The Brumbies Are Here & New Forum Set-Up!

Tuesday, Jul 28 at 12:05

Sitting on a bench in the shadow of a snow gum tree, we find Mia Brown in what looks like her first break in weeks. She’s holding her 2-year-old and a sandwich and starts smiling brightly as she sees us approaching. Written on a big chalkboard on her barn is a poem:

Thunder's done rumblies,
Who leaves us hanging?
Well - not my Brumbies,
They have been b...usy.

Catch a wild horse here,
You just need some luck,
Give it a good home, dear,
While my Brumbies f...rolic!

🐴 Interview with Mia Brown 🐴

Horse Reality: Hi Mia! It is so nice to finally meet you. Do you have a minute to talk to us?
Mia Brown: No worries, you’ve picked the right time to come along!

HR: Can you tell us a little bit about Brumbies? What made you get involved with them in the first place?
MB: Ha, how much time do you have?! I could talk about them for days! Let’s see, where to start? I fall in love with Brumbies all over again whenever I see one. Currently, there are probably about 300.000 Brumbies in all of Australia, they’re a bit like a national icon! They are descendants of horses that the early explorers brought with them in the 18th century, and of stock horses set loose when machines began to replace actual horsepower. Later on, domestic horses were released into the wild to further strengthen and diversify the Brumby population. Though not “wild horses” per se, they are born in the wild and live in feral herds. Brumbies have a strong sense of family, and as a family woman myself, I can relate to that. So I started working with them, but recently the herd has grown too big, and I decided to open my wildlife park up to the public.

HR: Population control is generally tricky with Brumbies, right?
MB: Yes, there is quite some controversy on that. Brumbies are not native to Australia but their history is intertwined with this place. Yet it is also a concern that the herds grow too big, which is what catching programs are trying to prevent. In some of those, Brumbies are ripped out of their environment one by one, instantly separated from their families and brought to their new homes in captivity without any preparation. They experience extreme stress. Seeing this, it’s just not right. In my wildlife park, I concentrate on humane herd management. The Brumbies that come to my park are slowly lured here to keep herd structures intact. They have time to settle and get used to the presence of humans. Y’know, in an ideal world, I would keep them all, but that’s just not possible.

HR: As a potential owner, why should I get a Brumby?
MB: They make excellent endurance horses since they are sure-footed in their natural habitat. Their conformation might not be up there with domestic breeds, but living in the wild has turned them into healthy little critters! Also, if you’re interested in that kind of thing, due to their diverse heritage these feral horses are quite the colourful bunch. Besides good old simple colours like black, bay, chestnut, and grey, this breed carries a large variety of genes including cream, roan, silver, and tobiano. But for me, it’s their character. They are social and calm and will form very strong bonds with each other and their humans.

HR: So how can we get one of your Brumbies?
MB: Just head on over to the Australian wildlife park. Make sure you have some Wildlife tickets and room in your stables, and then all you need is some catcher’s luck! It’s gonna be real busy around here in the next few days, so bring some patience with you. But no worries, it’ll be alright! Everybody will get their horses! I’ve got to bail now! Sorry about that. It’s choc-a-bloc around here!

HR: Thank you so much for your time!

🏇 Thoroughbred Community Poll 🏇

There are only three days left to vote on our recent poll! Check out our last news announcement to get the link and all relevant information. The poll will be closing on July 31st, 23.59 HR time. The results will be announced in our next news announcement after we’ve taken some time to investigate possible voting fraud.

🧵 Forum Restructuring & Ideas Review 🧵

In this news post we announced that we would change our forum set-up a bit. We snuck this update in together with today’s Brumby arrival! This update was only a reorganisation of our current forum - the forum did not yet move to V2. We tried to implement your suggestions as far as technologically possible with our present code. One frequently requested feature that unfortunately can’t be coded at the moment is to introduce further hierarchical forum categories (sub-sub-categories). Therefore, the new forum set-up is a bit longer due to all the added boards. We hope the clearer structure and variety make up for it!

Ideas Review: During the reorganisation, we have moved the old ideas forum to a location only visible to staff to sort through and properly review your idea threads. Read more about that in the new ideas board!

New Forum Rules: Along with the new forum set-up we have updated our board-specific rules.__ Please read up on them in the “Forum Rules & Guidelines” board at the very top of the forum. They hold the same weight as all our game rules. Possibly the biggest change was made for our RPG forum: We now require all roleplay posts to be at least 100 words long to make moderation easier. Existing threads that do not align with this rule will be moved to our “soon-to-be-closed” board at the very bottom of the forum. Please feel free to contact staff if you worry about how this will affect your RPG.

Sorting: It will be a couple of days before our staff has moved all of your threads into the correct categories. Some threads won’t fit into our new set-up anymore and will also be moved to our "soon-to-be-closed"-area. This should give everybody a chance to adjust to the changes, e.g. copy and save posts or layouts, or post a new thread with similar content. In two weeks from today, we will start closing threads in the “soon-to-be-closed”-area. This especially affects the Advertising board.

Where is my thread? On your player profile, under your banner picture is a header that says “Profile, Horses, Forum, Milestones”. Clicking on “Forum” will open up a list of all the active forum threads that you’ve ever created. If you are unsure where one of your threads is, this is the way to find out. We appreciate it if players copy their existing threads to better-suited boards and close their old ones (to close a thread, edit the original post and choose “Close topic: Yes” at the top, then save the edit).

🐞 List of Recent Bugfixes 🐞

✅ Estate: The maximum capacity has been increased to 225 stalls
✅ Horse Profiles: Fixed a new bug that created several issues with predicates for a day
✅ Lusitanos, Quarter Horses, and Akhal-Tekes: Fixed layers of horses who had their tails in front of their bodies
✅Finnhorse: Fixed a bug where silver didn’t show up correctly (owners of the 5 affected horses have been contacted)
✅ Mobile: Menu didn’t show up for screens with exactly 768px width
✅ Inventory: Fixed a bug that duplicated backgrounds
✅ Menu: Broken Discord link has been fixed
✅ Menu: Wiki link on V2 pages leads to the .COM-Wiki again
✅ Suffolk Punch stallion Albury Rex had a flaxen image but is actually only a carrier


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