Redo of the PRE Horses!

Friday, Apr 2 at 00:16

Update April 2nd 17:30: PRE Greys & Icelandic foal Silver Grey & Buckskin Grey
It looks like some Grey PRE coats got assigned incorrectly! Because we need to put the game into a tiny maintenance mode to fix them, we will do that on Wednesday the 7th of April with our regular code update. Please report any Grey PREs that you find suspicious in our bug reports forum so that we don't forget them!

Also, a surprise on top of a surprise on top of a surprise snuck in with today's update - some Icelandic foals also got new coats! The Silver Grey foals and Buckskin Grey foals were replaced with a more realistic version of their coat colours according to our new research. We were planning to add such updates to several breeds during the next foundation horse release, but it looks like the Icelandic foals couldn't wait that long and went ahead and published themselves today!

Hello everyone! April 1st has come to an end, and everything has turned back to normal… But wait… Really everything?

🐴 The new PRE horse (Pura Raza Española) is here! 🐴

We are pretty excited to present you our new PRE Horse! We have updated their old art. This means that if you previously owned a PRE Horse, you’ll find the same horse in your stable with a miraculously updated artwork! We cannot express how happy we are to reveal these, after having had to pretend it would be quite a while until they arrive. A few previews were all we could offer to prevent ruining that impression. Or did we fail and you predicted it? With a breed of such enormous, incomprehensible beauty, there was quite some pressure to capture their spirit precisely. We think our artist has done a supreme job and the artwork now represents them much better. We hope you appreciate these precious beauties as much as we do!

At the present time, we have not added any new genes or colour variations just yet! So far, we really have only replaced the previous art 1:1 with new art. Some pre-existing coats were slightly improved to a more realistic version according to our new research, though!

😴 Support & Bugfixing in the Morning 😴

In order to prepare the perfect present for you, the new PRE Horse was snuck in during our April Fool’s event. Once the clock hit midnight, your horses transformed into their usual selves, and the PRE Horse found itself magically prettified! While we hope you prefer their new looks, there’s just one problem: Since it’s currently midnight, most of our team is presumably asleep! We will answer your comments and work on any bugfixes you may need once the sun is up again for us! Please report any issues you may be having in our bug report forum. Thanks for understanding!

We hope you have enjoyed our April Fool’s event! If you were around for it, you earned a milestone badge and received 5 FT as a small reward. If you weren’t, make sure to attend on April 1st next year! Our next news post will be a regular community update and is planned for April 7th! Pssst, don’t forget to check out our new background that arrives in the Delta Store next Monday. Rumour has it that this one goes really well with the new PRE horses…

Your excited Horse Reality team!


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