Community Update - Breed-Specific Competitions, Brabant Horse Redo & Fitting Room Orbs!

Wednesday, May 19 at 13:30

Dear Community, today we have many exciting changes waiting for you! A long-awaited feature, the breed-specific competitions, has finally entered our game! But this news should not steal any spotlight from the beautiful Brabants shining in renewed artwork! Last but not least: Premium-players now receive 1 free background (1 use) each month that they purchase a premium membership for.

🏅 Today’s Update 1: Breed-Specific Competitions Are Here! 🏅

Let’s specifically start out with a change that many of you have been awaiting: Today, we have introduced breed-specific competitions to our game! You can find a big news post elaborating on all the changes and why we have done them if you click here. The following is a short recap:

⚈ In addition to the usual “All breeds” category of competitions, you can now find competitions that only horses of a specific breed can enter on our competitions page.
⚈ The prize money of all competitions (all-breed & breed-specific) has been reduced. It is now roughly half of what it was before and the numbers have been occasionally rounded down to make them “prettier”.
A restriction was introduced to all competitions (all-breed & breed-specific): The HRC prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd horse of each level are only paid out if at least 5 horses entered the competition on that level. Otherwise, the competition ends as usual but without prizes for that level.
Our motivation behind all this was elaborated in length in the news post linked above. We want to avoid bringing the game economy into devastating inflation. This makes it necessary to limit both the size of competition prizes and the ease with which they get paid out.
⚈ We have heard your concerns under the previous news post, and we understand that this kind of change is scary. If the introduced restrictions prove to be too harsh, we are open to loosening them again in the future. In addition to keeping an eye on our internal statistics, we are looking forward to your feedback after you’ve given the new system a chance for a couple of weeks or months!

🐴 Today’s Update 2: New Brabant Horse Art! 🐴

We hope you have brab-pared your stables: Today the art of the beloved Brabant Horses has been updated! It now more brab-propriately represents the breed as the powerhouse, or rather, powerhorse that it is. This transformation was possible in large part thanks to the amazing reference pictures from the “Big Butt Team” in Belgium. No joke. It’s their real name! Our amazing moderator PrancingPony provided us with their photographs because their relatives own Brabant Horses and go to several of this Brabant Driving Club’s events. Also a big thanks to the community for inspiring us with the Brabant Rework Thread! As always in our breed redos, new genes or variations have not yet been added, but they will come in a later update. As for now, the old art has just been replaced with new art, but some colours and markings may be a bit different from their previous version because our artists did their best to make them even more realistic! During this change, the poses were altered a bit, allowing head markings to show up more clearly than before. Who knows what kind of surprises you’ll run into! We hope you all love the new Brabant look as much as we do - have fun stocking up on these stocky darlings, happy chonking!

🖼️ Today’s Update 3: Fitting Room Orbs for Premium Accounts! 🖼️

From today onwards, each time you purchase 30 days of our premium account you also receive one “orb” that can be exchanged for 1 free background (1 use) at the fitting room. Orbs are not transferable or tradeable, they are not a “new currency” but just a little additional reward for you each time you buy a premium account. The cost of premium accounts has stayed the same despite this additional perk. If you buy 2 premium accounts right after each other (2x 30 days), you will get 1 orb right away and another orb on the first day of the following month. Orbviously, they will not expire!

Edit: To clear up a possible point of confusion - if you do not currently have a premium account and buy one, you receive an orb right away. If you do not currently have a premium account and buy several at once, you get one orb right away and then another orb on the 1st of each month that you have premium on. If you have bought premium accounts in the past and still have at least 15 days left, you will receive an orb on the 1st of each upcoming month that you have premium on. If you have bought premium in the past and still have a few days left, and now buy another premium account, your orb will also come in on the 1st of the next month.

🌸 Next Updates 🌸

Our next community update & code update will come on June 2nd and will bring the adjusted conformation show prizes that we also announced in this news post. We had hoped to fit them into today’s update, but it proved too much for our developers’ workload. We hope you’ll forgive us for not conforming to our original plan.

Many of you are wondering which breed will be reworked next and when the Thoroughbreds will come. We will rework the breeds that are in group 2 next, which are the Exmoor, Friesian and Haflinger horses. You can find the status of all our breeds on this page in Notion.

The moment we have a definitive date for our Thoroughbreds, we will let you know by updating you on our news and socials! Keep an eye out for that.

🐞 Bugfixes 🐞

  • The Brumby seal brown silver dun stallion sported the wrong artwork: he was carrying the bay dun silver image. Horses in disguise are only allowed on April Fools, so this has now been fixed!
  • We added some tiny design improvements in the Fitting Room!

We hope today’s updates have something in them you’re excited about! Thank you for reading, and see you again in two weeks for our next news post!

Your Horse Reality Team


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