Community Update - Stud + Item Market, Merge Testing Has Begun & Email Newsletters

Wednesday, Nov 10 at 14:00

Update Nov 15th: We have opened an idea-collection thread about the market updates! You can find it and leave a comment in the forum here. We're looking forward to reading your input!

Dear community, it’s time for a riveting update! Read up on the new stud and item market areas, our plans for the vial market and an update regarding the Merge. Missing that sweet summer holiday feeling? The Delta Store may just have you covered! Finish your coffee and grab your shopping bags, for our market is newly-improved and looking shiny… ✨

🏛️ Today’s Update: Stud and Item Market 🏛️

The stud market is here! We are introducing the following features:
🔹 Browse other people’s studs and filter them by price, currency type, predicate and more!
🔹 List your own horse for stud and edit it from your office.
🔹 The stud option can now be found on the profile of all grown stallions you own! Only you can see this link, unless the horse is up for public or private stud. This button in the Summary tab of your stallion’s profiles will hopefully make breeding your horses easier!
🔹 Private studs: Whether it’s to honour a live foal guarantee or simply to help a good friend, this one is a must!
🔹 If someone puts up a private stud for you, you will receive a notification. You can turn off private stud notifications in your settings.

Our brand new Item Market is looking mighty fine!
🔹 List items for sale and directly buy items from other players - enjoy your choice of backgrounds and tack!
🔹 HRC is currently the only currency you can use on the item market. In the past, we mentioned that the item market will be your tool to move currency between your accounts in the weeks following the Merge. This plan has now changed, please read up on the details below in the Merge section!
🔹 Items are, as of now, not stacked in the sales dropdown menu. This is planned to be added in a future update.

Further Updates that we are bringing you today:
🔹 Selling and studding horses can now be navigated to from the buttons on the Summary Tab of your horse’s profile. The studding and sales functions have been removed from the Update tab.
We understand this change may take a few days to get used to! Our only way of moving the studding and sales functions to V2 was to link them to our market and to remove them from the horse profiles, which are still in V1. For ease of use however, we sneaked into our ancient V1 code and added links to these new market functions on the horse profiles.
🔹 On PC: Horses in the market area are now listed beneath each other. No more chequered aesthetics - this is Horse Reality, not a game of chess!
🔹 Horse Market: Ever since our Horse Market moved to V2, the selling restrictions were not added the same way as they were in the V1 version of the game. This resulted in receiving an error at a random moment when partaking in an auction, or when using the buyout option. This has now been corrected!
🔹 Competitions: Checkboxes are now only clickable within the checkbox itself and not in the area around the checkbox. Hopefully, this helps prevent accidentally adding or deselecting horses to a competition.

🧪 What about the Semen Vial Market? 🧪

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨
Because the Merge is within sights, we had to postpone our Semen Vial market feature. We wanted to have finished all market aspects before the Merge was planned, but we simply ran out of time. For now, we decided to fully dedicate our time to make sure the Merge is running a smooth course. Our new aim for the Semen Vial market is to be implemented during our Winter Release! In the meantime, we still wanted to write some information about the Vial Market, so you know what to look forward to.

At the Vial Market, you will finally be able to sell all those semen vials you have been hoarding in your freezer! You can also purchase vials from other players for HRC, which will automatically be moved to your freezer for you to use whenever you like. More currency options will be made available in the future.

🇳🇱 The Merge: Email Newsletters 🇳🇱

Our developers are hard at work on the Merge preparations! You may remember the approximate schedule we shared with you in the previous news post, and we are happy to say that staff testing is now underway on our dedicated Merge server.

If you are unsure about the Merge or what it entails, you can read up on it in our dedicated FAQ page.

In previous updates, we mentioned that players who are in the process of merging their former NL account with their COM account would be able to use the item market for moving their currency between accounts. However, this would be a fairly complicated process for many users, and our time constraints make testing and adding more currency options to the current item market hard. This is why we have come up with an easier and more user-friendly way of transferring all your belongings from one account to the other after the Merge!

Once you log in to the COM server after the Merge, there will be a new option in your user settings. When you enter the name of the account you want to keep and click the button, you will see an overview of everything you are about to transfer from the account you are currently on - horses, items, and currency.

If you then click confirm, all your belongings will be transferred to the keeper account, and the other account will be deleted. Rest assured: In case of any mishaps (e.g. you deleted the wrong account), staff will be there for you to help you sort things out. If you have any questions about what can be transferred to your new account and what cannot, please read up on the FAQ!

Please note: This option will only be open to players who come from the NL server and are in the process of merging their accounts into one. If you are a regular player who is thinking of deleting their account and starting over, the usual rules still apply: It is strictly forbidden to transfer anything from your old account to a new one. You may only have one account at a time!

First newsletters have been sent the past weekend! If the email hasn’t reached you, you might want to check your spam folder. Some workplaces, schools and universities tend to block emails. We wouldn't want you to miss out on this important news!

🛍️ Holiday Merchandise 🛍️

If you’ve been considering treating yourself or a loved one to a soft blanket, a mug or perhaps a poster, this is your reminder: The latest date you can order at our shop with delivery guaranteed to be on time for the holidays is November 22!

We are constantly taking notes for future merch from your ideas, so if you are hoping for something specific to be added, let us know in the comments! Some older breeds such as the Quarter Horse are not available due to their file size, which will be fixed in their future art update. Other than this, there are no limits to what you could dream up...

📝 Additional notes 📝

🔹 We have added a new background: Mediterranean Cove. You are now able to purchase this gorgeous beachy landscape from the Delta Store, created by our art-intern Jade and our background-artist Chutkat. What a teamwork dreamwork!
🔹 Now available in the Delta Store: Colours of Autumn is now purchasable again. Visit the Delta Store to obtain this colourful autumnal scene for your horses!
🔸 There have been questions about our competition timers, which are running quite out of sync from each other. The detailed explanation for this behaviour can be found in this News post!
To ease the strain on our server, competitions and shows are all put in a queue and run one after the other. However, the server finishes the “easier” tasks first, which means those can be restarted sooner. This eventually leads to large differences between popular and unpopular competitions. For example: The server can process a competition with 1 flat racing Brabant in it very quickly, so the flat racing Brabant competition restarts quickly. The server needs a longer time to process a competition with 150 dressage Thoroughbreds, which leads to this event to restart at a slightly later time.
Over time, these small differences add up! Unfortunately there is no way for us to change this at this time - resetting the competition timers is not a fast or easy task and would need to be done very frequently to keep a semblance of synchronicity. In the future, we may be able to address this in a Quality-of-Life update - until then, we are focused on fixing bugs and bringing you new features!

[Today's community art feature has been removed as we realised there was identifying information on the picture.]

Next Community Update: Currently unknown due to Merge preparations. We’ll keep you up to date!
Stay warm & healthy!

Your Horse Reality Tea(m) ☕


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