Community Update - Retirement Home, Estates Page, & Rankings Page on V2, New Art Intern, Quality of Life Tweaks, Artwork Bugfixes, New Background

Thursday, Sep 10 at 14:52

Hi everyone! Today we’ve got a pretty loaded update for you. Read up on several exciting news - the transfer of three more pages to V2 (including a much-requested quality of life tweak), a brand new team member, and more! We hope you’ll enjoy the news we’ve got for you.

🤖 V2 Transfer: Retirement Home, Estate, Rankings 🤖

Our developers have been busy bees during the last two weeks. As of today, three more of our game pages have been transferred to V2: the rankings page, the estate page, and the retirement home. If anything odd happens to you on the V2 versions of these pages that did not happen in V1, please let us know through the bug reports forum!

As for now, the bugs that were already known to happen in V1 have not yet been worked on. Our developers first want to see how the new V2 page versions perform and whether any new bugs pop up. However, it is very likely that some of our known bugs have been fixed by merely transferring the respective page to V2, due to the new framework. It would be very helpful if you could let us know if some of our known bugs are suddenly no longer happening on one of the three transferred pages! The remaining bugs will be fixed in one of our next code updates after we have a better overview of how the V2 pages are doing.

We are super happy to announce that we were able to sneak three quality of life updates into our retirement home that many of you have been wishing for: The conformation, GP, & health stats of retired horses are no longer hidden, and their profiles display not only their current owner (Gisela), but also their previous owner (the player who retired the horse). Furthermore, the registries page does not count retired horses anymore after tonight's rollover. The number shown on the registries page does now only consist of living horses. We hope that this will be helpful in your breeding projects, herd tracking, and stable management!

👋 New Art Intern 👋

Our team grew a little bigger again last week when our new art intern Amy joined. She will join our Art Team until next February! We are excited to have her on the team and can’t wait to see what awesome things she will create for us!

Here is a little introduction from her:

Hiya everyone, I’m Amy! I’m 20 years old and currently studying Creative Media & Game Technologies majoring in Game Art. I love discussing tv-shows, games and art with people, I’m basically a white-noise machine when it comes to The Last of Us because I WILL keep talking about that game forever if you do not stop me. I recently started playing Animal Crossing though, so when I’m not crying about The Last of Us I’m shaking virtual trees hoping a stick falls out… :^) Some other interests of mine are fashion history, drag and floating in the void between worlds. If you want you can dm me and I’m really excited to start working on Horse Reality and getting to know the community ^^

🐴 Artwork Bugfixes 🐴

We have fixed two artwork bugs where horses ended up displaying the wrong coat.

Mustangs: The genetics for black dun silver Mustangs were falsely connected to the bay dun silver images. Thus, instead of always picking the correct image, the system used to randomly pick either the black dun silver or the bay dun silver image for such horses. As a result, some Mustang horses would show the wrong coat.

Now that this is corrected, all affected horses should show up with the correct image. The following are their life numbers:

  • 2181030
  • 2211387
  • 2223837
  • 2263228
  • 2319516
  • 2415924
  • 2528839
  • 2629579
  • 2670128
  • 2681670
  • 2986101
  • 2996246
  • 3003940

Finnhorses: An SW1/sw1 coat image was wrongly connected to the SW1/SW1 genetics, resulting in some Finnhorses displaying the wrong coat pattern. This, too, has been corrected, so that the affected horses should all display the correct image.

These are their life numbers:

  • 2698397
  • 2764373
  • 2915666
  • 2916086
  • 2926873

🐴 August & September Backgrounds 🐴

Last month we released the Kentucky Pastures background in the Delta Store without mentioning it in a news post. At the time we just had too much to share with you to fit it in, and since it’s available all year round, we hope you don’t mind the late announcement. We hope you guys will love the pasture with black fencing as much as we do! It was suggested many times in our background requests thread and we hope we did your expectations justice!

While the Kentucky Pastures isn’t a new addition this month, the Fields of Gold background certainly is! Due to technical difficulties we weren’t able to add it to the store earlier than today. Luckily this background is not a limited edition, so it is here to stay! You may have caught a sneak peek on our socials of this beautiful wheat field, and now you can grab your own in the Delta Store!

✍️ Writing Contest Reminder ✍️

We are so excited to see so many entries for our writing contest! We love reading them all and don’t know how we will be able to pick our winners! If you haven’t entered yet, don’t worry. You have until Saturday the 26th of September 23:59 HR time (12 AM CEST) to join the contest. If you’re looking to enter, check out the news post about the contest here.

What's Your Story?

As always, if you have any questions, remarks, or criticism about this news post - please feel welcome to drop them in the comments!

Your Horse Reality Team


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