written down the answers here and updated our Merge FAQ page while we are at it.

🔸 Can you transfer your horses during the merge, even if you are over capacity?

Yes! The system we are working with will let the players move all their belongings from account A to B, regardless of the amount of stables. Of course, you still are not able to breed or buy more horses when you have reached your limit.

🔸 Why don’t you just increase the stable capacity?

The stable capacity exists because each new horse contains a heap of data which our game needs to handle. The more horses you can keep, the slower our pages will load. We don’t want to additionally pressure our server into dealing with an even bigger number of horses while all the other stuff is going on. The merge itself is a huge and delicate coding project. Bugs or server hiccups during this time are unacceptable. That being said, we might increase the capacity in the future. If we decide to do so, it would be during a time of less risky code updates and in small increments, e.g. 10 or 25.

🔸 What if the account I want to keep cannot purchase the extra stables with HRC any more, but only with DP?

There are several moments you receive stables:

  • You start with 6 stables;
  • You receive 1 stable per level up, until you reach level 25, resulting in 19 free stables in total;
  • You can then purchase max. 25 stables with HRC;
  • Once you have 50 stables, you will need to pay 500 DP per stable, until you hit the maximum capacity of 250 stables in total.

Let’s say your NL-account has 79 stables, and the COM-account that you leave behind has 50 stables. The first 25 were given by the game for free, which is why you receive 25 x 5000 HRC in return. However, you need DP to buy more stables on the transferred NL account, as that one already has 79 stables. Since you paid for those 25 stables with HRC on the other server, you receive 25 x 5000 HRC in return and not DP. It’s a tricky situation!

In our second update about the Merge, we mentioned that the dev-team said there is no way to automate the process and add up the stables to the accounts. We suggested a plan to create a form where you could tell us about the two accounts you would want to combine. After several debates with our teams, we concluded that the most viable option is to give you the ability to combine your accounts yourself, and have the currencies of the lost stables returned. The option we chose was easier to code, giving less room for bugs and errors during development.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

📜 Clarification of Rule 11.5 📜

We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify one of our game rules that has led to some confusion in the past. Our Rule 11.5 says:
You may not post real-life personal information or photographs of people you know, other players, or staff.

So what does this actually mean?
🔹 You may of course post selfies! Any other people in the picture need to be unrecognizable - you can cover their face with an emoji, blur or otherwise censor it.

🔹 If there is a crowd in the background (for example in a competition setting), that’s fine! Nearby members of the crowd need to be obscured.

Unfortunately, we cannot verify whether a person has given you permission to post their picture or not, as much as we would like to! This means that all people, but you, need to be obscured, regardless of their permission.
We hope that this helps you understand our rule and how it came to be a bit better!

Words cannot express the delight and excitement when looking at kenjibae's artwork, Untitled. The shining orange hues, combined with the general cold tone of the night sky, reflect onto the horse in focus. The inner glow of the horse with the beautiful markings accentuate its ability to simply stand out!

Next Community Update: Currently unknown due to Merge preparations.

We keep you posted!
Your Horse Reality Team 📯


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