Community Update - Strategy Sprint, V2 Transfer of Settings Page, Horse Breeds Roadmap, Artwork Credit Rule

Wednesday, Jan 20 at 11:00

Hi everyone! We have made some progress with our to-dos and would like to let you know what has changed since our last news post. But first we have a small announcement about our availability next month!

🚨 2-Week Strategy Sprint from February 1 to 14 🚨

This year, we want to re-focus on our players’ needs. Artwork-wise we want to finish and improve our old breeds before bringing new ones into the game, coding-wise we want to do game updates again, alongside the V2 transfer. However, all of this requires a lot of strategising and planning, which our small team struggles to get done alongside our everyday tasks.

That’s why we’re dedicating the first two weeks of February to working solely behind the scenes and will focus fully on planning the future of the game. From February 1st to 14th, our core team will only be around for emergencies, while we leave you in the hands of our moderating team for everything else.

This changes our regular schedule a bit: We will give you a small code update on January 27th (mostly bug fixes) and then be back on February 17th with regular news posts & code updates.

🤖 Coding: V2 Transfer of User Settings Page 🤖

As of today, the user settings page has been transferred to V2 and re-unified with the “change password” page. The two had to be separated almost a year ago when the login system transferred to V2.

Our coders also added a small improvement: Players who move their estate will now automatically be moved to their new location, instead of having to travel there through the airport. All other aspects of this feature have remained the same.

🐴 Public Horse Artwork & Genetics Overview 🐴

Today, we have published a new roadmap on Notion! You can find it here: CLICK. There is also a new thread in the Staff Sharepoint section of our forum to give you quick access to the link whenever you need it.

As we promised before, this page contains all the information about our horse breeds artwork and genetics. It should enable you to find out which greyscales get a redo in the future, and which genes/colours we have in, and plan to add to, our breeds. We hope this will make it much easier for our players to get an overview in that regard.

We did not include timeframes or deadlines in this public version, but our artists’ priorities are to update our existing breeds before any new ones get added to the game. Meaning that all breeds from this forum thread are currently on hold. Fret not - we are still intending to add them to the game eventually! But from now on, our artists will be busy drawing the missing coats (genetics) for existing breeds that don’t get a new greyscale, and preparing the rework of greyscales for the breeds that need it.

🌊 Copyright & Credits - Rule #10: Updated 🌊

In November 2020 we stopped enforcing a rule according to which all artwork using Horse Reality images needed to be credited. We have now finally updated this rule on our rules page, too. Please ensure to read up on the new version of the rule to stay up to date!

🐞 Recently Fixed Bugs 🐞

⚈ Horse spotlight on the homepage was missing its continent backgrounds
⚈ Internal issue with account activation was fixed
⚈ When posting a Horse Reality URL on the .NL forum on iPhone, the page became white
⚈ Brumby: Fixed a broken artwork connection that resulted in the error “Column 'colour_ID' cannot be null”
⚈ Brumby: Removed an odd white layer that randomly snuck into some horses
⚈ Finnhorses: Fixed several bugs related to SW1/SW1 or SW1/n coats

That’s it for today!

You’ll hear from us next Wednesday (January 27th) with a small code update before we’re heading into our 2-week strategy sprint.

Best wishes!
The Horse Reality Team


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