Update: Login System Transferred to V2

Wednesday, Mar 25 at 15:26

!!Due to today's update, we suddenly have issues with our loading times. We are working on it :) We'll keep you up to date!!

Today we have added the new login system to the game. Because of this system, several other things had to change as well, as they had to move to V2 to the game.

**What does this mean? **
Your password is better encrypted than before. Safety first.
The bug in the news area should be gone because you automatically log in through V2 of the game now.

Due to the new login system several other pages had to be changed since they were connected. These are:

  • Log in page
  • Registration page. A few things have been changed here to improve the registration process of new players more smoothly. Among other things we added some info texts to the fields, you had to fill in, so future players have a better idea on what an “estate name” is for example.
  • The settings page has been split up. There is a separate page to change your password now.
  • The “forgot password?” page.

You might have to log in again because your password is saved in a different way. If this isn’t working properly for some reason, make sure you go to the “forgot password” page and create a new password that way (this could be the same password as before). The important thing is that the old (or new) password has the new encryption. So if you cannot log in for whatever reason, try that first.

If that still doesn’t work, go to this page: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and send us the link you receive in there, along with the message you will send to our support mail: [email protected] This gives us a better indication of where the problem might come from, and it helps us understand this a bit better.

Hopefully, everything went smoothly and we have little problems. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!


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