Community Update - Stud Market Postponed, Horse Market Bug Fixes, Merge Testing & Artwork Bug Fixes

Wednesday, Oct 27 at 14:17

Hello everyone! 🍂 Today we share some important news: While we have to postpone the stud market, we squashed some annoying bugs affecting the updated horse market. Furthermore, our artists have managed to resolve a generous amount of artwork bugs. We are also close to beginning staff, and later player, testing on our Merge servers, woot woot! We suggest you grab a toasty blanket and a cup of something warm to drink while reading our update for today! ☕

🎨 Today’s Update: Art Bug Fixes 🎨

Our art team went ahead to tackle a host of artwork bugs! Thanks to our keen-eyed players, we were able to locate the source of each of these issues and could restore some order in our game world.

🔹 Welsh Pony: Homozygous sooty is now correctly linked to palomino dun, chestnut dun, and cremello dun. These combinations are now available to be bred within the game!
We first mistakenly wrote that these combinations will now "show" on horses. While the aforementioned dun horses can now be bred to additionally be homozygous sooty, they will not look any different because of their strong dilution. We apologize for any misunderstandings!
🔹 Kladruber: We corrected some foundation parents that sported incorrect coats. Fransisca and Solo Ellena received the correct grey coats!
🔹 Mustang: The Mustang foundation parent HR_MT_01555 is now wild buckskin instead of regular ol’ buckskin.
🔹 Knabstruppers: We received a report of homozygous seal brown Knabstruppers showing incorrectly as regular bay. This has now been fixed for all affected horses in-game! They will proudly display the correct shade of seal brown from now on.
🔹 Lusitano: Members of the Lusitano community spotted a previously unknown coat in a recent news post banner. This coat was meant to have been added at the time of the Lusitano release, but remained slumbering on our internal drive. From today onward, newly-conceived horses could sport this coat!
🔹 Finnhorse: We re-investigated a Finnhorse sabino bug report that we received quite a while ago. Our previous assumption was wrong: This specific pattern is not related to SW1, but it is a standard sabino marking. It was a challenge to figure out where exactly the linkings had gone wrong, but we are thrilled to announce that the Finnhorse sabino pattern mentioned in the bug report is now available to be bred! We would like to express our gratitude to Nagapie for their report and their patience! Any foal conceived from today onward can have these markings.
🔹 Thoroughbreds: Some wild bay nd1 horses mistakenly looked like wild buckskin nd1. This has now been successfully corrected for all living and unborn horses!
🔹 Thoroughbreds: The foundation horse Queen’s Pawn was showing a sooty bay coat, while in reality she actually is a liver chestnut. We have now corrected her image to showcase the correct colour with her genetics.

The offspring of all corrected foundation horses, generated by the genes and not the coat of their parents, is not affected by this in any way. These issues were purely cosmetic! We are very grateful to our community for taking the time to report these bugs. Thank you, everyone!

🏛️ Today’s Update: Market Improvements 🏛️

Today’s bug fixes are dedicated to polishing our latest release! This update contains a few market improvements to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. The following bugs should now be fixed:

🔹 Market: The highest offer preview showed the wrong number of offers. It’s now displaying all current offers correctly.
🔹 Market: 7 day long auctions had a timer that would act up strangely upon loading the page. This now works as intended.
🔹 Market: The amount of minutes left on an ending sale is now the same on both the market overview as on the sales page.
🔹 Market: The search button was missing on several iOs machines. Who knew using apple products around horses was so inconvenient? This should now be fixed!
🔹 Market - Filter: The local filter option showed horses from the wrong continents. Apparently, when your estate is in Europe, buying a horse in North America seems local enough... This has now been fixed!
🔹 Market - Filter: When specifying GP values in the market search, the resulting horses weren’t within the specified range. We put a stop to this madness in this update!

🐴 NEXT Update on November 10th: Stud Market + Item Market 🐴

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

We had to postpone our Stud Market update meant for today. Even though we would have loved to release it, we really want to ensure proper functionality of this new feature. We need more time to get it done the right way. Releasing it now would lead to some big inconveniences for the community and possibly devastating bugs. We will test and improve it a bit further and combine this release with our next update on November 10th!

There will be more to the update of November 10th. We plan to release the item market at that time as well! Ideally we wanted to release both the vial market and item market at the same time, but we simply don’t have the ability to combine both in one update within such a short timeframe. Once that update is released, you are able to directly buy backgrounds and tack from other players using HRC. Other currency options (DP, WT, FT) will possibly be made available in the future, both for buying items and semen vials, once the respective feature is available. Furthermore, there will be additional improvements to the entire market in general. Due to the current postponements, these plans are subject to change. It might be possible that we need to split them up into several more portions. It depends on how smoothly the development process goes. Stay up to date via our news!

