Community Update - Postponed Competitions Calculations to Sept 8, Friesian ETA, Brabant and Icelandic Coats, & Merge FAQ

Wednesday, Aug 25 at 13:00

Hay there! Our news update will be a lot shorter this week. We have a feeling this might be a nice break after the long text walls we have been sending your way recently. That said, we do have several interesting things to share: Whereas our planned competition update had to get postponed, there are exciting announcements in the artwork department! Let’s dive right in, shall we? 🤿

🗓️ Today's Code & Art Update Postponed 🗓️

We know that many of you are excitedly waiting for the reworked competition calculations, but we unfortunately had to postpone them to our next update in 2 weeks. Most of the community managers will not be available in the next two weeks due to being on holiday or struggling with health problems. Furthermore, we feel like the update could use a little more testing and tweaking. We’ve almost got it working like it should, but not quite, and it would feel wrong to release the update right now. If bugs popped up, most of the community managers you would need to talk to would not be around. Because an update gets rolled out in one go, the team roles & badges and bug fixes we had planned for today also need to be postponed. These are really unfortunate circumstances that hit us unexpectedly. Hopefully the extra 2 weeks will help you get your horses up to speed for the improved competitions! Thank you for your patience 💖

🏅 NEXT Update on September 8: Fixed Competition Calculations, Updated Team Roles, Friesian Art Redo & Brabant Coat Variations 🏅

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

🔸Competition Calculations: As we announced in this news post, we will bring correctly working competition calculations to all disciplines! Originally planned for today, this update will instead happen in 2 weeks. The same news item that was just linked explains in detail how this will be done and why it will be done that way, so please have a look if this is the first time you hear of it!
🔸 Our team roles will receive an update: There were some roles that we used internally in the company, but hadn’t been displayed in-game just yet. Furthermore, our staff badges will be updated by the badges that our former art intern Mette drew for us!
🔸 Bugfix: Competitions The little summary numbers we’ve introduced in our update to the competitions entry page sometimes make some calculation mistakes.
🔸Internal Tweaks: We will update some things in our support mail system that will help us answer your inquiries faster!
🔸Friesian Horse Art Redo: This update is planned to contain the new Friesian art. Read more about it in the next paragraph!
🔸Brabant Grey Variations: The update will contain extra grey variations for the Brabant Horse. Get ready for some dapples ✨

🖤 Friesian Art Redo on September 8th! 🖤

In our last news post, we asked when to publish the reworked Friesian art. The results are more than clear: The community wants the new Friesians as soon as possible, yay! That means our Black Beauties will get their well deserved glow-up on the 8th of September!!!

For those who are worried that this may affect the ETA of the Thoroughbreds - no, it won’t! The Thoroughbreds are still planned for October 6th.

Our previous art redos have established that we only replace the existing art 1:1 without adding any new coat variations or colours. But our beloved Friesians, who are not the most colourful breed, were unhappy with that outlook and threw shade at us. And, because there really was not much colouring to do otherwise… who knows, we may have been able to throw some shades back at them, if you know what we mean… 🔥

🎨 Art Bugfix on September 22: Missing Icelandic Greys! 🎨

For a long time, the Icelandic Horses have been missing some grey variations. This is due to these coats not being properly connected in our internal image uploading system. You can read our original announcement about it here! This problem is quite complicated to fix, because we must figure out precisely which coats are affected and then link them correctly in the system. Mistakes are easy to make in this process and could produce additional artwork bugs that increase the workload tenfold. Therefore, this project has been delayed by internal tasks repeatedly, such as the merge preparations. We feel it is not fair to let everyone wait even longer, especially seeing as other breeds keep getting art updates, and want to get these missing coats in by September 22! Please note that we can’t make promises, though - we are currently working at a very limited capacity, as you can read below.

🌴 Team Vacationing & Health 🤒

Our team is currently on low capacity. Some of us are vacationing, others are moving houses, some of us are currently having health issues. Bug reports, support mail and replies in our forum and discord are therefore taking a little longer than usual. We hope that everyone will feel better soon and that our team will be able to tend to your needs much quicker again. Please bear with us, we are sailing with all (remaining) hands on deck!

✏️ Wiki Mods Needed ✏️

Talking about all hands on deck... We’ve been working on a new wiki for some time now. It was a stormy sea to sail, we had to start over several times because the software we chose proved to be a disappointment. But now we finally have found one that fits our purpose and are working on getting all the information that is to know about Horse Reality in there!
To that end, we could really use some help. Especially players who are really knowledgeable about colour genetics both in the game and real-life would be really helpful. If you enjoy language and writing and know all about our game, please send us an application via our contact form. It would be wi(ki)cked to get you onboard!

🇳🇱 The Merge 🇳🇱

Our NL-server was really missing the presence of Deloryan, who in the past has been very present in and around the game. Due to personal circumstances she hadn't been able to get in touch with the players personally, so last week she published a personal letter on the NL server. She only published this on the NL server since it mainly pertained to the players over there, and a personal message is always best when it's written in your first language and not translated. But if you’re curious about what she wrote, you can use Google Translate to read it here.

We have received a little status update from our dev team and so far they seem to be going full-steam ahead! The coding part should be done for about 75% by the end of this month. However, the coding part is just the first step. Then we still need to test it thoroughly and consider all possible situations for the players who will transfer their accounts. Therefore, we cannot give you an estimation of when the merge will be happening. Once things are more certain, we will be sure to let you know about it. The only thing we are sure of right now is that the merge should be happening before the end of this year.

In the past week, we also had a team-player-discussion session in our discord that we will repeat on Thursday September 9th from 20.00 till 21.00 HR time (CEST). For now, only players that own an NL-account, and have access to our discord and the assigned NL-role will be able to participate. This is because those are the ones who are affected most strongly by the merge and have the most burning questions about it. Of course, everyone else can ask their questions and raise their points as always in our news post comment section.

We are currently working on a special Merge FAQ page that contains all information we have shared so far, in a small and concrete format. We hope to introduce this page in our next update. Please never hesitate to ask your questions in the comments!

This week, we’ve picked amarisnorthamerica’s beautiful horse design! We love the colours on this art piece and the use of feathers is very creative and works in favour of the illustration. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us!

Want your art to be featured? Then send it to us!

Next community update: Wednesday, September 8
See you next time!

The Horse Reality Team 🌴


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