Reminder: Writing Contest and DP Sale ending soon!

Friday, Sep 25 at 01:56

Hi everybody!

Today we have just got a quick reminder for you. Our writing contest will come to an end on the 26th of September at 23:59 HR time (12 AM CEST). While we are on the topic of reminders, we also want to mention that the current Autumn DP sale ends on 27 of September 23:59 HR time!

✍️ Writing Contest Wrap-Up ✍️

We love all of your entries and could not be happier with how this contest developed! A huge thank you to all of you who have participated! 🎉🥳🥰 It is really a delight to read what you have come up with and picking the winners will not be an easy task, that is for sure!

You can still enter the contest or edit your entries until 26th of September 23:59 HR time. All information and the link to the submission thread can be found here in this news post.

Please also take these last few days to double-check your entries. Do not forget about our word limit of 800 words maximum per NPC. Entries longer than that will not be considered!. We also noticed that some entries still say “to be continued” or “work in progress”. Now is the time to get those last few edits in to make your story stand out!

After the deadline is over, we will temporarily move the thread to an area only visible to staff. That is to ensure that nobody edits their entries after the contest is closed.

We will announce the winners and re-publish the entry thread as soon as we can, but we are going to ask for a little patience as we are quite busy preparing for some stuff behind the scenes! Another news post loaded with exciting information is coming up next week, so sit tight! :)

See you soon!
Your Horse Reality Team

Comments disabled: Please ask your questions about the competition in the older news post linked above. Thank you!