B-Day Livestream - Final Surprise Reveal

Friday, Oct 16 at 13:45

Update: 9:15 PM:
For anyone who has missed it, you can watch the unedited replay over here: click.
This was our very first Livestream, and a long one at that! So it was a little bit bumpy. We experienced a lot of difficulties, in the beginning mostly, so you can likely skip ahead to somewhere like 1.5h after starting. Whoops 🙈

We hope to edit the above version into a smaller sized video at least, and add subtitles (EN + NL) to it as well so that anyone can read along. But our team first needs a one-week break after all those preparations! So next week the most of us will take some time off, but the week after we get back strong to continue with our work! We hope to add the edited version of the stream in a timely matter.

Our final surprise reveal for our Birthday Event was... Our very own Merchandise Store!!
As of today, you can purchase Horse Reality Merchandise at shop.deloryan.com.

We know that not all the breeds are currently in there and there are other things that many of you would probably like to see in the shop. Feel free to give your input down below in the comments and we will collect all the requests and see where we can take them! We are super happy with the current TB fleece blanket. It is extremely soft and we hope to add those for other breeds as well.

Thank you so much for anyone who has watched our stream and baring with our tech struggles 😋 Your patience was highly appreciated!

Lots of love,
Deloryan and the rest of the team

Update 4:23 PM: Due to us having a lot of technical difficulties, we're quite behind schedule. We just finished the live sketching with Jullelin and started with our Dominika session! :)

Our Livestream will start in 15-minutes! Join us here: click
Deloryan will be today’s host and go over tons of fun stuff together with all of you!

Our schedule of the day looks somewhat like this:
2.00 PM - 📹Introduction & History of HR 📹
2.30 PM - ✏️ Live sketching with Jullelin ✏️
3.00 PM - 🐴 Equine colouring fun with Dominika 🐴
3.45 PM - 🎨 Equine colouring fun with Hester 🎨
4.30 PM - ❓ Q&A with Deloryan & Oratrix ❓
5.00 PM - 👻 Halloween 2020 BG drawing by Chutkat 👻
5.45 PM - 🔥Final surprise reveal! 🔥

And as a little extra just for you we have added a Livestream SALE from 14.00 - 18.30 HR Time (CEST), this will be the last one for a while, so be quick if you want to enjoy it!


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