Community Update - Thoroughbreds, Market Update & Upcoming 3rd Birthday

Wednesday, Oct 6 at 15:21

Dear players, today is the day a lot of you have been waiting for: The Thoroughbreds have arrived! Grab your riding helmets and make your way over to Caroll to get yourself some of these gorgeous speedsters. They arrived just in time for Horse Reality’s upcoming 3rd birthday! We have also made the first (big) step towards improving our horse market and cannot wait for you all to explore the new layout! So grab a seat in the ranks... The race is about to begin! 📯

🏇 Today's Update: Thoroughbreds Have Arrived 🏇

🏁Brace yourselves: Our Thoroughbreds have gathered at the gates and are ready to rumble!🏁
Thoroughbred Horses have probably been the most requested and anticipated horse breed here at Horse Reality. We are thrilled to open Caroll’s barn doors and deliver some fresh racing blood to your stables!

🔹 For 1 Foundation Ticket and 5000 HRC each you may obtain your very own Thoroughbreds from Caroll, our foundation breeder, to give your breeding projects a head start!
🔹 Please be patient - it’s been a while since Caroll had this many visitors. She might get a bit frantic trying to give all her clients their next Secretariat or Zenyatta. Any downtimes due to high site traffic hopefully won’t last long. Don’t worry, this breed is here to stay!
🔹 The Thoroughbreds will be released without KIT genes, with the exception of Roan. You can read more about this decision over here & here.
🔹 Thoroughbreds will also be the last breed to be released using our old foundation system. So let's go ahead and give it a toast by having a big splurge one last time!

🏛️ Today's Update: First Market Update 🏛️

We have an exciting update in regards to our market! The market requires an overhaul to keep up with the needs of our ever-growing community. This entire game area will thus receive a makeover. We need to split up these improvements because it is too much to fit in one update. Some parts are related to each other, and therefore the next update will be on October 27th. This gives us three weeks time, instead of the regular two weeks to get it ready. Today’s update mostly brings about layout changes to existing market features to make sure it goes well with the future market updates.

🔹 Explore & Office Section: What’s this? Our market has become much neater to navigate! We have split it up into two sections, one for browsing the market and another one for managing your own sales and offers. Upon entering the market you can choose which area to access. Once you have entered one of them, the icons in the upper right corner allow you to switch between them!
🔹 Explore: Take a stroll through our market and see if you can find anything you like! Perhaps you are looking for new blood to add to your stock? Currently the market is purely a buying & selling area for horses, but we hope to expand it soon and give you the option to browse studs and items!
🔹 Market Overview: On this page you can find all horses that are offered for sale. You can select if you want to purchase your new showstopper on the global or local market and or you can see all horses reserved in private trades for you.
🔹 Filter & Sorting Options: You can now use additional filter options to look up horses by age range, price range, and sales type! We have also added an option to sort horses by highest/lowest buyout price or by how recently their trade was created. All these new options are open to all players and not premium-bound! Only the pre-existing GP and conformation filters need to stay premium perks until our servers could handle the additional load better.
🔹 Office: This is where you, as the mastermind behind your estate, can organise all your market affairs! View your sales and the offers you have placed, easily at one glance. Soon you will also be able to put up horses for sale or stud and sell items from this location!

🐞 Today's Bugfixes 🐞

🔹 Display Bug: Player XP were displayed differently in some areas. We now added the mention of “total XP” versus “XP”.
🔹 Multiple Club Charges: Clubs were charging overdue fees repeatedly instead of just once. This bug is fixed as of today. We apologize for the inconvenience!

🏛️ NEXT Update on October 27th: Market Update Continues 🏛️

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

For our upcoming market update we want to focus on the stud area! You will be able to browse studs and filter them by price: DP, FT, WT & HRC, breed, and for premium members by GP and conformation. You will also be able to exclude stallions that are up for stud from your search results, if you are looking to buy a horse instead. Your office area will be expanded - you will be able to put your stallions up for stud, edit their price - and - have the ability to remove them from the same location. Note that our next update is now in three weeks, instead of in two. Stay tuned!

🍰 Third Birthday of Horse Reality: October 8th 🍰

Coming up on Friday we will celebrate our 3rd birthday for the entire weekend! Enjoy DP sales and of course our birthday month background! In our poll the community chose the theme of a big t(h)ree of life. This lovely background will also be this month’s limited edition background for sale in the Fitting Room, and everybody who logs in on October 8th will receive a free copy. Although the poll favoured a nighttime setting, it turned out that better lighting conditions would do this detailed tree more justice. Because we didn’t want it to become too similar to our “Colours of autumn” background, our artists went with a daytime setting for this background instead. We hope that you enjoy the result!

Pssst, all you early-access players, did you spot something new and shiny already? There is a new milestone badge for accounts turning three years old! This is not tied to October 8th but gets awarded on the day that your player account celebrates its 3rd birthday.

In the light of the upcoming Merge, we will not be celebrating it big this year, but we hope you all will have a lovely weekend nonetheless! 🥳

🇳🇱 The Merge 🇳🇱

📝We are still working to prepare everything for the Merge, and will update you on any developments as soon as we have something new to share! To stay up-to-date in the meantime, you will find an overview of all information shared so far here!📝

This week’s art feature is provided by ReViSilver: A absolute beaut of an artwork named *Blanket Champagne. This stunning pair of horses captured our hearts with their long elegant lashes and beautifully drawn poses. The choice of colours and textures is really inspiring and we just love the almost sketched and artistic look ReViSilver went for. Thank you for sharing such beautiful art with our community, ReViSilver! ❤️

Would you like to share your doodle/painting/clay art with us? Then send it to us!, maybe your art will be highlighted in our next News Update!

Next community update : Wednesday, October 27th

We loaf you! ❤️
Your Horse Reality Team 🦄


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