Community Update - Today’s Code Update, Next Development Plans & A Surprise

Wednesday, Jun 16 at 10:15

Dear breeders, today it’s time for a small monthly code update! Since many of you are more curious about the major upcoming changes, we’ll also take a look ahead at the things we’ve got lined up regarding the competitions! A little teaser: The competition calculations may soon be fixed! Further down below you can read about a brand new outlet for your creativity, our shiny new background and a very small rules update! We also explain why the wait for the Thoroughbreds will continue a little longer, and say welcome and goodbye to some team members.

💙 Today’s Small Update: Minor Changes & Bugfixes 💙

🔹 Conformation Shows: The navigation for club-hosted shows finally works! Now you can view the shows running on page 2, 3, … if there are more shows than would fit on page 1.
🔹 News: After sending/editing a comment, you’re now forwarded to the page you commented/edited on (instead of returning to the 1st page) and the comment box is now cleared after the post has been sent. Yay! No more double posts!
🔹 Foal Pastures: Sometimes, the return notifications got stuck in a loop and repeated every 24 hours. Kai went a little overboard with his goal of keeping you updated, heh. This should now be fixed.
🔹 Clubs: Players were still charged their monthly fee after their club was disabled. This should now be fixed.
🔹 Player Profiles: The “banned” tag occasionally showed up on profiles of players who got a temporary ban in the past - although they were no longer banned. We’re happy to report that this has been fixed and will never again give anyone the scare of their lives!
🔹 Player Profiles: When several people played Horse Reality on the same device, the login page sometimes loaded half of the other player’s profile. This one wasn’t easy to fix, but we can happily report that we did find a way! A big hussa to our developers for fixing another one of our “most wanted” bugs!

Plans that didn’t work out
❌ Competitions: When a horse is eliminated from a competition, this should still be noted in the horse’s achievements tab, but at the moment those eliminated placings go unlogged. Our plan was to have this bug fixed today but we’ve got a better solution lined up - the competition calculations will soon be fixed, and eliminations therefore a thing of the past! Read more below (“Upcoming Development Plans”).

😭 Thoroughbreds: The Wait Continues! 😭

Less pleasant news for our Thoroughbred lovers - the wait for this breed will continue as we still cannot give you an ETA. The old Thoroughbred art was created under the supervision of our last researcher, and as it turns out, our new researcher had many notes on it. Our artists are working extra hard to get these beauties as realistic and beautiful as they can! On the upside, though: This allows them to sneak more coat variations in than we previously had planned. But it also means that these speedsters won’t arrive as speedily as many of you had hoped. Hold on just a little longer - but also don’t prepare your stables just yet. We promise we’ll announce them with enough time to spare and don’t want anyone to get (even more) frustrated about the wait.

🏅 Next Update on June 30th: Competition Improvements 🏅

As we mentioned in a previous news post, we want to keep you involved in our future plans. In two weeks, the following down below is planned to be implemented.

🚨 Please note that updates can always be changed, postponed or cancelled! 🚨

🔹 Competitions: Refund entry fee if less than 5 horses entered on that level
🔹 Competitions: Display fitness and training % on the entry page
🔹 Competitions: Remove the notification that you didn’t win any HRC because there weren’t enough entries
🔹 Competitions: Horses can enter all-breeds and breed-specific competitions at once (as well as one registry-hosted conformation show and one club-hosted show), so 4 events in total!

We think the last choice will greatly benefit our more casual players and lead to more horses being entered in competitions overall. At the same time, horses still lose energy in all events so frequent players shouldn’t be too impacted by this change. Since 2 hours in the life of a Horse Reality horse don’t equal 2 real-life hours, this is still a realistic performance - just with different pacing!

🤖 Upcoming Development Plans 🤖

We have received a great amount of player feedback over the past weeks, and while we couldn’t respond to each suggestion individually, we want to express our thanks. The feedback we received has been very valuable in determining our way forward!

