Community Update - New Rules, Unavailable Coats, a Developers’ Update, Future Plans

Wednesday, Jun 3 at 21:05

Dear Community, we promised to keep you well updated on what is happening behind the scenes. Today we mainly want to let you know what our developers are doing since they have had a very busy week. For all details about our current to-do list, check out the previous post. But first, two important announcements!

🚨 New Rules 🚨

Our community managers and moderators have been working on a new set of rules, hoping that they will bring more clarity for our community. You can find them here and at the bottom of the HR page. We ask that you please take a moment to read up on them carefully as we have made several changes. From today onward, these rules apply to the site as a whole and our Discord server. As always, let our community managers know if you think we have forgotten anything important!

📱 Unavailable Coats on Social Media & Log-In Page 📱

Some players have drawn our attention to an issue that went unaddressed for far too long. We had posted images of several horse coats, that were not available in the game, on our social media: A rose grey Finnhorse and two Knabstrupper patterns. A faulty selection of image components has led to these unavailable coats getting posted. It is very unfortunate that these mistakes happened, especially as some players spent DP on aging horses in hopes to uncover those designs. It was never our intention to deceive anyone. We apologize for keeping them up on our social media for such a long time and for posting them in the first place. The affected images have been removed from our Facebook as well as our Instagram account today.

Additionally, the Knabstrupper stallion at the top of our log-in page sported one of the unavailable coat varieties mentioned above. This is of course not appropriate either and the image has been replaced today. You might need to clear your browser cache for the change to show up. We should have double-checked this and caught the mistake in the first place, and again would like to apologize.

In March, we hired a dedicated content creator whose sole focus is on our socials. Before then, posting on those accounts was a side project of varying team members, and did not receive as much quality control as it should have. Ever since the content creator started working, double-checking the posted pictures has been a part of our workflow.

🤖 Updates From Our Developers! 🤖

You can find a list of everything we are working on right now here!

We successfully transferred the game to our new server, which has 3x the capacity of our previous one. This means you should encounter fewer lag issues and have a smoother gaming experience, even with many players online! Some minor bugs were caught quickly and fixed, so everything should be running well now. This includes the deletion of accounts, which did not work after the server move but should now be enabled again. Also, the V2-competition transfer bug has been fixed! Competition scores should now be working as they did before the V2 transfer. Driving happened to have a few issues, which have also been taken care of in the meantime. If you notice anything off about your horses’ scores, please let us know in the bugs forum! Lastly, the flat racing and endurance formulas of the Breeder’s Advice have been fixed and your horses should receive correct recommendations now.


⚈ Fixing Breeder’s Advice of flat racing and endurance ✅
⚈ Transferring the game to a new server ✅
⚈ Fixing the recent V2 transfer related competition bug ✅
⚈ Re-checking the improved competition calculations & implementing them in our test server
⚈ Club- and breed-specific competitions (see below).

🏆 Further in the Future: Clubs and Breed-Specific Competitions 🏆

In April and May, we were working on the club-specific competitions. A first draft was added to our test-server, where we noticed several things that needed to be worked on before we could release them. We decided to put this on hold until our work on the improved competition calculations was finished. Once these are up and running, we will continue our work on club-specific and breed-specific competitions. This is a point many of you asked about. We would like to clarify what exactly is planned to avoid misunderstandings.

We will first release club-specific competitions: Clubs will be able to buy upgrades that allow them to host competitions of a specific discipline. For example, a club that wants to hold dressage competitions needs to buy a dressage arena first. These competitions will not be breed-specific by design but can still be used for this purpose. For example, a club for breeders of Brabants could use this feature to hold a dressage competition designated for Brabants. After this update is released, we will start working on a feature that enables breed-specific competitions. A club that has a breed license (i.e. Brabant) and a discipline upgrade (i.e. dressage) will then be able to hold competitions that are formally restricted to a specific breed. We hope to introduce breed-specific competitions hosted by the game at the same time as the implementation for clubs. However, we might choose to release them for the clubs first and add the game-hosted competitions at a later time. This will depend on how soon the coding of the game-hosted version will be finished.

For the past few weeks, there has not been a lot of information from our side on how the breed-specific competitions will work. This was in part because our plans have kept changing quite a bit! But we have realized that players may get false impressions about how breed-specific competitions will get introduced and might be disappointed that a formal breed-restriction is only coming at a later point. We want to assure everyone that this feature is planned and will be worked on, it just might not be available right from the start.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement. Don’t forget to check out our new rules, and let us know what you think about this update in the comments!

Have a great week,
Your Horse Reality Team


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