Birthday Surprise: New Horse Colour Variations & Small Community Update (V2 Transfer & Bugfixes)

Wednesday, Oct 14 at 15:12

Update Oct 15 10:13: The New Welsh foundies got their names changed
Seems that our four new Welsh foundation horses came out a little more Irish than we had intended! Since it’s only day two of their duty, we hope you don’t mind that we quickly gave them a name change. Fionnuala is now Fioled, Fergal is Ffraw, Aodhan is Aeddan, and Muireann is Meirionydd. Many thanks to the player who helped us quickly correct our mistake! 😊

Update Oct 14 16:25: Artwork Bugfix for Grey Foals!
Did you just now encounter living foals that suddenly changed their coats? That was actually an artwork bugfix we totally forgot to mention in this update! The artwork of some of our foals is lacking hyperpigmentation (typical for foals that will become Grey later on). We’re planning to add this to all of our breeds sooner or later, and today the following foals joined the hyperpigmentation club:
Finnhorse, Akhal-Teke, Welsh Pony: Buckskin-Grey + Palomino-Grey
Finnhorse, Welsh Pony: Silver-Grey

This year’s birthday party is the gift that keeps on giving! As our livestream date gets closer and closer, we’ve added quite a few little surprises for you in today’s update. Many of you thought the party was already over. Guess what! It was not 😊

🎂 Birthday Surprise: New Horse Coat Variations! 🎂

During the last few months, we told you that our artists were busy drawing the missing Mustang colours….. while that was true, it was not the only thing they were working on! 🥳 We thought it was time we showed our existing breeds some love and as a birthday surprise for you, we added new coat variations to 13 of our horse breeds! On top of these new variations, we’ve added Dun to the Welsh Pony and Champagne & Pearl to the Mustang Horse. This means that those two breeds will be receiving extra foundation horses. We’ve put together a short FAQ about the changes below the following list of all new artwork additions:

Added Artwork

⚈ Akhal-Teke (colour variations + grey variations)
⚈ Arabian Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Camargue Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Icelandic Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Kladruber Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Knabstrupper (colour variations + white pattern variations + white marking variations)
⚈ Mustang Horse (NEW GENES: champagne + pearl)
⚈ Noriker Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Norman Cob (colour variations)
⚈ Oldenburg Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Shire Horse (colour variations + grey variations)
⚈ Suffolk Punch (colour variations)
⚈ Trakehner Horse (colour variations)
⚈ Welsh Pony (colour variations + grey variations + NEW GENE: dun)

What are colour variations, what’s the difference between them and new colour genes?

Adding new genes to a breed means that we add something totally new that hasn’t been seen in the breed before. New genes can only be brought into the game by adding new foundation horses, whereas this is not necessary for adding new colour variations. Adding new variations (colour/grey/white pattern/white marking variations) means that a genetic combination that already exists receives new coat colours. Whenever a horse with a certain genetic colour, for example: black, is born, the system randomly decides which shade of black the horse will receive. In this case, either pitch black or sunfaded black. The system then has more options to choose from when you breed a horse.

How can I get the new variations?

From this moment on, when you breed two horses, the foal has a possibility to get one of the new coats. You will have to wait the entire gestation period and then until adulthood to see it, though. But: Any horse that is generated from now on will have a possibility to show the new coats. In case you cannot wait for new foals to be born, you can purchase & age up horses of the above-mentioned breeds from the foundation or catch them in the wildlife parks!

Why do some breeds have more variations than others?

Many breeds in the game are popular because of their huge number of colour genes, making other less colourful breeds feel a bit left out. Poor babies! We decided to give extra love to some of our less popular breeds by giving them a few more variations of the same colour <3 We did not, however, add the same amount of extra variations to each of the breeds above because we attempted to even out the total amount of variety each of those breeds had. Occasionally our artists had so much fun that they decided to make an extra coat or two. Of course we could never keep those pretties from you 🥰

Why did not all breeds receive new variations?

We can imagine that it’s quite disappointing if your favourite breed was not mentioned in the list above - we are really sorry. We have not forgotten about you! Many breeds that did not receive new variations today may receive a new greyscale in the future. While the current version of the game is now two years old, we have been going through alpha and beta stages since early 2013, and some of our breeds were drawn all the way back then. They are now due for an update for a few reasons. In some cases, they don’t fit the semi-realistic style the game has today and the greyscale update will be a rather big change. In other cases, the updated greyscale will look almost identical to the current one. In those cases the entire breed will be redone eventually, we felt it would be a waste of our artists’ resources and time to draw extra coat variations. In a rare instance, such as with Fjord Horses, we did not add new variations because their colours are all very similar and there is not much to create a variation from.

Foundation Horses

We have finished the artwork of the Dun gene of the Welsh Pony and the Pearl and Champagne genes of the Mustang horse. Since none of the current foundation bloodlines are carrying those genes, we needed to add new foundation horses to bring them into the game. Therefore, 4 new Welsh foundies and 8 new Mustang foundies entered the game as of now! We know it wouldn’t be fair if some breeds received more foundation horses than others. In case of the Mustangs we already anticipated that they’d need to get extra foundation horses at times, so when we added the last batch of foundies the Mustangs got only 80 instead of the regular 120. Now, they’re up to 88 foundation horses in total. In case of the Welsh Ponies, we were not as foresighted and they now have 124 instead of the regular 120 foundation parents. We will correct this in the next generation of foundation horses by only adding 116 new ones.

