Community Update - Fixed Competition Calculations, Updated Team Roles, Friesian Art Redo, Brabant Coat Variations, Merge Info Page

Wednesday, Sep 8 at 13:42

Hello dear players!🖤

We have some exciting updates for you today and we know the following is one a lot of you have been waiting for... *drumroll* Our competition calculations are fixed! Now you can enjoy your hard earned victories to the fullest. We also have some amazing art updates and you might notice our team members now sport a fully renewed badge next to their name! Furthermore, we have worked on our dedicated Merge information page and we hope this provides clarity and structure for all your burning questions and our many, many, many answers.

So buckle up and get going, this is going to be a wild (but super fun) ride! 🤠

🏅 Today's Code & Art Update: Fixed Competition Calculations, Updated Team Roles, Friesian Art Redo, Brabant Coat Variations 🏅

🔹 As we announced in this news post, as of today competition calculations are working correctly for all disciplines! Yaaaay! If you are unsure what exactly this means or why this change happened, you can find all relevant information in the news item we just linked. We are also flat-out excited to announce that Flat Racing now finally takes the stats into account that were voted for by you back in this news post!
🔹 Next, the mane attraction for all Friesian enthusiasts: Our beloved Friesians have received their much needed makeover and we hope that you love the result as much as we do! If you thought our CM Shadeslayer was the only one to slay shades - nope! Our artists do a great job at that, too: Enjoy all the different coat variations that they have created for this breed. Just because Friesians are mostly black, doesn’t mean we cannot add some variety in shade, right? Any foals bred from today onward have a chance to sport the new coats once they grow up. We are curious if you can find all of them. Try not to get entangled in those voluminous locks on your quest, though!
🔹 The Brabant Horse has received extra colour variations, including several new shades of grey. Yay, we are sure that these beloved chonks will brabpreciate their new coats! What has also changed with this update is that seal brown pangaré Brabants now correctly show their pangaré - this was previously not the case. This change only affects horses bred as of today. We would love to fix this for the existing Brabants, too, but our current image uploading system makes it quite tricky. To make such a change, our image uploading system would need to get overhauled.
🔹 And yet another change got roled - err, rolled out today! Our team roles have received an update: Some roles have been added that we were using internally but that hadn’t been displayed so far in-game. We have also replaced our old staff badges with the new and beautiful badges our former art intern Mette drew for us! Furthermore, we have made sure that not - all - our team members are always displayed on top of the online users list because only some of our team roles can answer all your questions, and those should be on top of the list.
🔹 Internal Tweaks: We updated some things in our support mail system that will help us answer your inquiries quicker!

🐞 NEXT Update on September 22: Bugfixes 🐞

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

Our last few updates have brought a handful of bugs with them that we only noticed after they’d been in-game for a while. We want to take the next update to get rid of as many of them as we can. Fly swatter donations are highly appreciated! Here are the (older and recent) bugs we’re working on and are hoping to fix:

🔸 Icelandics: Especially our Icelandic Horse fans concur with us: We all got some grey hairs from the “missing coats” affair. However, after a long wait we could finally announce that the Icelandic Horse will receive an array of currently missing grey coats! We want to thank our playerbase for being so patient and we hope wholeheartedly that you enjoy our grey Iceys!
🔸 Competition checkbox bug: Not all horses that entered the previous round are always properly remembered and that really ticks us off.
🔸 Repeat event entries & negative energy bug: Some horses are so eager to compete and show! Not only do they enter several times at once if you double-click the enter button, they even lose energy to the point it turns negative. We all have those busy days, but not quite every day, right?
🔸 Horse Profiles - Achievements: Currently there is no difference shown between club and game competitions. We hope to achieve a fix for this!
🔸 Veterinarian: Our vet has been reported to be excruciatingly slow, even more so after the V2 update. We’ll try to give our vets a kick in the booty - stop the coffee break and get our horses checked, will you?!
🔸 Veterinarian: It seems that health checks keep reappearing, while it should be a once per lifetime health check after the veterinarian got updated to V2. Time to truly keep these in check!
🔸 Orb bug: Some players reportedly didn't receive their premium orbs in August. We’ll investigate and hope we’ll be able to send this problem into orbit! We have sent out extra orbs this month (September) that should do the trick, but we’re not entirely sure.
🔸 Clubs: When a player cannot pay the monthly club fee, the system keeps sending a notification every hour as long as it keeps failing. Too much prodding! After the update, the player would get a message once per 24-hours for a maximum period of 3-days.
🔸 Visible Player ID on profile: Though not a bug fix, we want to execute the idea to make the account ID more visible on player profiles.
🔸 Logout button on mobile in V2 not visible properly. Stop hiding, you sneaky butt(on)!
🔸 Edit Profiles: The avatar size recommendation should be 300x300 instead of 150x150. Let’s size the opportunity to fix this error!
🔸 Avatar Upload Bug: If for some reason the upload of the avatar fails, it shows a blank avatar in the game. The game shouldn’t make blank faces, it should show the placeholder image instead.

This week, we’ve picked Revi’s beautiful artwork named Horse at Sunset.
Seeing how our Friesians have received their upday today, we felt like this black maned beauty fits the theme for today perfectly! We absolutely love the dramatic red glow of the sun in this artwork and the way it is displayed on the horse is just sublime. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us, Revi! ❤️

Would you like to have your artwork displayed in our next News Update? Then send it to us!

🦙 New Background: Laguna Colorada 🦙

The dramatic landscape of Laguna Colorada is perfect to showcase your horses at! This salt lake consists of little islands of borax, a type of mineral. The colours of this lake come from the sediment and from algae. There is a chance to run into some flamingoes or, in this case, Vicuñas! Psst, better not call them llamas or alpacas, we’re not sure if they might spit if you do! This new background arrived earlier this week and is a limited edition. It will be available in the Delta Store for the rest of September!

🇳🇱 The Merge 🇳🇱

📝We have created a page, dedicated to the Merge, where we assembled all information we have shared so far. This page will be continuously updated and reviewed by us, to ensure all our players are updated and properly informed. Go ahead and check it out here!📝

Don’t forget the discussion session that will take place tomorrow, Thursday September 9th from 20.00 till 21.00 HR time (CEST). For now, only players with an NL-account who have access to our discord and possess the NL-role will be able to partake. This is because those are most strongly affected by the merge and have the most burning questions about it. Of course, everyone can always ask questions and raise their points in our news post comment section. See you there!

Next community update: Wednesday, September 22

The Horse Reality Team 🎠


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