Community Update - Discard Semen Vials, Icelandic Horse Coats Missing, Goodbye Amy

Wednesday, Jan 27 at 18:07

Update Jan 28 - 11:06 - We have just released our new freezer into the wild! Yesterday, many of you brought up the idea of checkboxes to delete stacks of vials instead of a “Discard ALL” button. We really like the idea and looked into it today, but we couldn’t make it happen this quickly. We will keep it in mind for the next time we are working on the freezer!

If you are experiencing bugs or problems after this update, please:
1 - Clear your cache (google how to as it depends on your browser)
2 - Refresh the page (Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + R, Mac: CMD + SHIFT + R)
3 - Is the problem still there? Then tell us in the bug reports!

Dear players! Today, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you, some new developments, and a farewell.

🧪 Coming Tomorrow: Discard Semen Vials 🧪

Is your freezer full of dusty old vials from stallions you no longer consider useful? Are you ready to send those sticky semen straws right into oblivion? As of tomorrow, you finally can!

Our freezer page will receive the following new features:

⚈ New design - a more efficient and cleaner look.
⚈ “Discard” - click to delete semen vial(s) forever. If you have more than one vial from the same stallion, a select box enables you to select how many you wish to delete.
Premium accounts only: “Discard ALL vials” - empty your entire freezer with one click. To prevent accidents, this button will trigger a confirmation pop-up.

We wanted to release this update today, but it is taking a little longer than we anticipated. If anything changes between now and tomorrow, we will let you know by updating this post!

As you may know, this is the first time in a long while that we worked on an unfinished part of the game again. Albeit a small feature, it was much-wanted and ideally should have been part of the game from the start. Finishing more such features is one of our 2021 priorities. We can only add new code to pages that are written in V2 (or during their V2-transfer), but trust us, deleting semen vials is just the start! Our coding team is now working on transferring the market to V2, and we are planning to sneak some improvements in with the transfer… More about that in our next news posts!

🐞 Bug: Missing Grey Icelandics Coats 🐞

Now for a less exciting announcement: This month, we posted some grey Icelandic Horse coats on our socials. It was then brought to our attention that those coats weren’t seen in the game yet. Upon investigating, we found out that they are not properly connected to our genetics system yet. The way our current image uploading system works is very prone to human error, and, despite triple-checking, this mistake slipped past. We are deeply sorry for the confusion and inconveniences this may have caused you! The bug is a bit complicated to fix, which is why we can only look into it after our strategy sprint weeks. Once the connections are fixed and the missing coats available, we will let you know in a news post! Until then, we don’t know with certainty which and how many coats are affected. Our sincere apologies for making this mistake.

👋 Goodbye Amy! 👋

In the last 6 months, we had the pleasure of having an amazingly talented intern in our team. Sadly, Amy’s time with us has come to an end and we would like to thank her for all her great work! We hope she has enjoyed her stay as much as we have. Most of her work can’t be seen in-game yet, but you can get a little impression here and here of her concept art for one of our distant future plans, the character creator!

She’ll be sorely missed and it will be hard to replace her! (But if you want to try - here you can find our current job postings.)

🐞 Recently Fixed Bugs 🐞

⚈ After the settings page moved to V2, there occurred some bugs when moving estates (horses weren’t properly transferred to the new continent) and deleting accounts (the confirmation pop-up said “null” instead of “Are you sure you want to delete your account?”). Those have been fixed.
⚈ Irish Cob: Fixed an artwork error that resulted in a smudge on a mare’s face.

🚨 Reminder: Strategy Sprint from February 1 to 14 🚨

As originally announced here, during the first two weeks of February, our core team will be working solely behind the scenes to focus on planning the future of the game. During that time, we will only be around for emergencies, but our moderating team will happily assist you as always.

Our next news post will be published on February 17th!

We hope you’ll enjoy tidying up your freezers and reminiscing about your first Horse Reality stallions while sifting through all those vials. No longer need them? Yeet them! On a final note: Don’t forget to check out our new monthly background on the first Monday of February!

Thank you for reading,
your Horse Reality Team


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