Community Update - Competition Layout Rework, Next Update: V2 Vet & New Vet Features, Exmoor Pony Redo Feedback!

Wednesday, Jul 14 at 13:15

Update July 19th 16:07:
🔹 After learning that the now right-bound "enter all" button made life harder for players on mobile/tablet, we have added a confirmation pop-up to that button. We hope that will now fix the click-ccidents issue for everyone!
🔹 Clicking on the left part of specific competitions (the breed image/the discipline name or image) should now lead you to the results while the "go" button should forward you to the entry page as long as the award ceremony isn't in progress. This is to add a short-cut to the results page for those of us who are so busy that every second saved counts :)

Update July 14th 15:03:
🔹 We fixed some bookmark-related bugs, which sadly means that everyone who already went ahead to bookmark their favourite comps has to start over with that. We're really sorry about this! Fixing the bug had the side-effect that we had to reset the bookmark's memory. We're pretty sure this won't happen again, but also we never know when bugs will sneak up on us!
🔹 Entering breed-specific and all-breed comps at the same time is possible again!
🔹 The "Enter ALL" button has moved to the right of the screen to avoid click-ccidents!

Hi, dear community! What’s this… is it April Fools' again? Not at all - if you notice something looks different, it must be the brand new look for our competitions! In today's update, we will discuss this new competition layout, review some bug fixes, and anticipate the move of the vet page to V2 code - a transfer that will come with several wonderful improvements!

🏅 Today’s Code Update: Competition Layout Reworked! 🏅

🔹 Bookmark your favourite competitions at the top of the competition page!
🔹 The entry page checkboxes will remember which boxes you checked in the previous competition (and differentiate between breed-specific and all-breeds). If you’ve entered your horse “Robin Hoof” last time but didn’t enter “Spurtacus”, then next time you’re on the same entry page, Robin Hoof should be checked and Spurtacus shouldn’t. As this update is a bit tricky and might start out buggy, we’ll rely on your help to make it perfect! If you notice anything odd about the checkboxes, or they don’t work the way you think they should - let us know in the bug reports forum!
🔹 The competitions have received a complete layout makeover and redesign for increased mobile and screen reader accessibility!
🔹 On the entry page, only relevant tack (no halters) will show up, and only relevant symbols (care needed).
🔸 The results page hasn’t changed yet - this would have been too much to fit into our available dev hours, but this page will get its makeover in our next update! Among other things, it will show the breed of the competing horses and whether they are up for sale, stud, and/or pregnant!

Today’s Bugfixes

🐛 You can finally cancel any club show you want! Previously, it was only possible to cancel the first conformation show in the list of upcoming shows on the club menu.
🐛 No more oddly encoded apostrophes in the foal pastures! Hallelujah!

Experiencing New Bugs After this Update?

  1. Please clear your cookies & cache! Google how to do this as it depends on your browser & device.
  2. Log out & back in.
  3. Problem still there? Tell us in the bug reports!

🧪 Next Update on July 28: Vet to V2 & New Vet Features! 🧪

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

We are currently heavily focusing on completing the game base, but at the same time, we are still in the process of rewriting our entire game in a new and better code called V2. Since we don’t want to create bugs by messing with our old code (V1), new additions to existing game pages are only possible after they have been moved to V2. The transfer of pages often felt like pretty “boring” news in the past, but this time it might be quite exciting to many of you! While the other plans we’ve got lined up are needing a little more time behind the scenes, we’ve decided to move the page of our Veterinarian to V2! This step is crucial for the far-future goal of adding the companies back to the game. What’s more, the transfer of the vet to V2 allows for the implementation of several features that many players have been eagerly waiting for!

🔸 The vet will be moved to V2 code and sport an improved mobile design!
🔸 We are adding fertility testing as a new feature to the vet! This will allow you to reveal the fertility stat of your horse.
🔸 We are aiming to make it impossible to geld stallions & artificially inseminate mares while they are up for sale or auction.
🔸 Premium accounts will now have a “collect all” button for semen vials.
🔸 Currently purposeless vet features will be hidden until we implement them in-game (twin pinching, vaccination, microchip). This will also make it easier for new players to know what to (not) spend their HRC on! Despite being hidden, these features are still in our plans for the future.
🔸 Health checks will only be available once per lifetime for each horse to reveal the health stats on its page. The regularly re-appearing health checks we currently have will return in the far future when we actually have health/illness implemented!

