Community Update - V2 Roadmap, No Code Update, & Other News

Wednesday, Dec 9 at 15:00

Hi everybody,

It’s time for our biweekly community update again. This week we have relatively little to say, so let’s jump right in!

🥈 Published V2 Roadmap & FAQ Thread 🥈

The first of our planned roadmaps is finally ready to be shared with you. Check the V2 Roadmap here!. It contains everything our V2 coders have done for us this far, what they’re currently working on, and what they still have to do until we can consider the transfer finished. The roadmap will be regularly updated.

There are two things you should know if you’re not familiar with Notion, the platform we are using for this roadmap. You can switch between a “Default View” and a “Board View” to see the same information in two different layouts. And you can click on each item to open it and see more information. Some of the items have a little emoji of a document in front of them. That means that if you click on them, you’ll find a short text that contains sub-tasks for these items. For example, if you click on “Rebuilding: Messages”, you’ll see that the messages area actually consists of five different pages that all need to be transferred to V2. That’s why the messages area has the tag “hard” assigned to it.

We have also created a new thread about the V2 transfer in the Team Talk area of our forum. It contains a link to the roadmap so that that’s easy to find in the future, and a collection of the V2 transfer FAQs we have previously published in our news posts. For now, it’s just repeating information that we already gave you, but we thought it would be nice to have all V2-related information available in one central forum thread instead of spread over several news posts.

We hope all of this helps you to get a better understanding of the transfer progress! If anything is still unclear, we are always happy to answer further questions in the comments down below. But we will still not be able to provide any ETAs about when the transfer is going to be finished.

🤖 No Code Update This Week 🤖

Today would be the regular day of our biweekly code update, but we don’t have one ready for you yet. On Monday we conducted some maintenance work on our backend that was necessary to ensure the game runs smoothly throughout the winter holidays, as well as laying the groundwork for fixing the slowness bug some players are currently experiencing. This was just the first step, though, and further work must be done in order to get the page up to speed for everyone. The coders also made some changes that will allow us to better test the next update to the Western Reining formula with an even bigger set of test horses before we release it to the game. Due to all of these important preparations, they didn’t progress with the V2 transfer this week. We don’t yet know which page will be the next to move to V2, but we hope that we’ll have it ready by next week. So don’t be alarmed if you see the maintenance screen pop up next Wednesday - we might be updating a page to V2 then!

🏜️ New December Background 🏜️

On Monday, our new December background “Snowy Sahara” has arrived in our Delta Store! This one is definitely something different and has already led players to all kinds of associations from icecream to Mars. We got the idea from our background request thread in the forum and loved it since our two existing winter backgrounds look quite middle-European. So why not spend this winter on a different continent?

🐞 Recently Fixed Bugs 🐞

⚈ Clubs with special font symbols in their names produced Error 500 pages when players tried to donate to them or change other settings. This has now been fixed.
⚈ On our Dutch server, the text for “Capacity” was missing on the player profiles.
⚈ A bug in the code of the Clubs was fixed that didn’t lead to any visible problems for players but contributed to the slowness of V2 pages.

🎭 Team Changes 🎭

2020 turned out to be a... challenging year for everyone. Unfortunately, our team members weren’t exempt from this. Two other beloved moderators have decided to leave our team due to their personal lives needing more attention at the moment. Zephyros has been a Discord moderator for our English and our Dutch server almost since the release of the game, and jessr1622 was with us for almost a year as a forum moderator on the English server. Both of them have done amazing work for us and will be sorely missed! A big thanks to both of you - we wish you all the best, and hope you may return to us in the future if your time allows for it again!

But luckily we also have good news: Our trial moderator Randy will be permanently joining our team! He will primarily be active on our Dutch server as a Discord and forum moderator both. We’re really glad to have found someone so qualified to join our Dutch team and are excited to continue working with him!

As always: Thank you for staying up to date with our news! If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel welcome to leave us a comment down below.

Best wishes,
Your Horse Reality Team


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