Community Update - Developer Change, Discord Verification, Age Bug

Wednesday, Jul 8 at 20:14

Hi everyone!

Summer is officially here for a lot of our team members and players! This means that many of us are experiencing increased activity in our lives. From fostering a kitten full time to some much-needed vacation, our staff is busier than usual. We were not able to get as much stuff done as we had hoped and expressed to you. During the last two weeks, we’ve had family emergencies, broken computers, university deadlines, soaring allergies, pet tragedies - you name it, we’ve had it. We are all working from home, and when there is chaos at home, it impacts us. It’s our company policy to not force people to work when they need some time for themselves, and we hope you forgive us that some things may take a bit longer on our part.

⚠️ Discord Verification: COMING TOMORROW ⚠️

We will implement the verification process to our official Discord server tomorrow. Don’t panic if you see things moving around or changing - that will be us, preparing :) You will find a detailed “how-to” once you enter the new Discord setup. We hope everything will go smoothly and easily, but it’s probably best to also expect some chaos and confusion. Spread the word!

If you find anything confusing or are having any issues, feel free to message Tasi on Discord as she will be around to see the changes through.

🎭 Developer Change 🎭

We have some amazing news for you! A little while back, our developer Max started his own passion project and it has since grown into something really great. He has recently informed us that he will be leaving the Horse Reality team to be able to put more time into his own project. We are very happy and excited for him, but also sad to see him go. He has done a lot of really amazing work for us and will be sorely missed. We wish him all the best and cannot wait to see how his project grows!

The good part of the news is that we have found a very promising replacement for him. We will be working with a development company, which brings some exciting advantages. They have several coders on the team with various areas of expertise and one of their quality checks is to do code-reviews. Meaning that any code is reviewed by another developer before it even hits the testing phase. This is the kind of quality control we always wanted but could not afford, and we could not be more excited about it! On top of all this, the development company has its own project manager. That means that all further coding work will be planned, scheduled, communicated, and regular. From now on, we will have biweekly coding updates (every two weeks). Some may be minor, some major, but you can count on the coding to progress every two weeks.

What can you expect for the next months?

The development company will first and foremost continue Max’s work of transferring the whole game page by page from V1 (old, outdated code) to V2 (a fresh, new framework that allows for faster updates with fewer bugs). We will not add new updates to the gameplay while this is happening, but our goal is to erase each page’s bugs during its transfer to V2. The only exception will be the improvements to the competition areas that we have been promising for a long time (improved competition calculations, club-created competitions, breed-specific competitions).

In the next few weeks, we probably won’t be able to make any big jumps. The new company needs to get used to our code, and our two teams will start working together and get to know each other’s processes. The first page that the new team will transfer to V2 is the registries’ page because this is an easy one. There, the new company can get to know our code without the risk of breaking anything important. Once they get the hang of it, they can hopefully move on to work on the competitions.

The arrival of the Brumbies will not get impacted by this change since Max was never involved in the process of adding new breeds.

💀 Bug: Horses Dying Too Young or Old 💀

Many of you know that some of our Horse Reality horses die before or after their supposed 25-30 year lifespan. We have made a big step towards solving this bug this week - we found out which bits of code cause it. The issues are found in the V1 code, which unfortunately means that at this point in time, we are unable to fix it. We are still in the middle of transferring the whole game from V1 to V2. Changing something in the V1 code is very likely to cause other issues or bugs, which is why this bugfix will have to wait until the transfer is completed. The earliest that horses can die with the current bug is 23 years and 11 months. For the time being, we ask you to take this as the new official soonest age a horse can die. We will change the information in the Wiki accordingly. We are really sorry for anyone who has been inconvenienced by this bug and are hopeful that the new development company will help us get rid of it when they move that part to V2.

That’s it for today! As always: Let us know what’s on your mind! We also know that a lot of you are waiting for another type of contest, and we’ve got a very special one coming up! Our next contest will be a writing one and will be centred around NPCs, so keep an eye out for it soon!

In the meantime, you can check out the new “Blue Lake” background in our Delta Store, portraying a beautiful scenery in Kosciuszko National Park, Australia. Can you guess which horse breed will go really well together with this new shiny?

More news from us will come soon!

Stay safe,
Your Horse Reality Team


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