New Community Manager: Allothero

Monday, Mar 9 at 12:27

Last time we said we would get 3 new staff members, 2 Community Managers and 1 Content Creator. The first one to announce is Allothero, who speaks both Dutch and English.

Meet our new Community Manager Allothero!
Never sat on a horse so why am I here?

Hey y’all, my name is Allothero! I’m 23 years old and as of today, I will be a community manager for Horse Reality. Also, I'm a dude.

About me: I am not here to play the game. I’m here to assist Studio Deloryan with communication, so we can give you guys the best experience we can, while they can focus on the development of this game. I’m from The Netherlands, only the best country in the world.

I’ve been gaming for around 15 years? Started with Zelda and Mario Kart on the GameCube and have ever since evolved into pc gaming. I mainly play League of Legends but if you check out my Steam page (linked on my Discord profile) you can see my extensive collection of games.

I love to play video games, hang out with friends and grab a drink, work out in the gym or on the hockey field and stream every so often.

I’m glad to be here and be of help to the studio! Feel free to ping me (Discord: Allothero#0739) or send me direct messages if you have any more questions!

Now how do I get my favourite horse in this game…
favourite horse


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