Connectivity Problems

Thursday, Dec 10 at 12:17

Hi everyone,

After looking into the reports of several players mentioning connectivity issues over the past few days, we decided to look into it a bit deeper. We have checked in with the Data Center where our server is located. It seems they have been several problems since December 8th, 2020. They are trying to resolve the issues as quickly as they can.

Unfortunately, these issues are out of our hands and we will need to wait until the Data Center has dealt with the situation. We will give you a heads-up in the news and social media when we know more.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience ❤️

Your Horse Reality Team

Update Dec. 11th, 12:15 HR Time: The Data Center hasn't updated us yet about the problem. Today we didn't noticed the errors yet so we expect the issue has been resolved. If anything changes over the weekend we will let you know!
Update Dec. 10th, 17:15 HR Time: According to the Data Center the problem hasn't been fixed yet. We hope to have more information tomorrow.


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