Community Update - Western Reining Calculations, V2 Transfer, HR’s Birthday: Livestream & Other Surprises, and Welsh Artwork Bug Fixes

Wednesday, Sep 30 at 14:46

Dear Community! There are many things we have been working on behind the scenes for months now. We could not tell you about them because we were not sure if we could get it all done in time. Finally, we can tell you about some of it in this post. We hope you will be as excited about these updates as we are, so let’s jump right in!

🏆 Competition Calculations: Western Reining Update 🏆

Many of you have been waiting for this news for a very long time - and we are happy and relieved that we can finally tell you it is here. Today, the new competition calculations for Western Reining are released!

We went through many cycles of tweaks and tests in these past few weeks and we think that we found a nice balance between justified winners and the element of surprise. The results are still influenced by the same factors as before: conformation, genetic potential, training, physical fitness, grooming, and performance (RNG). But we have changed the way in which those are weighed to make the results more coherent and less random.

Even though our team ran thousands of tests, we cannot anticipate every situation that our players might encounter in their daily gameplay, which is why we would love to hear your feedback. Especially if you are breeding for Western Reining, it would be invaluable to us if you could enter the same horses several times and report back to us whether you think their average results and how they compare to the horses they lost to or won over are justified.

Depending on your feedback, we will either go back to further tweak the Reining formula, or we will move on to the next discipline and update its calculation.

🤖 V2 Transfer: Retirement Home, Notifications, & Delete Account 🤖

We know it's been two weeks already since the retirement home moved to V2, but we did not have a good opportunity to properly thank everyone for staying so overwhelmingly positive and patient during the long maintenance mode. It was a hard day for everyone, things didn't go as planned, and it meant the world to our team that we kept receiving supportive words from our players. You were also super quick to report any freshly hatched bugs the moment they saw the light of day and to warn us when our first attempt at fixing them wasn’t successful. Together we have managed to exterminate the majority of bugs before they had the chance to become a plague. Thank you! You are amazing 🥰

After observing the new retirement home for two weeks, we are starting to be confident that most known (V1) bugs affecting that game area have been fixed. And, can we have a drumroll, please? This also goes for one of our most senior bugs: “THE” retirement bug that caused specific horses to become unretireable is now history - no horse is able to resist Gisela’s invitation anymore! The retirement home is still not completely bug-free but, to our awareness, only two critical issues persist that our developers will get to after their work on the Western Reining calculations is done. We also decided to turn one bug into a feature and keep the ability to test the genes of your own retired horses.

Today, we have also moved the notifications and the “delete account” functionality to V2, including several small bug fixes. The most important one being that previously, when a player deleted their account while having a horse for sale on the market, the horse was retired regardless of whether someone placed a bid or not. Now in the updated version, the horse gets sent to the highest bidder instead of the retirement home.

🎂 It’s Almost Our 2nd Anneighversary! 🎂

Isn’t it incredible how time flies? On October 8th, 2018, a certain little game called Horse Reality made its way onto your phones and laptops, and even into your hearts. Much has happened since then! We could write about all the nostalgia right here, right now, but we won’t --- because soon we will tell you in person! 😱😱😱

B-Day Livestream on October 16th from 14:00 to 18:00 (2pm - 6pm) HR time (CEST)

We are celebrating our birthday by hosting a livestream event! On most days, we focus on the many things we still have to do, finish, improve, and update. Which is why we want to take the occasion of hitting our 2-year-mark to celebrate how far we’ve already come - together! Somehow, through all the struggles big and small, Horse Reality is still here and continues to grow - and that is thanks to you, our amazing community! Fact is: We would not be here without you, and you would not be here, on Horse Reality without us, so let’s just take a day to celebrate that we are all here, together!

This is the first time any of us are organising such an event. We are super stoked but also anticipate a fair amount of chaos. We hope to keep it small and casual, since most of our resources go towards the V2 transfer - but we intend to fill the destined time slot with exciting things for you to enjoy. So join in and have some fun with us!