Fertility tests
We’re beyond happy to finally be able to implement this feature, which has been among the most requested ones for a very long time! It is going to be a once per lifetime check available to stallions and mares over the age of 3 years. The vet will be able to reveal your horse’s fertility stat, which will be displayed on their page alongside their five health stats. This allows you to directly see if your horses have excellent, good, average, etc. fertility without having to make wild guesses based on the success rate of their coverings. No more speculating about how fit your stallion’s little swimmers are! For now, the fertility stats do not decrease over time. Perhaps this may change in the far future. Right now they are solely to give you an indication of the stallion’s influence on a covering and to let you know what they can pass on to their offspring.

Gelding and artificial inseminating frozen while on market
The ability to geld stallions and artificially inseminate mares that are up for sale/auction has caused a lot of frustration in the past. Some players would purposefully or accidentally geld stallions before accepting a bid. In other cases, players got falsely accused of doing this and experienced harassment or slander. The same issue has occurred with mares receiving artificial insemination during auctions. Rather than trying to avoid these pitfalls via new rules that might be difficult to enforce, we want to adjust our code! If all goes as planned, you no longer have to worry about these things after our next update - a horse would not show up in the gelding and artificial insemination section while it is on the market.

This does not prevent players from ageing foals out of a trade or covering mares during trades, since the horse profiles are still in V1 and will be for a long time. We plan to freeze these things in the future once our code allows for it.

Hiding unfinished features
We will be hiding the vaccinations, microchipping and twin pinching services at the vet. They will not be removed permanently from the game but will remain hidden until the game mechanics behind these features are finished. Some of these features cannot be fixed until the horse profiles move to V2, so disabling them temporarily prevents misunderstandings and frustrations over wasted currency. Yay! The regular health checks will make a comeback too, possibly as a new vet task. For now, we are clear on what the health check does: It reveals your horse's health stats once in their lifetime to be displayed on their page.

🐎 Exmoor Pony Redo 🐎

With the first group of horses that needed a redo finished, we are now reworking our second group of horses: the Exmoor, Friesian and Haflinger! You can follow the progress of our artwork redesigns on Notion. Currently, we are eyeing the Exmoor to get a new look and we would like you to guide us in the right direction. We have a variety of poses to pick from and the choices of a nice fluffy winter coat or a shiny dappled summer coat. Furthermore, a player also gave us information about the breed actually carrying the Dun-gene. With a few of our poses, we kept that in mind, so that you would be able to see a dorsal stripe once that gene arrives in-game! Also, creating artwork is not always a linear progress, so it can be that the final poses are still very different from what we are presenting here.

Please send us your thoughts in the comments down below, don't forget to tell us if you'd like to see them in a winter coat or summer coat!

Foal: A | B
Mare: A | B
Stallion: A | B
Coat: Winter | Summer

🌙 New Background 🌙

Last week we added a new background to our Delta Store. Valle de la Luna is a location in Chile, South America and is one of the driest places on this planet! We are over the moon to have this stunning landscape as a permanent addition in our Delta Store from now on!

❤️‍🔥 Other Notes ❤️‍🔥

Some players have been experiencing a bug where some buttons are not clickable. It is a highly inconvenient issue that we would love to resolve as soon as possible. If you haven’t already done so, we would advise you to follow the steps outlined in this forum post to help us tackle this problem!

With increasing site traffic, there has been more interaction between players but also more potential for misunderstandings and conflicts lately. As a result, we’ve noticed a rougher tone in our community. Please keep in mind that behind every username there is a real person with thoughts and feelings. Rudeness, callouts, bullying and harassment are strictly against our game rule #4 and we do not tolerate such things - neither in the public game areas nor in private messages. If conversations get heated or you encounter contents that might break our rules, please report this to a staff member privately without further engaging with the involved players. We're here to assist! The credits page in the bottom right corner of the website contains a list of all team members. Online staff members show up at the top of the online users list in the upper right corner. You can also reach out to our support team via the contact form - this too is linked in the bottom right corner of the website.

Would you like to help us out even more? Do you enjoy engaging with the community, answering player questions, explaining game features, and ensuring a friendly discussion climate? We might have just the right position for you! Our team is looking for volunteer forum moderators to adapt even better to our ever-growing community. If you are interested in this, you can find out more about the job and apply here. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Our second community art feature ever is an adorable drawing made by Dreepy! D’awww, look at that beard! We are in love with all the submissions we’ve received, and moustache you to please keep them coming! Submit your art here!

Next community update: July 28
See you soon! Your Horse Reality Team 🐴


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