Community Update - New Icelandic Greys & Other Bug Fixes, Competition Scoring, Server Struggles, TBs & Market Redesign

Wednesday, Sep 22 at 14:49

Hi everyone! 🍁 Today’s update is a war on bugs, getting rid of a whole lot of them. Most notably have the Icelandic Horses been linked to the Grey coats they’ve been missing. Finally they can prance across your estate in full glory!

Meanwhile, we remain very busy backstage to arrange the Merge that is scheduled for the end of this year. Join us while we guide you through our current update!

🐛 Today's Update: Bug Fixes & Icelandic Grey Variations 🐛

Our team has had a very fruitful 2 weeks of insect hunting! We proudly present the bugs that we're ready to say goodbye to, may they never be seen again!

Art Bug Fixes

🔹 Let’s start with the most exciting fix first! Like we had announced in our previous news post, our Icelandic Horses have now received their previously missing grey coat variations! Any grey Icelandic bred after the release of this update will have the chance to sport one of the new coats. Isn’t that grey’t? We are incredibly glad to release this update: Over 2000 linkings had to be manually investigated and partially fixed in order to bring you these 8 coats!
🔹 Some Irish Cobs had a stray mane extension that we have now taken away from them. We get that fancy feeling, but they already have so much hair, what more could they wish for?!

Competition & Show Bug Fixes

🔹 The memory checkboxes of the competitions have been improved. We hope that they now always remember which of your horses lastly entered a competition. So far, this has been a bit buggy and some horses rudely unchecked themselves without their owner’s consent. We’re curious to see if our fix worked, please keep an eye on your checkboxes and let us know in the bug reports if you notice something interesting!
🔹 Since our re-design of the competitions, horses could be entered multiple times in the same competition/show by re-clicking the enter button. This in turn took more energy, and led to some horses having ”negative energy” for a short time (mood). All these things should be fixed now! (Every once in a blue moon you may see a multi-entry due to a different, much rarer bug, though. That will be tackled in the future!)
🔹 Yet another fix was achieved - club and registry-hosted conformation shows are now properly distinguished in the achievement tab of your horses. Previously they were all noted down as registry shows.

Veterinarian Bug Fixes

🔹 Many players will be relieved to hear: We’ve worked on making the vet faster! Fixes like these can only be fully tested on the live server, so we’re relying on your feedback! Are the vets still as slow as before? Tell us your experiences in this bug report about the issue! We hope to further improve speed in our following updates.
🔹 The health checks are now only once necessary in a horse’s life. What a relief!

Misc Bug Fixes

🔹 Clubs notifications: Players received excessive notifications (one per hour… oof!) if they couldn't pay the monthly club fee. After this update, the overdue player only receives a message once per 24 hours for up to 3 days.
🔹 Visible player ID on profile: From now on, player IDs will be more visible on player profiles. This is part of our Merge preparations!
🔹 Logout button was hidden on the mobile-menu in V2: You are now able to properly logout on mobile as well. See you soon!
🔹 Edit profiles: The avatar size recommendation text is now changed to advise 300x300 px instead of 150x150 px. A player made us notice our own mistake there - we really thought 150x150 was the best, but 300x300 has always been better. We’re lucky to have a community with such attention to detail! Thank you!
🔹 Avatar upload bug: If the upload of an avatar fails, it should now show the default placeholder image (sometimes it didn’t before). No image, no problem, No-riker it is!

🥇 New Competition Scores Seem Too High 🥇

Two weeks ago, we changed the way our competition scores are calculated. That was done to de-bug our competition scoring, but a new bug was bold enough to dare sneak in together with this update. This means that since our previous update our scores still seem buggy 😑 The good news is that it should be an easy fix (unless we jinx it by saying this now)! It seems to be the result of a miscommunication between us and our dev-team. We’ll implement a fix as soon as possible.

A huge thank you to the players who noticed & reported this issue so quickly. Thanks to their insightful observations, we were able to locate the error quickly!

🏋️‍♀️ Recent Server Struggles 🏋️‍♀️

Many of you may have noticed that our poor server has been struggling lately. Our ever increasing player number seems to push it to its limits. The currency exchange queue famously got stuck and resulted in a backlog of unfulfilled orders. We’ve also been experiencing some downtime during the busiest hours - which are of course the precise hours where our devs are relaxing in front of their televisions with a well-deserved drink. Good news! We plan to switch to a different hosting party that offers 24h support. That should help a lot with keeping us up and running! We want to make the switch after the Merge because it would get too complicated otherwise. That means that we will have to hang in there for a little while. Our own developers are looking into what they can do to make things run a little smoother in the meantime. Thank you for bearing with us! And thank you for your trust. It’s always exciting to see our game grow, even if it comes with slight growing pains. We’ll do everything we can so that we can play together smoothly as soon as possible!

🏇 NEXT Update on October 6th: The Thoroughbreads will arrive! 🏇

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

Are you (b)ready for the big rush?! Only 2 weeks left: The Thoroughbre(a)ds will join Horse Reality!!!

Our server will be temporarily unavailable while this update bolts out of the starting gates but we should be back up pretty quickly. If you are hoping for a head start, please be aware that the Thoroughbred release will put a lot of strain on our already hard-working server. It is best to prepare for some lag! It’s just due to the thundering hooves of thousands of Thoroughbreds racing past the finish line…

As some of you know, the Thoroughbreds will be added with the colour genes they are known to have in real life, with the exception of those KIT genes that we don’t yet have in-game (marked red in our Notion artwork table). Those will follow in the future once we’re able to get that particular bit of coding done.