It was very interesting to read your feedback about possibly changing the 5-horses-minimum to 3 instead. Whereas some players liked the idea of loosening the restriction again, many spoke up who had already adjusted their training to the new system. They were very unhappy with the prospect of changing their strategies again and the stressful insecurity of not knowing what to plan for. We heard you loud and clear and, for now, we will stick with our original plan: It has been a month since the competition system was changed, and we will continue to evaluate the impacts this restriction has on the game economy with the help of our internal data. Any changes that may occur after our evaluation will keep the players in mind that have adjusted their strategy to the new 5 horse minimum. Your efforts to change your playing style should be rewarded!

Now for what may be the most exciting announcement of this week’s post: After having heard only positive feedback about our idea of changing all competition calculations to work the way dressage works, we will move forward with this plan. This would mean that e.g. in show jumping, instead of seeing a penalty and the time in seconds, you would only see a percentage like in dressage. The competition would properly take the current show jumping GP and conformation into account. We are incredibly excited about this! Soon we’ll be able to tell you which competitions will receive this treatment first! You can find more information on our difficulties in fixing the calculations and why we were considering (and have now decided on) this change in this news post, subheading “Related Topics: Fixing the Competition Calculations”.

Further competition page improvements & an easing of the notification flood are in the works! We are floating some ideas that we think you’ll love. More about that in our next news post! If all goes well, you’ll see some of these changes as soon as July 14th!

Lastly, we’re working on adding categories to the bank & DP history - we are currently testing an early version of this project on our test server. We would love to know what kind of design our community expects to see here. Would you like summaries like “competition expenses: buying tack, paid entry fees, …” or would you want to further separate them into income and expenses, …? Do you expect tables and summaries or are tabs enough? Tell us your dreams as well as your “minimal must-have” expectations for these setups - we’d love to see some inspiring idea threads and discussions!

🎨 Surprise: Community Art Feature! 🎨

Do the endings of our posts feel odd and empty to you? Do you need a breather after another wall of text?
Beginning on June 30th, every news post will finish with a piece of art submitted by a member of the community! You can submit traditional or digital art, a sketch or a doodle (or a picture of your horsiest clay sculpture, if you’re so inclined...). The feature will be chosen the day before the next news post. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

When submitting your art, please keep the following things in mind:
🌱 Your entry must be related to Horse Reality
🌱 You can submit as much art as you’d like, but each piece only once!
🌱 Only visual art, allowed formats: .png or .jpg or .gif
❗ Follow our rules or your art won’t be considered. Be respectful, be child-appropriate, no sensitive topics, and don’t violate anybody else’s copyright!
🌱 You may provide a short caption or title
🌱 You may do a short comic - maximum 4 panels!
🌱 If you wish, we’ll mention your name and link to your player profile. We can’t link to external platforms though.
🌱 Due to the number of submissions we may not always be able to explain to you why your art did not get picked this week.
🌱 Moderators and other team members are also allowed to enter submissions :)

How to submit your art?
The easiest way to do it is via this Google forms link! Note that the name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you submit it.

If you don’t want to feed Google or have other problems with this link, reach out via our contact form! Once we write back, you’ll easily be able to attach files to your answer.

Submissions sent to us via DMs or social media will not be considered!

🏇 New Background 🏇

Our new June background “Racing Track” has been added to the Delta Store and Fitting Room! We have created this background already with the Thoroughbreds in mind, so once those arrive in-game, they’ll fit right in!

🍃 Team Changes 🍃

Our forum moderator Warband decided to step down from her position. She was strongly supporting us on the backend of things, freeing the forum of double posts and ancient threads. We’ll greatly miss her and hope she may rejoin us in the future!

You’ll also have noticed that a lot of new profiles shine with the trial moderator badges. We are super happy to have so many new hands on deck and will introduce you to them once their trial periods are over! We are still looking for even more new team members, especially now that we’re one forum moderator shorter. You can apply here!

📜 Small Rules Update 📜

You might have noticed that our rules recently changed: We only removed rule #13 that contained the additional Discord rules. Those are now only found in the Discord channel #rules-english. It made more sense this way and makes it easier for us to edit and adapt the rules over there whenever needed.

Is this ending abrupt and odd? INDEED. Send us art!

The Horse Reality Team

P.S.: See you in two weeks at our June 30th update!


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