Knabstrupper Whites

There used to be a Knabstrupper coat that was unavailable in-game but kept haunting, among other things, our social media presences. We apologised for those mistakes and deleted the images, and today we are extremely happy to announce that that specific coat has finally been added to the game! It does not look 100% the same since the picture that kept slipping out was a WIP. Meaning: It’s the same coat, it looks almost the same, but we now corrected some weird edges and so on, so if you compare both images side-by-side you will be able to spot slight differences. We hope you will enjoy the coat we accidentally created so much advertisement for :)

What will the artists do next?

It’s still our goal to open all our wildlife parks soon. The next breeds our artists will be working on are therefore the Namib Desert Horse (African wildlife park) and the Mongolian Horse (Asian wildlife park). You may be wondering why we’re not working on missing Grey coats for the Mustangs and Quarter Horses. The answer is that unfortunately, those will have to wait until the end of the V2 transfer. To add those Greys, we need to first update our internal image system - which is coding work and we cannot do any other code updates before the V2 transfer is over.

Why do you need to update the internal image system? Currently, the entire image uploading system is unautomated, meaning that each horse colour was uploaded and connected individually by a person. This means (tail + mane + coat) x3 poses = 9 clicks per added colour. The system does not help us at all, for example if 20 different horse colours all have the same mane, we still need to upload and connect the mane 20 times and cannot tell the system “use this mane”. The Mustangs currently have about 180 (x3 poses) colours, and we would need to add a white mane, tail, and coat to each and every one of them. This is just an unbelievable amount of clicking with a troubling tendency for human error. Our image system needs an update - it was not invented for a game as big as we are now, with as many colours as we have now. We often tell you that no new features will come before the V2 transfer is over. This does unfortunately not only pertain to game features that you are waiting for and we badly wanna add, but also affects behind-the-scenes workings of our system that we need and want to update. But we’re making good progress on the transfer (see below) and we promise that everything will happen in good time :)

🚨 Birthday Livestream Reminder 🚨

We announced it previously but here is another quick reminder to make sure you save the date: We will do a livestream this Friday, October 16th, from 2pm till 6pm HR time (CEST)! You can participate then or watch it later, both on our Youtube channel. You have questions for Deloryan, an artist, or another team member? Drop them in the comments of this news post and we will make sure they will be answered! We’re so excited! 🤗

🤖 V2 Transfer: Riding School, Foal Pastures, Bank, & Airport 🤖

As of today, four more pages have been rewritten in V2! We’re still a long way from finishing the transfer, but we’re quite excited about the progress we’re making lately!

If you notice any bugs (both new or old) in those four game areas, please do the following:

  1. Clear your cache (google how to as it depends on your browser)
  2. Refresh the page
  3. Is the bug still there? Report in the bug reports forum!

Thank you! :)

🐞 Recent Bugfixes 🐞

The following issues have recently been fixed. If the fix didn’t work for you, please follow the steps listed above!

⚈ The currency exchange produced a blank page when trying to exchange WT/FT for HRC
⚈ The top menu wasn’t stickied on V2 pages, resulting in the menu disappearing if you scrolled down a V2 page

Fixed bugs that were related to the V2-retirement home:
⚈ When a mare was on the market together with her <6 months old foal, and the foal was retired before the end of the trade, the foal was then removed from the seller’s retirement home and sent to the buyer’s retirement home. This has now been fixed and the foal will remain in the retirement home of the person who retired the foal. Additionally, already retired foals will neither show up in the market pages nor on their dam’s profile page anymore!
⚈ It was possible to breed with a retired stud if you had saved/bookmarked his breeding page
⚈ It was possible to inseminate retired mares if they were in heat

Notification bugs fixed during the V2-transfer:
⚈ The notifications should not scramble up horse or player names anymore
⚈ The notifications should now clear after 7 days for all players (only if the player has been online in the past 24h and read them)
⚈ When getting several pages of new notifications, they will now be bold and count as “unread” on all pages until all pages have been visited (previously only page 1)
⚈ Read notifications should stay read now. If this is not the case for you: check first if you clicked all pages of notifications to make sure there are no old unread ones in between. If that is not the issue, tell us as many details as possible in this bug report thread.

🕚 Other Projects: Writing Contest, Western Reining Calculations, ... 🕚

We know that many groups of players are waiting for updates from us on different topics. We have to ask you for a little more patience! 💛 Now that you know about the livestream and the added artwork variations, we can admit that the past two months have been insane for our team. And there is also one more birthday surprise to come soon…... If you see less of us in the forum, news posts, or Discord, it’s not because we’re not there - there are just many different projects going on at once, and in a small team it’s more or less the same people having their fingers in everything. We hope we can soon return to a less chaotic state and give you all the updates and information you are waiting for!

We are currently reading all of your 118 writing contest entries! To judge them fairly and not skip over any, this will take a bit more time.

We will also soon give updates on the state of the western reining calculations! The responsible developer is currently on a short holiday and will get into it as soon as he is back.

We hope this birthday surprise made you happy! Now three of our gifts have been revealed… one more is to come! :) Don’t forget to drop questions for our livestream in the comments, or of course any other questions related to today’s update!

Happy breeding!
Your Horse Reality Team


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