New Feral Foundation Horses on March 10th, New Team Members, Bugfixes, & Updates

Friday, Mar 6 at 10:00

Hello everyone,

This week has been busy for us. We have some bugfixes and implementations planned, but we’d like to mention something else first: the feral foundation horses!

After a delay, the new feral foundation horses will arrive! During testing, we saw that some colour and gene combinations were incorrect, so we needed extra time to fix those. We’re happy that we can announce the new foundations for our feral breeds will enter the game on March 10th.

You will notice some new colours in the Mustang horses, such as pangaré, silver and sooty.
If you are knowledgeable on the Mustang horses, you might notice immediately that this means the breed isn’t complete yet. This is a breed with many colour and pattern possibilities, so we will continue the work on those images. Once they’re ready, they will be introduced through additional foundation horses.

Furthermore, we are working on an improved login area at this moment. On several parts of the game, you’ve already seen V2 appearing in the address bar. The pages of the game you can view before logging in will also be transferred to V2. This means these parts of the website will become scalable and better to read on mobile phones. The login area will be transformed as well. It is safer and your login on the V2 version should be remembered properly. This should fix the current bug in the news area giving you the possibility to respond on news articles immediately when you're still logged in.

Internal updates:
We have 3 new team members as of this month! We’re very excited and cannot wait to introduce them. In short, we have hired a person who will join us as Content Creator and we’ve hired 2 others who will join us as Community Managers. They can speak Dutch and German as well as English. These 3 team members will make sure we will engage with our community more often. We know all of you are providing us with so much knowledge, ideas and improvements. Though it has been hard to get a grasp on that sometimes. With their help, we will improve our communication and bring Horse Reality to the next level. Once all details are finalized a proper introduction will follow.


  • Arabian Horse Nadheem is now displayed as a grey horse. Previously he displayed a wild bay image, while his genetics were from a grey wild bay horse.
  • There are some Finnhorses with incorrect images. As soon as the new foundations come in, those images will be updated and the bug will be fixed.


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