Hurray! Horse Reality's 3rd Year Anniversary Today!

Friday, Oct 8 at 00:00

Time flies. This year Horse Reality can already blow out 3 candles.

I can still remember how I once started at the dinner table as a teenage girl. Quickly heading home from school, to work on the game. Who would have thought the game that started as a hobby would grow into an online game that would not only be played in the Netherlands, but also far beyond? That is something I could only dream of.

Now, three years later, I see there are still players from the moment we started. Nowadays not only playing the game. No, they even work together with us as forum moderators or horse artists. Thanks to them, and all other players, I got the opportunity to grow my hobby into a real business and develop this game further. A real company with many plans for Horse Reality.

So keep an eye on the website and our social media channels because there are still a lot of great things to come.
I am extremely grateful to everyone who helped make this possible and still does. That's why I have a present for all of you.

All players who will log in today will receive a new background for free until 23:59 HR Time (11:59 PM CEST). You don't have to do anything for this, it will automatically appear in your inventory.

There is also a nice Delta Points sale for all the Horse Reality players. The next three days you will receive a lot of extra Delta Points for free with every Delta Points purchase. So this is the perfect time to expand your Delta Points stock.

Last but not least;

All players who play for three years now (on October 8th), will automatically receive the special “3 Years Anniversary” milestone in their account and will also be awarded with 900 extra Delta Points for free. If you have created a player account later on, you will have to be a bit more patient.

I wish you all a lot of fun playing the game!


P.S. And now I'm gonna enjoy a good (virtual) bite of this freshly baked cake that one of our moderators made in order to celebrate


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