V2 Competition Transfer, Including a Select-All Button in Shows and Competitions!

Monday, May 11 at 14:24

Hi everyone!

We have transferred the competitions to V2 today. They should work just like before, including the bugs in the scoring system. We’d appreciate it if those of you who have competition horses could test the new competition area thoroughly, so we can be sure everything works properly. If you think: “Hey, this is not right”, please let us know here in the bugs board with accompanying screenshots and information. You can upload your screenshots to giphy.com or imgur.com and copy/paste their links in your bug report.

During testing, we have already gotten rid of the worst new bugs. After the public release, it’s likely to find even more new bugs due to the sheer amount of players who will test it. This large number of entries also means that, if anything goes wrong, it would be very hard to compensate you for it as there is too much to track down. Therefore we would like to inform you beforehand that we cannot refund entry fees or adjust any scores on horse profiles because it would cost more time to do that than to fix the bug(s) itself.

Once we can confirm that everything is working like before with the competitions, we can start introducing them into the clubs, create breed-specific competitions and change the calculations. Most of the calculations are already finished and waiting for implementation! 👌

Something you might notice when you try to enter your horse(s) is the long-anticipated select-all button in the competition and show areas!🔥 We’re happy to announce that this much requested quality-of-life feature is finally here!

Art Fix Lusitano mares: Their white markings came out a lot greyer than the markings of the foals and stallions, so our artist has altered them and made sure their white markings are looking good now. This should be especially noticeable on lighter base colours, where the markings should now look white instead of grey against the underlying coat.


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