Community Update & Christmas Surprise - Remake of the Irish Cob (Gypsy Horse)!

Wednesday, Dec 16 at 10:10

Ho ho ho-ly guacamole! Dear players, Christmas came early this year! We have been working on a special project for many months now, and are so happy to finally release it!

Recently, there have been many rumours surrounding the remaking of breeds that we already have in-game. One of the reasons our team’s communication about this was a bit vague was that we didn’t want to ruin our own surprise so close to its release. We hope you can forgive us this little trick when you see what beauties we have in store for you today!

🚨 Holiday Break! 🚨

Our core team is taking a holiday break from December 21st - January 4th, all safely at home. During this time, we will only be around for emergencies or to answer support emails, and of course, our moderating staff will still be here for you. You can expect the next news post & code update on January 6th (the first Wednesday after our break ends). We wish you happy holidays and that we’ll all meet back here again refreshed in the new year!

🎄 Our Christmas Gifts: The Irish Cob, More Stables, DP Sale 🎄

🎁 As of today, the Gypsy Horse will shine in completely new artwork, and will rock a new name along with it: Say hi to the Irish Cob!
🎁 The maximum stable capacity was increased by 25 stables, which means that now a single player can have as many as 250 stables!
🎁 This year’s Winter DP Sale has started today.

We decided to release this Christmas surprise a bit early since big updates often come with big bug reports, and we want to be around to fix anything before our team is heading into the break.

What to expect?

We have updated our old art with new art. This means that if you previously owned a Gypsy Horse, you’ll find the same horse in your stable with its new breed name - Irish Cob - and a miraculously updated artwork!

You may find some strange creatures haunting your stables, such as horses with apparently eight legs when we forget to remove the old white markings layer but added the new one. We tried to get rid of all of these errors, but if you run into something odd-looking, let us know through the bug reports!

We have not added any new genes or colour variations just yet! So far, we really have only replaced the old art 1:1 with new art. Some coats were slightly improved to a more realistic version where the old artwork made it tricky to do it in the correct way. As for missing genes, we plan on adding some of them with the next round of foundation horses (more about that below).

The new art comes with a new name

The name “Gypsy Horse” has created many a controversy among our players, and our team has long agreed that it should be changed. This horse breed has many different names, all of which bring at least some degree of controversy with them. We liked “Irish Cob” best. If you wish to discuss this decision, we ask you to stay polite towards each other and within the boundaries of our game rules. After all, we’re all here because we love horses, so let’s focus on how these beauties look instead of what they’re called from now on!

Why change the artwork?

The Irish Cob artwork has been around since the beginning of Horse Reality, coloured all the way back in 2015. Our newer breeds are drawn in a semi-realistic style that the previous Irish Cob artwork no longer matched. Also, the old greyscales made it impossible to draw certain coats that have thus been missing from the breed since the start. This artwork update does not only give the breed the beauty it deserves but makes it finally possible for us to add their missing colours!

🐎 All Breeds: Missing Colours & Genes 🐎

We have several things in store for the breeds we currently have in our game:
⚈ Many breeds will receive a new greyscale, just like the Irish Cob did today.
⚈ With our next round of foundation horses (in about 4.5 months) we want to add to each breed as many of their missing genes as we can, and also more coat variations.
⚈ Some of the missing genes can only be added once the V2 transfer is over because those genes require coding work to be done.

We want to make this information as transparent as we can - which greyscales will get redone? Which breeds have which genes? Which of those are missing from the game? And which of the missing ones can we add before the V2 transfer is done? After our holiday break, we will start working on another roadmap that contains all this information.

🤖 V2 Transfer: Online Users 🤖

Today, we have transferred the online users list to V2. The next pages to be transferred are going to be the university, the settings page, the contact page, and the home page. We hope to have them ready after our holiday break!

🤗 Open Applications 🤗

Are you curious what Horse Reality looks like behind the scenes? Now is your chance to join our team! Click here to see details and apply to all of the open positions. We are on the lookout for:

⚈ New Forum Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ New Discord Moderators (Volunteer)
⚈ An Art Intern
⚈ A Communications Intern

🐣 Studio Deloryan is now Deloryan B.V. 🐣

Over the last years, the small company behind Horse Reality has been growing quite a lot! It was recently registered as a B.V. which is (more or less) the Dutch version of what Americans know as Llc. and Germans as GmbH. We will now slowly start to update the name from “Studio Deloryan” to “Deloryan B.V.” in all areas of the game.

That’s it from our side! We’re looking forward to being back in January with a fresh start and will then continue to give you regular updates about all of our other projects and plans. For now, we hope our Christmas gift will help you enjoy the holiday season!

Happy Holidays🎄
Your Horse Reality Team


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