April Fools’ Day - Horse Reality is Rembrandting!

Thursday, Apr 1 at 00:01

Hello everybody! Today we want to draw your attention to a big surprise. We always want to provide our players with state-of-the-art content, so we went back to the drawing board to re-evaluate our creative workings. It painted a clear image: our artists have gotten a bit washed out. We were pensive about artmitting this, but we can no longer brush it artside. Though the following might sound sketchy, we ‘ink that our brand needs a repainting - starting over with a blank canvas. We are officially rembrandting!

The following is a portrait of our vision. Our artists will no longer be working for us. Fret not, we have sculpted a new team model! Our moderators will take over the creative department and from now on draw our game art. They were highly animated to work on their appainted tasks, and even managed to deliver a head-start to frame this announcement with! So, without drawing this out artificially, here’s the grand surprise:

All existing breed art has been modified! For an extra splash of colour, the horse images are now more varied across ages, breeds, and sexes. Due to realism, not all poses are flattering - with horses it can be a small step from artwork to fartwork! Each team member has put in hard work with a unique style. Overall, we feel the outcomes are on the more abstract side. Honestly, some are totally bananas! If you wonder whether we mean the team members or their drawings with that, the answer is: yes. But better go see for yourselves. We hope you artpreciate our mods’ efforts and find their creations at least moderately arttractive!

Best wishes and don’t trip over the calendar!
The Modified Horse Reality Team

P.S.: By logging in today, you have earned the “Rembrandting” milestone for our April Fools’ Event 2021 and received 5 FT as a small gift!

P.P.S.: Are you still wondering what is going on? Today is April Fools’ Day! Your horses have been slightly modified but tomorrow they’ll look just as they used to! The event will last from the 1st of April 00:00 until the 2nd of April 00:00 HR Time (CEST). All images are assigned randomly, so be extra careful when selling or buying on the market! Next year, we want to add a toggle on/off button for the event, but this time around we didn’t want to put any extra stress on our development or our art team. For the same reason, we originally didn’t plan to have an April Fools’ event in 2021 at all. But our beloved moderators came to our rescue and drew the art! We are very grateful to have such an amazing team!


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