We think we have got some cool stuff planned for you. We have a few staff members joining us: Deloryan will be there, Jullelin who draws our linearts and mascot, Chutkat who is responsible for our beautiful backgrounds, our Equine artists Dominika and Hester, and finally our NPC artist Monika will be around during this time in the chatroom! We have not finalised the schedule yet because we are wondering: What would you like to see? What would your hopes/expectations/dreams be if you joined the event? What would be the most fun and interesting to you? Please tell us in the comments, and we’ll do what we can to realise some of your wishes!

This event will be recorded, so if you cannot attend it live, you can still watch it at a later time. Since almost the entire team will be there, we are planning several Q&A sessions. If you have a burning question, you can drop it in the comments here and make sure your question(s) get answered even if you cannot attend. Just make it clear that it is a question for the Q&A and we will collect it for our event :) We feel sad for everyone who wants to be there but has to work/study/sleep - we hope it will not be the last event like this.

All other relevant details will be announced in advance at a later time!

Shhhh - Surprise, Surprise?

If there are no gifts, is it even a birthday? Why absolutely not, that would be scandalous! As of today you can receive a new badge when you celebrate your 2nd anniversary on Horse Reality! Furthermore you will receive a little surprise if you log on the game on October 8th between 00:00 and 23:59 HR time (CEST). Keep your eyes open for news posts in the week of our livestream event (October 12-16th) for more fun surprises!

🐞 Artwork Bug Fix: Welsh Pony 🐞

We discovered that in Welsh Ponies the images of both SW1/n + hidden sabino and SW1/SW1 + hidden sabino were both connected to the genetics of SW1/SW1 + hidden sabino. Whenever a horse with those genes was born, the game randomly decided which of the images it would assign to that horse. This wrong connection has been corrected and all affected horses should now show their true colours.

Please note: We have only corrected horses with the SW1/SW1 + hidden sabino genetics & SW1/n + hidden sabino image. We have not verified Welsh Ponies (or other breeds) with additional white genes, or different (but similar) genetics. If you suspect a horse's genetics to be bugged, please continue to let us know about it in the bug reports.

These are the life numbers of all horses affected by this bug:
1070985 - 1350056 - 1046354 - 1052259 - 1099675 - 1111527 - 1258573 - 1270266
1320330 - 1498866 - 1605352 - 1611065 - 2141750 - 1018032 - 1816438 - 2864200
2829788 - 2941618 - 803814 - 986931 - 2780303 - 2520398 - 2360248 - 1614171
1661496 - 1916965 - 1962655 - 1647180 - 1048711 - 1528432 - 1924968 - 2283240
2843863 - 2307585 - 1044785 - 1258037 - 1269691 - 1269701 - 3007440 - 3015876
1049049 - 2170707 - 1607652 - 2125626 - 2506884 - 996831 - 1061713 - 1324346
1460096 - 1790512 - 1884731 - 2325277 - 2330282 - 1849798 - 774555 - 905992
1053201 - 1289153 - 1918242 - 2511851 - 1044981 - 1350021 - 2143332 - 2335013
1802322 - 1136071 - 1653347 - 1661797 - 1673963 - 2149402 - 767969 - 1340318
693634 - 774424 - 2772671 - 2776360 - 1816928 - 1160871 - 1230531 - 1234613
1706594 - 2307752 - 3067132 - 930140 - 1371636 - 683330 - 1306328 - 666146
2540867 - 2552497 - 1073941 - 1402284 - 2641104 - 1057371 - 2467005 - 1979222
1230739 - 2451453 - 2578545 - 1086156 - 1462691 - 1751589 - 3062291 - 2227635
1946380 - 2028470 - 993147 - 2107709 - 2022747 - 1787223 - 1862829 - 2254574
2173394 - 2265831 - 2995895 - 818390 - 1316459 - 1030858

On a final note: Some questions reached us lately about an official “How To Credit Horse Reality Artwork” guide being in the making. This was proposed in our Discord and we are happy to confirm that such a guide is being worked on. We cannot give an estimate for when it will be finished, because there are other things we’re working on behind the scenes right now. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy if you are unsure what images need credit, how such credit should look like, and so on. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our staff with any questions or concerns you might have in this regard.

Thanks for keeping up to date with our news! As always, let us know about your thoughts and questions in the comments - especially regarding ideas for our Livestream, questions that you wish to see answered during Q&A sessions, and feedback for the Western Reining calculations once those are released!

Have a fabulous week,
Your Horse Reality Team


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