Community Update - Brabant Horse Redo on May 19th

Wednesday, May 12 at 13:00

Dear community, today we announce the news that a lot of players have been waiting for: the revised Brabant Horses will be joining us on May 19th!

🐴 Breed Redo: The Brabant Horse! 🐴

As of next week on the 19th of May, the Brabant Horse will stampede into Horse Reality with brand new artwork! This is not a new horse breed, but an existing one that deserved new illustrations, representing the current Horse Reality standards. Go ahead and make some space to welcome these chonky friends if you hadn’t already!

What will happen?

The old art will be replaced with the new art. If you already own Brabant Horses before the update, you will find a renewed version of your muscly friend in your stable next week!

There will not be any additions of genes or coat variations. We will only replace the art that was there previously. You may find that some colours and markings are different from their previous version because our artists did their best to make them even more realistic. The colour variations and missing genes will be added at a later point in time.

Why are we changing this breed?

The artwork for the Brabant Horse has been with us since the start of Horse Reality. Just like the Irish Cobs and the PRE horses, we felt it was time to update the artwork to our current standards. Our artists did their best to do justice to this breed while retaining the character of the previous artwork.

🖌️ Working at Horse Reality 🖌️

We have a few new moderators running in their trial period, but we are always looking for more members to join our team! Many hands make light work. Would you like to participate and help us out in front of and/or behind the scenes at Horse Reality? Then come check us out and apply to our open positions. We are currently looking for:

⚈ Forum Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ Discord Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ Game Artist Intern
⚈ Communication Intern
⚈ Community Manager

Next week we’ll be back with a big update! If all goes as we plan, we’ll release the new Brabant Horse art, the breed-specific competitions and the adjustments for conformation show prizes all on May 19th!

See you next week!
Your Horse Reality Team


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