Our TBs will also - most likely - be the very last horse breed to be released in our current foundation system! We plan to fundamentally change the way our foundation works, as first announced here and most recently discussed here. Those plans are still underway, but progress at a slower pace since preparations for the Merge took over. Thoroughbreds will continue to be available after the foundation receives its update. The new foundation will be expected somewhere after the Merge. As soon as we’ll know more, you’ll read about it in our news posts.

Regardless whether you love a good digging spree or hate it - October 6th is the day to start saying goodbye to our old foundation, and instead say hello to some extremely handsome fresh buns in your stable! A worthy last hurrah for the system that all HR life has spawned from, and a similarly worthy debut for HR’s most anticipated breed yet. See you in the trenches on Wednesday October 6th!

🏦 NEXT Update on October 6th: Market Redesign pt. 1! 🏦

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

We have a triple whammy in store for you! Our plan to add a simple item trade market to our current market… escalated, to say the least. The item market just didn’t want to fit into the current market design. No matter what we tried, it made no sense.
So, we re-designed the entire market instead! 😎 We think that was an absolutely crucial move. Our community grows continuously and our current market is a breeding ground for conflict. Too many limitations and many ideas from our players. We can’t change all of that - marketplaces are inherently places of conflict, design or rules can only do so much. However, we absolutely agree that an all-around overhaul was due, and we believe that our upcoming changes will make things better!

Some reasons to get excited about our new market:
🔸It will work nicely on your phone, too!
🔸You can finally trade more than just horses, such as, backgrounds, carrots, saddles, semen vials, etc.
🔸It comes with an integrated stud market, with the option to - hold onto your socks! - set up private studs!
🔸It was designed with future updates in mind, that could later be added with relative ease
🔸A few new search filters, e.g. search for horses in your preferred price range, or search for certain predicates.

This update is a big one, so it won’t come all at once! Therefore we are planning multiple market updates. The first market update (the one on October 6th) will almost exclusively bring the design update, since we need to lay the base before adding new functionalities into it. There’s one bandaid we’d rather rip off right away: Premium search features will not be improved at this point in time. That code is still highly dependent on V1, and our focus was to finish the trade market. Both the Merge and our long-term goal of being able to add companies rely on the market being finished.

🖤 Friesian Horse Feedback 🖤

We have received all your feedback regarding the revamped Friesians, whether you found their new looks shiny or dull! We would like to address these frequently asked questions:

Q: They look a little smaller than before! Have they turned into ponies?
A: This is due to the sizing of our horse images being constrained by the format we use! To fit different backgrounds, all horses need to be displayed within a specific area of the screen and the game resizes their images for that purpose. As a result, if a pose takes up more space (e.g. rearing, galloping), the horse looks smaller - and our renewed Friesians are “big movers”.

Q: Why did their markings become so small?
A: The Friesian redo included a small additional surprise we didn't announce in the news post: Our artists added not only more shades of coats, but also added more markings variations. Just like in real life, they now range from a few stray white hairs to the familiar white stars! We hope that despite some of them being harder to spot, these new markings will add more personality and realism to this breed!

We look forward to you discovering all new varieties!

🍰 Third Year Birthday 🍰

With the upcoming Merge event, the TB’s and the market/foundation overhaul, we sadly ran out of time to properly set up a celebration for our 3rd year anniversary this year. We wanted to make a celebration equivalent to the one we had the previous year, but last year proved to be quite a lot of work and time that we cannot spare this year.

That being said, we really wanted to celebrate with you regardless of the circumstances. If you login at October the 8th you will receive a 1x use of our new birthday background! There will also be a new badge available for players that have been with us for 3 years!

👕 New Merchandise 👕

With all that out of the way: We released some new merchandise to celebrate our revamped Friesians! 🎉 Some of our Friesian shirts are now also available in 5XL, which was a much requested size. We also added Brabant Horse merch to our store - better late than never, go grab a fluffy chonk blanket!

💭Do you find something missing in our Merchandise Store? Please let us know what you think, so we can improve and potentially add new designs!💭

👋 Team Changes: So long, Itchy! 👋

Our Discord moderator ItchyWaterBuffalo has let us know that it was time for a hiatus - real life tends to get very busy and, at times, leaves little room for tending to Horse Reality. Itchy has been a loyal team member for years and we are sad to see him leave. We wish him all the best and hope that, someday in the future, he will join our ranks again!

🇳🇱 The Merge 🇳🇱

📝As of now, we don’t have any additional news we can share regarding the Merge. We are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure it will go smoothly. In the meantime we have created a dedicated page where we assembled all relevant information shared so far. This page will be continuously updated and reviewed by us, to ensure all our players are updated and properly informed. Go ahead and check it out here!📝

This week’s art feature is provided by LazzyFair: A stunning artwork named *African Wildhorse. We spotted this beautiful image and we just love this iteration of our Irish Cob mare! Who would have thought that a wild-dog pattern could work this well on an equine!? The colouring fits with our current “late summer, beginning of autumn” mood and we are happy to have received such creative art. Thank you for sharing your work with us, LazzyFair❤️

Would you like to share your doodle/painting/clay art with us? Then send it to us!, maybe your art will be highlighted in our next News Update!

Next community update racing your way: Wednesday, October 6

Your Horse Reality Team 🍂


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