Community Update - We’re Back, 1-day DP Sale, Looking for Team members, V2 Transfer

Wednesday, Jan 6 at 12:00

Dear players, we are back! We have enjoyed our holiday break very much and are now happy to return refreshed to our projects here at Horse Reality. We hope all of you, too, had a healthy and relaxed start into the new year!

We don’t have much to announce yet since all of us just picked our work back up two days ago. But from today onwards our regular community updates will continue and keep you informed about our progress, at least every second Wednesday.

💰 1-day DP Sale 💰

Whoops - we announced that our winter DP sale would end on January 1st, but then it actually ended one day earlier on December 31st. We apologize for this mistake! To make up for it we will be holding a 1-day-DP-sale this Friday, January 8th, from 08.30 till Saturday, January 9th 08.30 HR time (CET). This will be the only time we are announcing a DP sale - don’t get used to it! :)

🤗 We are looking for moderators & interns! 🤗

2020 was a year of growth for us, and we are determined to become even better in 2021.

Can you help us improve Horse Reality? Or are you curious what it looks like behind the scenes? You like our style, and you think we’d get along? Then apply to our team to find out! We have more projects than hands, more ideas than time, and are looking forward to having new faces among us!

We are on the lookout for:
⚈ New Forum Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ New Discord Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ An Art Intern
⚈ A Communications Intern
⚈ A Direction/Management Assistant Intern

Click here to see all details.


🤖 V2 Transfer: Homepages 🤖

Today, our coders have transferred the remaining “Homepages” to V2, a group of single pages including the rules, privacy policy, terms of use, credits, home, and the contact page with the contact form.

We will talk more about the next steps of the coding team and our other ongoing projects in our next news posts.

🐞 Recently Fixed Bugs 🐞

Between our last community update (Dec 16) and the start of our winter holiday (Dec 21), our coders and artists put out these bug fixes that we didn’t have a chance to announce to you yet:

⚈ Riding school didn’t automatically refresh anymore, leading to issues with the timer counting below zero and the HRC balance in the header not immediately increasing - fixed
⚈ The “online users page” was showing the wrong stable capacity - fixed
⚈ Daily Interest: Some players didn’t receive their daily interest despite logging in daily & having HRC in their savings account - fixed
⚈ DP sales banner had issues where player avatars & some text was in front of the banner - fixed
⚈ Artwork Fixes: A Brumby mare (Grey Smoky Black Dun) had the wrong tail uploaded, an Irish Cob stallion (Smoky Black Pearl) had a missing tail, an Irish Cob foal had a wonky white marking - fixed

This week:
⚈ Artwork Fixes: A Kladruber Stallion (Chestnut) had a missing mane - fixed

Don’t forget to check out the first background of the year in the Delta Store - the “Stormy Cornfields” that can be bought all year round.

That’s it from our side! If nothing surprising happens until then, our next community update will be published on January 20th.

Your Horse Reality Team


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