The above features are going to be the last content update(s) before the Merge! Any streamlining of new features will be moved to a time after the Merge, critical bugs excluded.

🇳🇱 The Merge: Player Tester Invitations & Email Newsletters 🇳🇱

The Merge is approaching! We are about to begin staff testing on our dedicated Merge test server and are working very hard to ensure a smooth transfer process. After the first round of bug fixing is finished, player testers will join us on that server to hammer out the last flaws and conduct large-scale testing. We have reached out to these player testers via Discord and are currently busy organising the details with them. Our team is extremely excited for this upcoming cooperation with the community!

This is what our current projected timeline looks like:

➡️ Staff testing → 1- 2 weeks, likely starting next week
➡️ Bug fixing → 1 week
➡️ Player testing → 2 weeks
➡️ Bug fixing & final review
➡️ Live server merging

We anticipate that the actual Merge will happen in early December. However, this depends entirely on the speed of the development process and is subject to change. We won’t sacrifice the safety of our players’ accounts to achieve a specific Merge date!

Once it is time to start the merge, we will create a backup of the entire server. This means that IF anything goes wrong, we can switch back to the time before the merge was set in motion. This way we can guarantee your accounts won’t be compromised in any way. In the worst case scenario, we would need to revert to that backup and you would lose a few hours of playtime, then we could try the merge again at a later date.

Within the next week and a half, players of both servers will receive an email regarding the Merge. Depending on whether you play on both or just one server, your email might include instructions or just contain information about the Merge and how it will affect you.

If any of this sounds new or confusing to you, please take a look at our dedicated Merge FAQ page, to find answers to the most common questions we receive regarding the Merge. Of course, if you have a question that is not answered over there, you are always encouraged to post it in the news comments section!

🛍️ Brab - errm - Brand New Merchandise 🛍️

Our beloved chunky Brabant Horses find themselves in the spotlight as we extend our merchandise assortment! You can expect to find new shirts, hoodies & throw blankets with your favourite breed printed on it.

Cannot find what you’re looking for? Let us know what you miss in our merchandise store and we will gladly expand our selection to cater to your needs. Some older breeds such as the Quarter Horse are not available due to their file size - they won’t show the required quality for our products. We will fix this with the eventual revamp of these breeds!

We have also added our Christmas selection to our merchandise again, so jingle all the way to our store! Please be aware of shipping and the holiday deadlines. The latest you can order at our webshop, to ensure your order arrives on time is: the 22nd of November!

📝 Additional Notes 📝

🔸 Staff Team: Our moderator applications are closed now and will reopen in 2022!
🔸 Bug Reports: We have not forgotten about the bug forum - promise! However, we have been incredibly busy with the Merge preparations behind the scenes. We still continue to note down all your bugs and your reports are extremely valuable to us! At times, though, you might find we are not able to comment on all of them unless we need more information. Thank you for your patience with us!
🔸 Bug Reports: We received some bug reports about some horses scoring exceedingly higher then others while competing. We went on a witch hunt, to flush out a potential buggy culprit, but we had to come to the conclusion that everything works as intended. We would like to ask our players to check out high scoring horses for specific details. Are they wearing a certain set of tack? Are they groomed and fed? Perhaps a specific age or percentage of their training? Please puzzle with us in the corresponding topic, so we can gather more information regarding this subject.
🔸 Bug Reports: We also have checked out the 00,00 scores bug report and again it all seems to work correctly. We suspect the server might be a bit overloaded at times when this type of bug occurs. We hope this will be resolved once we complete the merge successfully!
🔸 Delta Store: This is the last week to purchase any of the three Anniversary backgrounds & the Spooky Season background. Check out the Delta Store to snatch a couple while they are still available!

Muhaha, what’s this? Halloween is just around the corner, and we are celebrating the spooky season with a triple art feature! The first piece has been submitted by Ash22 and is titled “Skeleton Horse” - those bones look downright eerie!

We wonder if it’s just paint or if we are looking at a more sinister creature here…mhhh. This brings us straight to our second submission: “Demon of the Mist” by Lunab00n is a wickedly awesome creation - literally! Hopefully that demon had a decent breakfast. Just to be sure, we will keep a safe distance.

Do you have plans for Halloween? If you go trick-or-treating, you may run into the peculiar fella depicted in the third featured artwork: KaylaK2010 submitted “Horse silhouette dressed as a Witch”. Not only is this horse ready to join you in full costume (...or did it just mutter an actual spell?). It has also carved plenty of jack o’ lanterns for an extra spooky atmosphere. We love it!

Would you like to have your artwork displayed in our next News Update? Then send it to us!

Next Community Update: Wednesday, November 10th

Stay tuned!
Your Horse Reality Team 🎃


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