Community Update - The Team is Back!

Wednesday, Feb 17 at 14:00

Hey everybody! We’re back and it’s time for our regular community update, but this time we’ve got hardly any news. That’s because our team members paused their daily work in favour of our strategy sprint weeks.

💡 Strategy Sprint Weeks 💡

Though different parts of our team meet regularly to talk about current plans and questions, these two weeks were quite different. It was the first prolonged brainstorming phase we held and even involved some team members seeing each other via video for the very first time. The focus was different, too: During our hectic day-to-day business, it can be difficult to keep in mind the overarching plans for the game’s future. Yet, those are important because they impact our short- and mid-term goals and priority setting. During the past two weeks, it was all about those far future plans. We had some really fun and productive sessions and will have regular strategy meetings from now on. Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, we will be able to do that without having to interrupt our normal workflow.

For the time being, the things we cooked up during the strategy sprint are not ready to be shared with a broader audience. Of course, we’ll eventually let you in on our plans, but at the moment we need some more time to think things through!

🤖 Market V2-Transfer in 2 Weeks 🤖

Next up for the V2 transfer is our market, one of the harder pages to transfer. At the moment we expect the transferred market to be released on Thursday, March 4th. That’s outside our regular schedule.
Our original hope was to include some changes to the market update, but we are not yet sure if and when that will happen. We will learn more about this during the next weeks as the coding progresses, and will inform you about everything in the accompanying news post during the release. Releasing on a Thursday will be an exception, after which we revert to our usual schedule of news posts every other Wednesday.

This was all for today. Have a great February!
The Horse Reality Team


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