Community Update - Market Transferred To V2 & Improvements, Discord Scams, March Background, Daylight Savings Time, Bug Fixes

Wednesday, Mar 10 at 14:30

Hi everyone! We hope you have market... - ahem. Let’s try this again. We hope you have marked this day on your calendars: the V2 market transfer is here! We also have an important security notice about Discord scams. Then we will talk about this month’s background, our strategy for the upcoming daylight savings time change, and we have quite a long list of bug fixes to share with you!

🤖 Market V2-Transfer 🤖

We are happy to announce that the V2 transfer of the marketplace is now complete. What’s more, we’ve been able to add some improvements in the process!

  • There is now a shiny new decline button for private trades! This was a requested feature we could easily add, hopefully, it will be a nice quality of life improvement.
  • The auctions now refresh every minute. The old refresh rate in our system was 30 minutes, so after an auction ended it often took a while before the horse transferred to the new owner. It should go much quicker now!
  • It is no longer possible to “sell” horses for free. Previously the buyout could be set to 00 in order to “sell” a horse for free, but this was not intended. Although it is still possible to set a 00 buyout, the page of a public trade won’t have any interaction options.
  • In a market trade there is now always a "view horse" button below the image of the horse to access its profile. Previously, this was only the case for mares getting sold with foals.
  • If a horse for sale has a background equipped, the background is now shown on the image in the market trade. As a result of this change, when foals at the foal pastures have a background equipped, it is also visible there.
  • In combined sales, both mare and foal are now linked in the notifications for the buyer and seller. Previously, only the mare was mentioned there.
  • We snuck in a few text tweaks affecting some button labels, market notifications, and descriptions on the market itself. Hopefully, this will improve the clarity.
  • To come: While making the premium search responsive for mobile, its display has gotten huge on mobile devices. We plan to make it foldable with the next update (also for PC).


We have many future plans for the market, for example, regarding the display of auction ending times, the things owners can or cannot do with a horse while it is up for auction, or the way that mare-plus-foal sales work. We know that the community has expressed many wishes and improvements in those regards. However, it was not possible to change these features during the transfer.

All in all, the market and horse trades/auctions should still be working the same way they previously did. Seeing how crucial it is that trades between players go right, we have tried our best to squash as many bugs as we could find during our internal testing phase. But we can never rule out that some might still be lurking somewhere. If you encounter a glitch, please let us know in our bug reports forum section here. If it is a glitch that could get exploited, please do not report it publicly and instead bring it to our attention via the contact form.

🚨 Discord Scammers 🚨

Recently it was reported to us that individuals have been joining the Horse Reality Discord server and sending players links via direct messages. The texts often try to induce fear, for example, by claiming you’re in trouble and need to follow the link to find out more. But it could also be more innocent-looking things. Even if a message seems legitimate, please do not open any links from players you do not know! Report such instances to the staff immediately so we can ban these people from our server. We know of some scams, but surely not all, and we want to make sure that all of our players stay safe.

🖼️ March Background 🖼️

As our last news mentioned, we were unable to release March’s background on time due to technical difficulties. Our artist’s SSD card had broken - oops! We’re glad to report the issues were fixed and you can buy the Gondwana Rainforest background in our Delta Store as of today. Welcome to the jungle, tread carefully and don’t slip! This is a monthly special only available in March. Due to the delay, though, this year it will stick around a bit longer until April 10th to give everyone plenty of time to grab a copy.

View an example here

🌅 Daylight Savings 🌅

Europe’s daylight saving time starts in late March. Since we run in Central European Time, our in-game time will change accordingly. Over the years we’ve encountered issues because our nightly care rollover happens shortly past 2:00 am HR Time - around the same time the clocks get adjusted. This year, we want it to go smoothly and plan to move the rollover to around 4:00 or 5:00 am HR Time. This will ensure that there are no hiccups anymore. We plan on a permanent change but will need to talk about the finer details with our dev team before making more concrete announcements.

🎨 Artwork Bug Fixes 🎨

  • An Irish Cob had a smudgy face. We would love to blame it on a makeup accident, but we had simply gone a little overboard with the smudge tool. It has been fixed!
  • A runaway white layer had snuck into the Brumby artwork, causing white markings to display on some foals which later vanished in the adult version. We’ve dealt with that little rascal and removed it before it spread to other horses.
  • A Brumby pairing was getting the breeding error: column 'colour_ID' cannot be null. There was an issue with the silver gene not being properly connected to some images. This has been fixed. We wish the happy pairing lots of cute foals in their future!
  • Some Brumby Horses on the COM-server showed up as gray while they had non-gray genes. We found the "grayve" mistake in the system that ties the genetics to images and made sure to update this. The few affected horses show up correctly again.
  • The smoky black dun Brumby mares had a darker-than-intended tail. We'd warned them about that hair dye! Cause we’re nice, we gave them a little colour to fix it up.
  • The two Suffolk Punch foundation horses Sulgrave Sun and Newton Garrisson looked like chestnut flaxen, since they'd secretly dyed their mane and tail into a lush blonde colour! Weird flax, but OK. Since they were actually regular chestnut coloured horses, we were sure to rectify that.
  • A chestnut coat variation for the Kladruber stallion somehow lost its mane. Relatable, isn’t it? Worry not, we’ve helped him find it again and it’s all fixed now!
  • The smoky black pearl coat for the Irish Cob stallions had gotten their tails trimmed a little too much. Whoopsie! We have re-added them once more.
  • Something went amiss with a white marking on the Irish Cob foal’s foot. They got a little pedicure!


🐞 Miscellaneous Bug Fixes 🐞

On top of all the artwork bugs we’ve been able to fix, the following general bugs have also been zapped from the servers.

  • Horses weren't moving to their new estates. We’ve told the airport staff to make sure all horses get moved properly. Some may still show up on their old continent for a bit, but they will make it!
  • It seems we weren’t the only ones sad to see a player leave. The servers were not allowing people to delete their profiles and showed a “null” error. We’ve informed our servers that their perseverance is unacceptable. Players can again delete their accounts now!
  • The timestamp when a player activated their account wasn’t registering properly. Time is relative, but we’ve fixed this to make sure we know the exact moment someone registers.
  • On the NL forums, trying to post a Horse Reality URL with an iPhone would result in an error message. We’ve removed that bug from the Apple!
  • Gelding symbols were missing on some horse pages. Those horses are no longer the only ones who are fixed - the bug is, too!
  • The estate capacity was showing random numbers. Ghost horses? Runaways? Goats in disguise? Who knows! It has been fixed and now displays the right number of horses again.
  • The sales banner on mobile devices was so excited that it was going over some other text. We’ve put it back in its rightful place!
  • A few bank employees were so uninterested they fell asleep, making some players miss out on their nightly interest. We’ve replaced them with new employees who will make sure all players get their bank interest properly!


As always, we hope that you have enjoyed this news post. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about it, please let us know in the comments below!

Your Horse Reality Team


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