[Updated] Player profiles transferred to V2 and their bugs

Friday, Nov 6 at 12:00

Hello everyone,

It has come to our attention that there have been quite a few bugs coming up since the player profiles have been transferred to V2. Many of these bugs and issues have been gathered by our moderators and have been sent to the development team.

While we are sure that many of our players would now like to go ahead and fix their profiles, our advice is to refrain from putting extra efforts into making your profile pretty again and to keep it as is, for now. There are definitely things happening that shouldn’t be in the first place. To prevent you from putting in your precious time and efforts, and possibly having to adapt once again when our team has fixed the current issues, we hope to fix the majority of these bugs as soon as possible!

Our apologies for the frustration and inconveniences. We are putting in our best effort to fix this as soon and as smoothly as we can. Hopefully, that is today, but it is very likely that this will be done after the weekend.

Much love,
The Horse Reality Team

Known bugs related to the transfer of the player profiles:

We are working on the following bugs and will update this list whenever we fix something or a new bug gets reported.
Last Update: November 17th

✅ The horse status icons such as in-heat, for sale, up for stud, ... went missing from the horse list, but we've got them back!
✅ The mobile hamburger menu on the starting page should now work again. If you are still having (other) problems with it, please let us know your issue, on which game page it occurs, as well as your device and browser in the comments below!
✅ Player profiles that are permanently banned show the red [banned] tag again. This tag got lost, and while we got it back we decided to sneak a small update in: From now on, only permanently banned profiles will show this tag. Profiles that are banned only temporarily will not have this tag.
✅The blue submenu bar was to be much larger on the PC version. It is now back to 40px height, just as it was on V1.
✅ The club menu that was suddenly shifted to the right has now found its centre again.
✅ A period (.) which had snuck in behind the estate names has been removed.
✅ We have removed the limit of 65000 characters for player profile text.
✅ The horse list on the player profiles no longer jumbles up the "ñ" in Pura Raza Española.
✅ The banner image doesn't duplicate itself anymore if someone previously uploaded a banner that was smaller than the recommended size.
✅ Old bug: Some players couldn't add avatars & banners on mobile because the "upload"-buttons disappeared. This is now fixed.
Estate name and ranking are not overlapping each other anymore on the mobile layout.
✅ The banner on mobile was cut in half. It now scales with the size of the screen. This is not an ideal solution - text on your banners may be unreadable now and the position of your name, estate name, and rank may be hiding parts of the banner. However, we hope it is good enough for now. Putting a lot of valuable coding time into such details at this point in time might also be moot, since we intend to redo the design when the entire game is transferred to V2, including a proper mobile version.
Images on the user profiles that exceed the new maximum width were not automatically scaled within the proportions of the profile. We have changed that now.
✅ When selecting "open link in new window" while adding a link to the player profile, the link will now actually open in a new window.
V2 pages are taking a long time to load: We have been investigating this bug for a while now, but we want to mention it here again to ensure you - we know this is a highly inconvenient issue and are working on finding the cause. We'll keep you updated about this bug and the fixing process in the coming news posts!

If a fix didn't work for you, please try this first:

  1. Clear your cache (google how to as it depends on your browser)
  2. Refresh the page (CTRL + SHIFT + R / CMD + SHIFT + R)
  3. The bug is still there? Tell us in the comments! Please add your browser+device.

Some changes that cannot be improved right away:

⚈ The new banner size is: 950x297px. We understand this is an odd number and many players were hoping for larger rather than smaller banners. However, due to the use of the Bootstrap framework for transferring the contents of the PC layout to the mobile layout, 950px is the new maximum width for our profiles, including the banners. In order to make sure the current uploaded banners were properly scaled into this format, the height had to be changed to 297px in order to keep the original resolutions. This ensured for many people that the banner did not get distorted or cut off oddly. Once the entire game will get redesigned this will likely change. You can still upload your banners in a 960x300px format and the game will automatically resize them.
⚈ Some players mentioned that the light blue blocks on the left side of the player profiles (player & estate stats) are now bigger, resulting in a smaller profile text area. This cannot get changed at this point in time, unfortunately, since V2 uses a special kind of theme. If these blocks are made smaller, some text no longer fits within those blocks. This will be looked at again once the entire redesign of the game will happen, though.

P.S.: Once the ongoing bugs are fixed, due to the changed profile width, many players may still wish to adjust the size of their stud cards, profile dividers, and similar artwork. The following tweak can save a lot of time: Instead of uploading all those images in a new format via imgur or giphy, you can actually change their sizes in the profile editor! When working on your profile you can select an image within the editor by left-clicking it. If you then click the "insert image" icon (fourth from the left), you can adjust the image proportions at the bottom of the menu that pops up. Alternatively, you can left-click and hold one of the blue rectangles at the corner points of the selected image, and then drag your mouse to resize it flexibly.


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